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After the Laba Day, the decoration works of the neighbors are quiet as if they were turned on by a switch.

Tiandi walls, water and electricity doors, porcelain tiles and external walls of the terrazzo floor, rushed to settle work, and then began to go home for the New Year.

The aunts who are doing sanitation will retreat about a week later, so they have to hurry up, otherwise they will return to their hometown, and no one can help at all.

Customers who are accustomed to shopping online have already placed an order to order some noodles with soy sauce, vinegar and rice. When you go to the market, you also ask the familiar stall owner. When do you go home, the stall owner also asks us when we go home, as It’s a shame.

The community has begun to send a notice to let everyone be careful of the portal. Yeah, the thief is going to go home for Chinese New Year. Maybe I will come to you to work overtime.

Near oranges are even placed in front of the neighbors in Changzhang Mountain. If the narcissus head is not soaked in the narcissus basin, it is not too late to open it on New Year’s Eve, and you can only buy it at the flower market. The suburban flower market has also been set up, and the stock receipt is quite busy.

It was almost time for the company’s annual meeting when I switched to work in the city.

I have been to a company for ten or eight years before. I am a patriotic and affluent Hong Kong funded company. I have colleagues from Taiwan and Hong Kong. When I started my daily meeting, they said a stalk: Hong Kong in the early years. Colleagues speak Cantonese,Colleagues in Taiwan speak Mandarin and do not understand each other. When they meet, they have to speak English, otherwise they can only write and communicate in traditional Chinese characters.

Hong Kong has been much better since the return of Hong Kong. Our colleagues in Hong Kong quickly learned Mandarin. They remembered that during the first two months of work, several Hong Kong colleagues in our department held a crash course in Mandarin. Try hard to learn English well.

I saw one of my colleagues from Hong Kong who was working hard to learn Mandarin in the past. She was studying VR courses. As long as there was a job, she would study hard. Everyone was so good at programming that she could teach. What can she teach in the future? It is not surprising to repair satellites, of course, I secretly feel ashamed for a while.

In daily communication, in fact, the Cantonese of Hong Kong colleagues is more ancient. They still refer to “being an employee” as “being a man,” and colleagues in the same department and the same group as “coming up in a class.” Later, at the end of the year, they asked, do you do “tail teeth” here?

I switched to it for a while before reacting: “What you mean, the current title in the Mainland is probably called the company’s annual meeting. After the opening, everyone should almost have the Spring Festival holiday.”


The so-called “tail teeth” should be “tail tail”. The newspaper reporter Chen Jinghong in the 1920s and 1930s had an evidence., Wrote an article “The Old Age of the Old Store”:

“Don’t do it. Cantonese usually read the syllabary as the” tooth “sound. In fact, this is a snoring sound. It is pronounced” swear “.

“On the 16th day of the old calendar, it was called ‘Tailiao’ in Yuedi shopping malls. Old-style stores, which have the so-called ‘Do-Yu’, twice a month, on the first day of the second day of the first half , And the 16th day in the middle. Most chickens are cooked with chicken. As for the first and fifteenth of each month, pork is cooked. “

This is about the shops in the early days. It ’s a kind of food for the buddies. It ’s light and full every day. In the office era, as early as nine to five, then leave it alone.

This article has doubts about the proof of the date:

“Why the second day and the sixteenth day of the month are called the” 祃 期 “, which is unknown. The Book of Songs: ‘A kind is a 祃.’ Note cloud: ‘A kind, will be a teacher, and sacrificed to God. Also; 祃, to the place where he went, the sacrifice began to make military law, that is, Huangdi and Chiyou also. ‘

“Said the text” states: ‘The fear of a teacher ’s practice is slower than that of its god. ’Therefore, Li Yuezhi in Song History has this record:‘ The emperor sent Youzanshan doctor Pan Shenxiu out of the suburbs and used a prisoner to sacrifice his teeth. ’

The “Feng Shiwen Jianlu” refers to ‘the flag of the army before the banner, but there is a matter of fangs at the beginning’. … It can be seen that the sacrifice came as a burnt offering, and in ancient times it was only about marching. I don’t know why it was passed on to the mall in the future, and the time was set, and it was held two days a month? “

About the customs of Owl in Guangdong, the article also provides clues:

“In the past, the business of Guangzhou was the largest among the 72 lines in Shaji. The main business was from Jinan in Shandong, Qingdao, Wuhu in Anhui, peanuts, sesame, Various legumes, rice grains, raw oil, etc. are approved for sale in cities and villages in central Guangdong. For Hong Kong, there are so-called raw medicine shops in the west of Des Voeux Road, which specializes in the sales of medicinal materials from the north and the south of the mainland, and exports and exports. Wen Xianxi On the streets, the industry is organized by transporting ginseng and jade laurels. They are clustered and generally referred to as juvenile medicine shops. Those kinds of traders are all engaged in large-scale business. On December 16th, the so-called tail owl, then Suspending transactions is called ‘receiving scales’. In addition to collecting accounts from customers, you will travel well, prepare for New Year’s goods, and wait for the New Year. “

Time comes to the age of search engines. It ’s relatively easy to find clues to related questions. I ’m curious to gossip and get an answer: “Tailor” is a traditional folk festival in Fujian. The “end” of a year of business activities is also common people. The “first move” of the Spring Festival.

MonthlyThe second day and sixteenth day of the year are the days when the merchants in southern Fujian worshiped the god of the land, and they called it “doing nothing”. On February 2nd, the first one was called “Head”, and on December 16th it was the last one, so it was called “Tail”.

Taiwan and Hong Kong can do the same. If you want to choose the date of the old yellow calendar, select “Jianri”. This may be the predecessor of the annual company conference that became popular.

The company’s annual meeting is so popular that it can be watched by the whole people in the Internet era. The main program before dinner is the strange tricks of the company’s directors. The excitement on the Internet seems to be a classic. The senior executives of a company collectively dance four little swans to entertain themselves.

The company we used to work in was the employees of many departments rehearsing in the conference room and smoking area so much that I did n’t realize that it was a mystery. Why would all the employees give the show this year? You have to be busy singing and dancing for a year, but fortunately, nothing will happen;

Before, the place where I went to work was a newspaper. At that time, there were no program requirements. Only one was not allowed to hide.

If Owl was originally a custom in Fujian, how it became a long-established custom in Guangdong land, free association may trace back to the time when the silk tea trade flourished before the Opium War. Among the merchants, the most powerful ones are those who came from Fujian, and are the first of them.

Guangzhou Thirteen

You see, the people of Guangdong love Fujian people, at least for centuries, and they still love it now. The narcissus heads that every family wants to put in the New Year are basically all Fujian goods. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Qu Dajun said, “The world of Yangcheng is the best flower, and you can buy flowers for the longevity; everyone tries to buy flowers in winter, and the narcissus head has a peony bud.”

The “Military Ceremony” in “History of Song” said: “Yi, the priest is also the livable military ritual. The martial arts is the second, the surrender and the dedication of prisoners are second.

After Owaki, after the annual meeting, it’s time to go home for Chinese New Year and fight again next year.