Article from: · prism Tencent Xiaoman studio, author: Li Wei, from the title figure: Oriental IC.

“She has a team!”

“Listening to you, I thought she had troops.”

A joke on Weibo more or less represents the embarrassment and dissatisfaction of the company where Li Ziyi is in the face of questioning.

Early December 2019, the famous Li Zizhuo on Weibo and YouTube became even hotter. This post-90s Sichuan girl is omnipotent, making wine, brewing soy sauce, sewing clothes, pickling bacon, ramen noodles, and chopping bamboo. Beds, even handmade paper … The idyllic pastoral life in her exquisite videos has become an issue on the entire network with unprecedented heat, and support and controversy have come.

However, as long as you enter the words “Li Zihuan” in “Tianyancha”, “Enterprise Search”, etc., a number of related companies slowly start, and the capital promoters around Li Zihuan are not simple.

Internet celebrity agent Liu Daxiong

Suddenly popular, it scared Li Ziyi’s team and company a little bit. The invitations from the media, government departments, and various types of cooperation made them overwhelmed, and then thanked, declined, and asked to cool down.

“It’s not easy to interview recently.” Liu Tongming, the founder of Hangzhou Micron Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters via WeChat.

As a celebrity, Li Zihuan has a brokerage company, which is this Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co., Ltd.-Previously, in MCN (Net Red Broker) (Opinion Leaders) . They operate hundreds of KOLs on 24 platforms. R & D, video production, and e-commerce operations, mainly in the areas of gourmet life and fashion beauty. Wei Nian Technology has never released operating data, but according to the 2017 tax amount of RMB 15,600, it is speculated that the profit may not be too high.

It’s normal to have a brokerage company behind the Reds. The “2019 China MCN Industry Research and Development White Paper” shows that as of the end of December 2018, there were more than 5,000 domestic MCN institutions