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A video has been circulated on the Internet: one stray dog ​​crosses the street, and the other stray dog ​​can only lick, smash, and even drag the companion’s body. Animal instincts let people see “truth, goodness, beauty,” and praise. However, if the protagonist is replaced by an adult, public opinion will probably become “surprised: a displeased mad man who loves to hate and insults the remains of his friends”.

But centuries ago, people really did this to save people.

At that time, people had realized that people might be “resurrected,” and in the present words, it is probably a rescue. But before the birth of modern cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) , the early resuscitation technology can be described as diverse, enchanting and suffocating.

In the West, this is a dark history

Don’t look at the modern cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it has a long black history in the development of the West.

In the face of unconscious companions, the most primitive response of humans is to awaken them by external stimuli, such as the “whipping method” and “heating method” described below.

In order to save people, the west used to use the stinging nettle whip to lash the “dead” vigorously. Rescuers yell at them, even slap in the face and spank in an attempt to bring their souls back to life.

After a person dies, his temperature will gradually dissipate and his body will gradually become stiff. In order to restore a person’s body temperature, “ignition” on his stomach seems logical. But it ’s not good to burn. I have to burn the ashes and dry feces of the animals. I think that this can restore the cold body.> The stove ash has transpirational heat and keeps heat; Fuxi is similar to the “wine method” and controls water; it is normal here. But after frying the salt, holding the bamboo tube and blowing the “lower hole”, the Chinese and Western hearts are better connected. The lower hole, which is common to both men and women, is the anus. Precautions for this method: Only blowing, not sucking. Far-fetched, rectal stimulation can be considered the earliest great practice of the “brain-gut axis”. Of course, if I had the honor to travel back to the British Empire and China of that era, I would cherish my life for the sake of protecting chrysanthemums, and I would never go into the water.

Excerpt from the drowning chapter of “Guanghui Jiji Fang” by Tanbo Motoyo, Japan 丨 Wellcome Library, London

If you review the development history of CPR, you can find that both China and the West have done a lot of “stupid things”. But when people look at the ancients in a high position today, who knows how much knowledge is to be revised in the future What do future generations think of today?

The so-called “resurrection” is actually because people have not completely died. One is that people have lost consciousness. References:

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