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Won the “Top Ten Chinese Documents”Alcoholic liquors such as “named wine” and “domestic boutiques” were hit hard by plasticizer storms 7 years ago, and only slightly improved after COFCO became the master, and now they have fallen into the vortex of “sweetenin. The incident has not caused serious consequences for alcoholic drinks, but the brand image of alcoholic drinks will probably be greatly reduced in the minds of consumers.

Whether the incident is a fair report of the dealer or there is an interest dispute behind it is still in question. The discussion about “food safety” has also resonated online.

“People take food as the sky, and food as the priority”.

At present, there are 23 categories of food additives in China and more than 2,000 varieties. Although there is a special “Food Safety Law”, from the results of sampling inspections by relevant departments, the problems of pesticide residues, heavy metal pollution, illegal use of additives, and illegal addition cannot be ignored.

How to eat safely and safely has become a consumer’s “heart disease”; how to control food safety from the source and build a long-term and effective supervision mechanism has also become a difficult problem for regulators.

Food safety has a long way to go.

This article is from the public number: FIG FINANCE (ID: tucaijing8) , of: breaking the pattern Tucson ah