money? time? body? brain? neither! All your life’s rewards are in exchange for “it”!

Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Fu Yanshe “(ID: dontletmeplay) , author Xie Chunlin. Reprinted with permission.

How can wealth be free?

I guess you must have asked yourself the question at some point, and maybe just now, it’s haunting your mind.

But before I answer you, I want to ask you another question:

What are you planning to exchange?

A lot of people have been thinking about how to get rich all their lives, but rarely think about what to exchange for … and the basis of getting wealth is exchange.

Time goes back 5000 years ago

Let’s look at an example. If we take the time back to the era of farming civilization 5000 years ago …

You are a well-known shoemaker in the village, but recently the food in your home is almost finished. You plan to get some food. At this time, you have 3 options:

First: plant it yourself;

Second: go steal, go grab;

Third: make a pair of shoes to exchange with people who need shoes and have enough food;

It ’s too slow to plant your own seeds, sowing now, you will starve to death when you plant them;

It’s too risky to steal and grab, and it’s gone!

Fortunately, you are a shoemaker. You can exchange shoes with others for food!

So, you made a new pair of shoes and found a house with a margin, in exchange for food;

Two more weeks have passed

The weather suddenly cools down, and it seems that it is about to enter winter. You find that your clothes are old and worn, and there are no other thick clothes to wear at home. Therefore, you want a new thick cotton coat, what should you do? ?

You still have 3 choices in front of you:

First: myselfMake one

But I’m not a tailor, and I don’t know where to get the cloth;

Second: go steal, go grab

Well, the risk is still too high to dare to go …

Third: keep making a pair of shoes

Then find someone who needs shoes and has extra new clothes to exchange;

According to your last experience, you have done the same, and soon you have a new dress.

The opportunity to get rich is coming

After these two things, you will find that as long as you keep making shoes and make them better and better, and then exchange them with other people who need them, you can get almost anything you want.

So, you desperately made a lot of shoes that are wear-resistant and good-looking, and then you keep changing with others.

Soon, you start to become more and more “rich” …

So, the foundation for getting wealth is “exchange.”

Wait, you may have found a problem

You didn’t choose the first or second option just now. Didn’t you just get the thing you wanted through exchange?

If I did it myself? Or to steal or grab, if I haven’t been caught, then the way I get wealth is not through exchange?

Choose the first plan

It seems that I made what I need from scratch.

But in fact, you used your own [time] + [labor force] + [various “time” and “kind” costs to get rice seeds and cloth for clothes] …

Therefore, it also needs to be exchanged.

In addition, this efficiency is too low. From raw material collection to processing and production, you have to do it yourself. You have to spend a lot of time to exchange to get what you want. And, it may fail because of your unprofessional …

So, the social cooperation method of specialized division of labor developed after farming civilization is the core reason for the explosive growth of overall wealth.

What about the second option?

The seemingly empty-glove white wolf method has almost no cost as long as it is not caught.

But in fact, you use your own [risk of being caught] + [permanently exercised force] + [injury that you may suffer from this] + [props and weapons you carry for this] + [ Time for committing crime] + [Time for preparation and practice before going to] Exchange …

The more you steal, the higher your risk of being caught when you trade out. So once caught, you sufferThe heavier the penalty will be;

The trauma you trade out will also increase, so you may be bruised;

In order to make your crime more efficient, you may also practice stealing techniques, increase your force, and purchase weapons …

If you are more and more professional on this road, the efficiency of crime is getting higher and higher. In theory, you can also exchange for anything you want to make yourself rich.

Only, the potential risks you exchange out for this increase. Later, you may need to form a team to help yourself. On the one hand, you can increase the success rate of the crime. On the one hand, the strength of the team can also be used to effectively resist potential risks.

However, this will increase the management cost, and the brothers ’share of the stolen money after the successful crime. These are also exchange chips.

Finally, you have become a notorious “bandit gang boss” …

So, even if you steal or grab, it is essentially an exchange, and the cost is not lower than making shoes.

We look back to now

Now you know that the basis of wealth is exchange. Any wealth you want is actually the result of exchange. Without pay, there can be no return.

Let ’s go back to the question at the beginning:

Do you want wealth freedom? So what do you plan to exchange?

Since it’s an exchange, you have to exchange what you already have, and the more precious you can exchange to the better, right? This is very simple.

Then the question comes, what is the most precious wealth you have in your life?

What is your most precious asset?


Money does not belong to you, but you also get it through exchange. Money is essentially an intermediary that facilitates exchange. For example, you are still a shoemaker, you make shoes, you want to eat apples, and then you go to those who need shoes to grow apples. You need shoes, or he thinks an apple needs 10 pairs of shoes to exchange, what do you do?

So, money was born. Everyone agrees that this thing called money can be used as an exchange object for everything, and that all things have a unified value measure.

So, money is not your wealth, but a digital form of the wealth you have exchanged out.


Time doesn’t actually belong to you either, it just goes away by you and me, you can’t control or use it, you can only be friends with it;

The body?

Well, the body can really be regarded as your innate wealth. You can also use your body to exchange things, such asIt ’s about providing labor or other services, but this is not your most valuable asset, because the body will gradually grow old, the value of exchange will become lower and lower, and the amount of wealth exchanged with the body will be limited ;

The brain?

A brain that does not think and has no creativity is worthless. Have you ever thought about it, and how did you obtain your thinking ability and creativity? Is it also obtained through some form of exchange? What was exchanged out?

So what is the most precious wealth you have?

The answer is: attention

What? Why is attention? How can attention be my wealth?

Let’s take a few examples to explain briefly

For example, you want to make money

In today’s society, the easiest way is to work, so-called hard work to get rich. But you just sit in the office for a day is useless. You will be fired because you have no output. You have to focus your attention on what needs to be done, and then use your experience and knowledge to solve the problem. Use your work to redeem your salary.

How did your experience and knowledge come from?

By the way, you used to pay attention in class and redeem it at work.

For example, do you want to have a good relationship?

Then you have to focus your attention on your partner, pay attention to ta, care about ta, instead of giving your body and money to the other side, leaving your soul to flutter outside in the wind, that is not a long-term change. Happy.

In the end, all your value creation activities will be exchanged for your attention.

Attention is your most valuable asset!

How valuable is the wealth of attention?

There is a very famous and weird experiment in quantum mechanics: the “double-slit interference experiment”. I believe you will have an impression in the high school physics class. This experiment ranks first in the world’s top ten physics experiments.

What is your most precious wealth?

The experimental form is shown in the figure above, and the specific process is omitted here. You can Baidu yourself. In order to simplify the mathematical proof of the brain burn, I directly say the result: when you do not make any observations, the light is in the form of waves. It exists, but when you observe it in any way, light becomes a particle form again!

In other words, the behavior you observedBody affects objective things!

And all the matter in our world is composed of elementary particles, so does it mean that in the real world, our attention to observe this behavior of things also affects the things themselves seen? ?

It’s ridiculous and true

This is indeed the case, especially in the age of the Internet. This effect has been dataized.

For example, if you read a public account article, the bottom of the article will record [read count +1], and if this article gets a lot of reading, then he can put your attention The reads generated are packaged and sold to advertisers.

Now an article with a reading volume of about 10,000 is worth about 8,000 yuan. In other words, you only have to look at the article to actually help the other party increase the income by 0.8 yuan! And if everyone doesn’t read the articles posted by this public account, this public account will soon go down …

So, if you look at it, it lives, you do n’t see it, it dies, your attention or not, it really affects the other party ’s income, and even life and death …

Following others will have a similar effect:

If there is a beautiful woman who puts most of her attention on you every day, you will feel happy, and you may gain a sweet love because of this;

If there are hundreds of thousands of people who are following your news, then you may have become an Internet celebrity, and there will be a large number of merchants lining up to send you money;

It’s like you are a superman who is constantly emitting energy. When your attention is focused on what you are delivering energy to, you are changing it.

How do you spend your attention?

Think of it now, where did you usually send your most precious attention?

The first case: wasted

For example, some people like gossip. XX star derailed! Someone star has an accident! …. Then I started crazy about the cause and effect of the entire Baidu event. I ca n’t wait to gather all the details related to this matter and this person, and then I will disclose the “behind the scenes” you know about. p>

Some people talk about the international situation, national affairs all day, the war situation in Iraq for a while, the biggest sticking point of our country’s macro economy, what policies should be introduced to resist the real estate bubble … all kinds of Zhuge Liang are in the world, as if all International problems can be wiped out in their chatter …

These things are either too far away from you or things you can’t influence. Your attention can’t even reach them at all. It’s like shooting this energy into the sky and it is completely wasted.

The second case: being harvested

Since yourAttention is so valuable, then someone must use this to make huge profits.

There is a book called “Attention Merchant”, which tells you very naked, yes, I just want to harvest your attention at a very low or even free price, and then sell it at a high price to earn huge profits!

The book lists a series of methodologies, the purpose is to do everything possible to attract you, and retain you, make you addicted! For example, the more vulgar content, the more abnormal rumors, the more terrible news … the more it can attract your attention!

It really does n’t matter, right or not, it does n’t matter if you do n’t see it!

The newspapers you watch, the TV shows you watch, the variety shows, the web pages you browse, the various dramas you read, the public account … These seemingly free content are constantly around you, almost without dead ends for you Carry out bombing and fight for your “attention” 24 hours a day.

Once your attention is attracted, you will be ruthlessly harvested immediately, and then packaged with other harvested attention and sold to advertisers for profit!

Why is a WeChat account and Weibo account with 1 million followers so valuable now?

Because once you choose to pay attention to a certain public account or Weibo account, it means that the other party has locked your partial deterministic attention in the future.

So, since it is almost certain that some part of your future attention will come to me, and even come to me many times, then I can naturally sell this part of the future determined benefits at a higher price.

The third case: being used

Almost any of your attention on the Internet is completely stored, and by analyzing your large attention trajectory, we can understand you better and know that you are more willing to spend your attention on What content, then we can target you with more content in this area and continue to harvest your more attention …

Or sell the results of this analysis directly to other merchants and tell them that you love to watch the content, they can use these targeted content to harvest your attention more efficiently … This is big data analysis.

Since your attention will have an objective impact on the things you are concerned about, can we take advantage of this and intentionally let you see what we want you to see and achieve our purpose?

The answer is: of course.

For example, in the 2016 U.S. election, Trump used social networks and big data analysis technology to deliberately put inclination-oriented content for some voters who were still in the swing stage, which led to the election being more favorable to him. Direction …

Therefore, in such an era of scarce attention, if you do n’t cherish it, someone will “cherish it for you.” No matter how well you pay attention, your attention will be harvested and used by others at any time. ….

You only have so much attention every day. From this point of view, everyone is fair. In the end, all your value output will be exchanged by your attention. Therefore, the difference between people’s wealth and its roots is determined by how to distribute attention every day.

Unable to effectively manage your attention, the result may not be limited to giving away your most precious wealth, letting others harvest and use it, and may even lead to more serious consequences: a domestic investigation of 1,292 illegal and criminal youths, It was found that 978 of them had been diagnosed with ADHD at school age, and the prevalence rate was 75%. In some cases, defects in personality and behavior remain after adulthood. This is called attention deficit disorder (ADD).

So, how to manage your attention, how to put your most valuable attention to the most valuable places, the wealth gap, quality of life gap caused by long-term accumulation may be hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. 10,000 times more!

How should you spend your attention?

Where should we spend our “attention”?

I. Interpersonal relationships, especially intimacy

Establishing your own network can improve your ability to mobilize resources. Many opportunities nowadays are often not captured by one’s own strength, but require teamwork and resources.

Therefore, in your daily life, you need to consciously “invest” your attention into these relationships. As for the specific method, we will talk about this later;

And there is intimacy. If you spend all your attention on external work and rarely focus on family and intimacy, then the deterioration of intimacy is almost inevitable, and the destruction of intimacy is inevitable. The impact on all your other aspects is almost a devastating blow!

Second, new trends

The power of the trend is far greater than the power of the individual in most cases. We will discuss this in detail later. The purpose of paying attention to new trends is not necessarily to find new opportunities, but not to be a frog at the bottom of the well.

Avoid one day when you find an opportunity that seems to be an “opportunity”, and then devote yourself to it, not knowing that these others have already done it and have declared failure;

Or the opportunity you saw, in fact, it has fallen behind;

Or the opportunity you saw, in fact, many people have already participated in it, you are just a small member of many followers. If you have nothing but enthusiasm for this, and lack the necessary professional quality and resource support (such as the recent hot block chain), then the outcome is almost impossible except as a cannon fodder.

Three, focus on the moment

Focus on your work or something that generates value …. I do n’t need to say more about this.

Fourth, your ownGrow

This is also the most important point: you should spend all the remaining attention on “growth yourself”!

Why spend most of my attention on my growth? Shouldn’t it be the current work and the things that generate income?

People and people’s attention produces different effects, with different energy densities.

You are concerned about the “new energy vehicle” industry, and Ma Yun ’s father is concerned about the “new energy vehicle” industry. The impact on this industry is orders of magnitude different.

I often hear the phrase: “Interlacing like a mountain”, which means that it is very difficult to cross the bank, but in this era, we often hear “robbing the bank”, “cross-border entrepreneurship”, etc. Success story, why? Is the gap between industries narrowing now?

No, what are the similarities between those who cross-border robbery and successful cross-border entrepreneurship?

They are all “powerful” people. They had achieved success before crossing the borders, and their experience, ability, knowledge, accumulated funds, resources, and connections could help his attention. He only has 24 hours a day, but the energy produced by one minute of attention is also much greater. Therefore, their cross-border success rate has become much higher than ordinary people!

So how can you be a very powerful person?

A: Projecting your attention on your own growth will increase your energy density.

For example, reading an hour a day to enrich your knowledge;

For example, write a diary every day to summarize today’s gains and losses;

For example, write a share every day, spit out what you have learned, and help others while consolidating your knowledge …

In the beginning, the effect may be very small, not obvious, or even no change at all: I just read an hour today, I have n’t changed much, I ’m still me, it ’s different. Fireworks ~

However, the increase in attention energy density is in line with the characteristics of exponential growth. Every time you invest, you will bring a small proportion of growth. Although the proportion is small, even if it only increases by 1% each time, if you stick to it for 1 year, how many times will your energy density increase?

37.8 times!

Yes, I just read one more hour a day, and I only improve a little each day, even if it is only 1%. After one year, you are 38 times better than your previous self!

Therefore, the difference between people is not only a few times difference that we usually feel, but actually it is an order of magnitude difference, which is hundreds of times or even tens of thousands of times!

The scariest thing is … harder than you, a better person than you!

Spend as much attention on self-growth as possible, and you will get the highest input-output ratio, which is probably the most important piece of advice you have heard in your life.

And those who ca n’t control their attention all day, waste them at will, are harvested by others, and are used by others…. And people who never focus on themselves, if they can succeed, So what’s the truth?

Let’s go back to the question at the beginning of this chapter: “How can I be wealth free?”

A: Exchange it with your full attention!

See you next class ~

What is your most precious wealth?