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The theme of today’s story is: “Chinese football has to wait.”


First tell a story about Chinese medicine.

Ms. Xuan Zang of the Qing Dynasty, the thirty-second year of Kangxi’s reign. In 1693, the fleeting years encountered a period of adverse weather. The emperor Saint Zuren accidentally contracted malaria, and the doctors were helpless one by one, and his health deteriorated. Finally, he invited the Frenchman Liu Ying and took a dose of the Indian god Quinin to take care of the sacrament. .

It is said that there were three Chinese expert advisors at that time, that is, the imperial doctor advised Kangxi that the emperor must not take foreign medicine, because things are not only related to the dragon body but also to the national body. The emperor had to invite people to try the medicine first. Do not worry about taking the medicine until it is safe. The effects of quinine and cinchona cream were significant, and Kangxi recovered quickly.

Kangxi was very angry after recovering, thinking that Lao Tzu was almost killed by your quack doctors, and the three were exiled in anger. The story of the Jesuits’ Chinese Anthology Collection of this Taiyi because he did not dare to be severely punished with western medicine made me think of the current Chinese football.

Chinese football seems to be undergoing traditional Chinese medicine treatment.


The national team at all levels has a bad time, as if they have malaria and are weak enough to stay in bed. The great dream of the national football team’s impact on the World Cup is almost disillusioned, the Olympics yesterdayLosing 0 to 2 to Uzbekistan and losing the Olympic tickets, the fans have already sighed that the old lady of nine pounds is lamented, one generation is not as good as the next.

After Lippi and Hiddink successively performed the show “An Neng can break his eyebrows and smash his waist and make me unhappy”, Chinese football officially gave up the prescription of western medicine, hurriedly returned to fundamentalism, and violently went to the belly Filled with Chinese medicine soup.

The unfavourable National Olympics is actually quite frustrating. In the past 5 years, the coach first went through Li Ming, Sun Jihai, and Shen Xiangfu. These local famous people did not have much international coaching experience. Eventually, they started to use the famous coaches in synchronization with National Football. Strategically choose Hiddink. Hiddink “is placed between the white deer and the cliff, and must visit the famous mountain as soon as possible.” After being too good, You Hao took the job in hastily and performed the role of head coach for only 4 months.

In fact, simply discussing the failure of the National Olympic Games is unfair or incomplete for Chinese football. As the leaders of the Football Association said, we know what level we are. Players play like this, and the coach is very diligent. He has worked very hard. The disease of Chinese football is not an acute disease, but a chronic illness. Everyone knows this simple truth. However, the time of 5 years is not short. The 5 years and 5 coaches of the National Olympics, the players rotate like a lantern. This stubborn disease has to be said to be an artificial development.

In a way, Chinese football is nourishing.


In fact, the prescription is always there, and the prescription is not difficult. Malaria is terrible and can be fatal, but as long as the medicine is right, it can be brought back to life.

We have been calling for lessons from the world ’s advanced experience, but in fact we have been building cars behind closed doors. This new policy, that new policy, must be innovated by leaders. In fact, football doesn’t need innovation, just follow the advanced countries. Don’t say far, just say Japan and South Korea. The cleverness of Japanese and Korean football is actually not profound, and people have been accumulating.

People’s Sun Xingyi and Jiu Jianying have all grown up in Europe. And these stars that shine in the top European leagues are just the tip of the iceberg of Japan and South Korea football, floating on the surface of the water, under the water is a more rich development. For example, the 98th High School League in Japan, which has just ended, is a shocking number, and the number of participants in the final reached 56,000. The grassroots influence of football has long transcended policy mobilization.

In the previous Women ’s World Cup, our cricket rose has weather, no rainbow,We have also learned about the development of football around the world. We lag behind because others are developing and the frame of reference of the professional level has changed.


Let’s go back to the beginning story.

Kangxi is actually a very strange person. He likes a lot of things. For example, he likes to hunt and hunt rabbits. He looks very open-minded, and also likes some foreign gadgets, such as geometry problems, but neither the geometry nor the western medicine that saved his life has made the Qing more modern. Kangxi’s knowledge of geometry and western medicine is undoubtedly superficial.

Letter and use are two different things, just like Chinese football.

Another 163 years after Kangxi’s treatment of Kangxi’s malaria saved his life, a man named Huang Kuan returned from studying in the UK, and China became the first doctor of medicine.

optimistically, Chinese football has to wait.

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