In addition to funeral and chicken soup, “Rick and Morty” gives a third way of life.

Creativity, plots, and characters are the foundation of Rick and Morty’s masterpiece, but really make this animation a masterpiece, let the topic about it continue to ferment and extend, and What triggered the in-depth discussion was not a brain hole or a plot, but the real world where you and I are projected on the screen.

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Recently, there is a news of chasing the whole network: who is giving Rick and Morty a star?

The fourth season of “Rick and Morty” was broadcast shortly after, and was topped on Douban to an astonishing 9.9 points. With a vision of a perfect score, a masterpiece is about to be born, but there are always people who want to make trouble, finish a one-star bad review, and sigh that everyone is drunk.

Screenshot of some negative reviews on Douban

These bad reviews, beyond their response, cannot stop Rick and Morty from spreading like an infectious disease globally.