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Please check the Venture Capital Daily on January 10. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~


Project report:

  • Chao Technology | “Dyson” launched a new humidifying air purification fan, priced at 6490 yuan

    Dyson officially released the new “Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic ™ Humidifying Air Purification Fan” in Beijing, priced at 6,490 yuan. This fan uses Dyson’s new ultraviolet sterilization technology-short-wave ultraviolet (UV_C), which can kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water for the first time. With bacteriostatic silver wire evaporation net, it can further realize clean and humidification. Simply put, this new fan released by Dyson will be a three-in-one humidifier, air purifier and fan. ….. < / span> (click here for more)

  • CES launches underwater robot “Submersible II”, and “sneak innovation” has achieved sales revenue of tens of millions of yuan in 2019 | New Technology Venture 2020

    Shenzhen Qianxing Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading underwater robot company integrating R & D, production and sales. Its products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The main products include the newly released eight-thruster full-vector layout professional observation-level underwater robot “Submersible Ⅱ” newly released at CES2020, as well as various C-end consumer products such as the submersible GLADIUS series and Stealth Multi-Core . (for more, please click here)

    Financing Disclosure:

    • US agricultural technology company “Indigo AG” raises US $ 200 million in financing and uses big data analytics to help improve workMaterial yield

      Indigo AG is an agricultural big data provider. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the Greater Boston area, it was founded by David Berry, Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Ignacio Martinez, and Noubar Afeyan. The company aims to develop microorganisms to help grow crops, including coffee, high-value nuts, fruits and vegetables. Recently announced that it has raised US $ 200 million in financing (including US $ 175 million in convertible equity and US $ 25 million in debt), co-funded by new investors FedEx, Pacific Western Bank, and existing investors … (click here for more)


      Project report:

      • Introduced the wealth and wealth product “Fortune Star Class”, “Shark Bookkeeping” believes that tools + education is only the first step in financial services

        Shark Accounting has 5 million monthly active users and has about 30 million active users. In addition to accounting tools, Shark Express, the parent company of “Shark Accounting”, also launched an independent financial education brand “Fortune Star Class” … (click here for more)

      • Global Blue Group’s directors start a business, “UTU” wants to cut through tax refunds and become an “electronic wallet” for cross-border shopping

        “UTU Tax Free” is a tax refund app. After downloading the app and registering and filling in the information, users can use the UTU Direct function to get an 85% refund of their value-added tax (VAT) refund when shopping in Italy. But the traditional tax refund shoppers can only get 55-60% … (For more information, please click here)

        Financing Disclosure:

        • Insurtech startup “Corvus” secures $ 32 million in Series B funding to help customers stop losses in a timely manner through AI technology

          “Corvus” was founded in Boston in 2016. “Corvus” analyzes the corpus through machine learning and AI technology to make the platform’s products more intelligent. The platform will provide brokers with unique insights to help them more effectively understand the risks facing their customers. Recently completed the financing led by Telstra Ventures, Obvious Ventures and existing investors 406 Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures and Hudson Structured Capital Management. …… (click here for more)


          Financing Disclosure:

          • Focused on multi-omics liquid biopsy, “Tele Bio” won tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing

            Biotechnology company Taile Bio Completed The 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing was jointly invested by Ruifu Medical Health Fund, Kangsheng Global, and Kunpeng Medical Angel Fund, etc., and the joint venture was the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. Taylor Bio is a biotechnology company that provides next-generation biopsy products and services based on proprietary biomultiomics technology. Multiomics contains huge amounts of biological information such as DNA, RNA, small metabolic molecules, proteins, and human microbiome. Multiomics technology is a technology to find the correlation between these information through bioinformatics and computational science methods. (click here for more)


            • The Indian mother and baby market vying for tens of billions of dollars? “MamaEarth” Raises $ 1.8 Million in Series A Financing

              MamaEarth is an online maternal and child care brand founded in 2016 in Bangalore, India, co-founded by the couples Vara Alagh and Ghazal Alagh. MamaEarth is a safety-certified brand in Asia that provides non-toxic and natural mother and baby care products. In three years, the company has launched more than 80 natural products for mothers and babies, with more than 1.5 million customer groups in 500 Indian cities. Recently announced Complete a round of financing of 1.3 billion rupees (equivalent to 1.8 million US dollars), led by Sequoia Capital India, and existing investors Fireside Ventures, Stellaris Venture Partners and Sharp Ventures participated in the … .. (click here for more)

            • Talk to Clay, the founder of Ember: The second-generation smart temperature control cup enters the Chinese market, playing the card of “high-value black technology”

              Ember ’s second-generation smart temperature-controlled mug and travel mug officially landed in the Chinese mainland market, priced at 848 yuan and 1,528 yuan, respectively. Compared to the first-generation products listed in 2016 , The second-generation Ember temperature-controlled travel cup focusing technology upgrade, battery life increased by 50% to 3 hours, real-time charging through the charging cup holder, temperature adjustment range of 48.9 ℃-62.8 ℃, replaced with an upgraded version of the hidden LED display The bottom turntable adjusts the temperature … (for more, please click here) < / p>

              Financing Disclosure:

              • optimistic about the incubation opportunities of Japanese mid-long tail brands, “Pea Princess” completes 5.3 billion yen new financing

                Japan Amoy cross-border e-commerce “Princess Princess” has recently completed a new financing of 5.3 billion yen (about 340 million yuan). The investors are SBI Holdings Co., Ltd., Japan ’s large drug and cosmetics chain Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. and CITIC Cross-border investmentPlatform Xinjin Holdings (referred to as Xinjin Holdings) … (For more information, please click here) .


                • Founded by the co-founder of MasterClass, education startup “Outlier” has raised $ 11.7 million in Series A financing

                  Outlier is an education startup that provides college students with online courses that allow them to complete learning tasks at home. The courses on the Outlier platform are of high quality and are taught online by some of the most famous educators in various fields. The platform provides free online tutoring and study groups, and students can complete learning tasks at their own pace. Recently completed the financing led by GSV Ventures, Harrison Metal, Tectonic Capital and Jackson Square Ventures … (Click here for more)

                  Financing Disclosure:

                  • I want to be “Xiaomi” in the field of STEAM education, “New Factory Maker Education” won the angel round financing of Hu Jianfeng and HAX millions of yuan

                    STEAM Education ’s new factory, Maker Education, recently completed a multi-million-yuan angel round of financing, led by Hu Jianfeng, and HAX as a seed funding source. In the early days, the “new factory” cut into the third- and fourth-tier programming education with paper airplanes as its core product, meeting the needs of third- and fourth-line parents for lightweight and fast learning results of STEAM education products. …… (for more, please click here) p>

                    Venture Capital Watch

                    • 2019 VC / PE Annual Report: The number of investment and investment markets has been tightened, and the early investment ebb has exceeded 40%

                      Newly established funds reduced by 20%, 562 funds raised 14$ 0.8 billion

                      VC / PE institutional investment has been actively cooled, and the number of shots has been reduced by 30%

                      The number of venture capital transactions is almost cut, and early investment is ebb.

                      The trend of the private equity market is down, and the number of cases has dropped by more than 30%

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