The newly emerging local beauty collection stores such as THE COLORIST and WOW COLOUR are becoming the new preferred channels for the new Guochao beauty brands.

Not only the perfect diary, fans of the Guochao beauty brand can also buy their favorite orange eye shadow and fart blush in shopping malls.

Following the opening of THE COLORIST (Chinese name “colorist”) two stores two months ago in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, WOW COLOUR, which is also a local beauty collection store brand, has also opened 5 lines at one go The next stores are all located in the core business districts and CBD areas of first- and second-tier cities.

It is not uncommon to open a beauty collection store in a shopping mall. However, it is not only different from Sephora’s selection strategy of all the international big brands, but also different from HARMAY’s main store-type high-end skincare and makeup chain stores. In the stores of THE COLORIST and WOW COLOUR, big-name beauty has become a foil. What really makes consumers willing to line up for a few hours and crowd their heads to go shopping is some new Guochao beauty brands that have never appeared in offline stores before.

The newly opened local beauty collection store is also becoming the new preferred channel for these new domestic beauty brands.

Guochao Makeup becomes the new favorite of offline collection stores

Domestic beauty products that have settled in THE COLORIST and WOW COLOUR are new beauty products that have grown rapidly through online channels in recent years. With young tones, fancy marketing, and cost-effective products, they repeatedly set sales records, bringing the concept of “national tide beauty” among the young people.

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: Perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

WOW COLOUR set up a creative display area “Judy Color Lab” for Orange Blossom, picture from WOW COLOUR

WOW COLOUR revealed that compared with most beauty collection stores, its target user portraits are more focused: young people between 18 and 29 years old who are pursuing domestic products. Therefore, the in-store brand matrix is ​​dominated by cost-effective domestic makeup brands, accounting for 70%. Including Colorkey, Leemember, Judydoll (Orange flower), Girlcult (peach), Hold Live (Houai), Hedone, VNK, etc. . The products are mainly cost-effective, the price range is about 50 yuan to 100 yuan, and emphasis on functionality, are basically entry-level makeup and care products. Due to the clearer portrait of the target crowd, the SKU of WOW COLOUR is relatively small, with more than 2,000 single stores, and the store space is more concentrated, around 300 square meters.

THE COLORIST, which also opened recently and has similar product prices, wants to attract a wider group of people, focusing on young people aged 14 to 35, covering both women and men. As a result, THE COLORIST’s selection is more balanced. There are 7 categories, all of which are trendy makeup from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Europe and the United States. Most of them are niche brands that have become popular on social media in recent years. Unny in Korea, Canmake in Japan, and Physicians Formula in the United States.

THE COLORIST is pursuing more massive products. The single store has a total of over 6000 + SKUs. Each explosion product has a very complete color number. For example, Canmake has hundreds of eye shadow color numbers. The store area is therefore larger, reaching 500 square meters. In terms of product composition, according to its recent announcement, the proportion of the first batch of contracted Chinese beauty brands is approximately 35%, which is close to 2,000 SKUs, including Orange, Card Ting, Zhi Youquan, Zeese (Zose), Lu Feier and other Internet celebrity brands .

THE COLORIST has also established a men’s beauty area separately and won some exclusive agent beauty brands. The announcement shows the specific composition of exclusive agency brands: 15% of all channels in China are exclusive brands, 45% of brands are offline channels in China, more than 50% are exclusive brands in domestic shopping malls, and cosmetics are in domestic shopping malls. Collective format exclusive brands account for more than 85%, including L’Oreal, Shiseido and other big brands, Canmake (Ida), Unny and other beauty tide brands and niche new brands, and some Occasionally exclusive overseas beauty brands.

WOW COLOUR has specially displayed and displayed several popular national beauty brands. For example, Colorkey’s punch card wall, VNK’s rainbow wall, and Girlcult’s display window. Such favorable conditions are in Sephora, Parkson Beauty, K11Department stores such as Beauty and other high-end beauty brand collection stores are difficult to get .

In terms of product display, it refers to the online display mode, and is divided in an orderly manner according to the explosives area and the brand area. The explosives area is based on Tmall’s sales data, and a special area for the top 20 explosives is set up, with an LCD screen carousel promotional video, so that consumers can intuitively perceive the latest makeup trend. In terms of product experience, a large proportion of trial areas are provided, and all makeup products can be tried for free.

Far more than just selling goods, these emerging local beauty collection stores also want to become trendy landmarks in the minds of young people and magnify the role of scenes. Take WOW COLOUR as an example, each batch of stores has a different theme. For example, the first 8 stores opened in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Nanning will all be the planet themes that young people love. In order to meet the needs of young people, THE COLORIST displays part of its products as a whole wall. The store also has a large area of ​​live broadcast rooms and trial space.

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

WOW COLOUR stores a separate display for the color key. Pictures from WOW COLOUR

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: Perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

The display window of Girlcult is placed in the most prominent position in the store. The picture is from WOW COLOUR

For brands, the greater advantage of WOW COLOUR and THE COLORIST is that the new frequency is very fast and can be maintained at about one month (far faster than the three or four months of Watsons and Sephora), This makes the product turnaroundHigher rates can also speed up the flow of funds for brands. In addition, these local beauty collections have adopted the direct purchase model in the supply chain and directly obtained goods from brands. This is also because Guochao beauty brands have previously developed online and have not experienced multiple layers of offline agents like traditional brands. System, can keep the same paragraph close to the same price as online channels.

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

The left is THE COLORIST price (129 yuan), the middle is the Tmall platform price (139.9 yuan), the right is the Xiaohongshu community price (129.9 yuan, the discount period is 82.5 yuan)

In store operations, both WOW COLOUR and THE COLORIST adopt a light mode, removing the traditional offline shopping guide link. BA will not actively sell products to consumers, but will provide help when consumers need it. .

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

THE COLORIST Guangzhou Liying Plaza store, consumers are taking photos and punching at the wall made of beauty eggs, the picture was taken by the author himself

Focus analysis 丨 Chinese-made beauty offline chess game: perfect diary to the left, orange blossoms to the right

WOW COLOUR’s first planet-themed stores, pictures from WOW COLOUR

Guochao Beauty’s offline expansion is not easy

As we all know, the days of the offline retail industry are verySorry. Shopping malls and department stores are even more so. The number of visitors to the store has decreased, the vacancy rate has increased, and the repurchase rate has continued to decline. Hou Yi, the president of Hema, has publicly stated that the current operating situation of the shopping mall industry is quite tragic. One third is almost on the verge of bankruptcy, and most of the malls are already severely in surplus.

Some department stores and shopping malls hope to boost the overall performance of stores in the mall with the popularity of beauty. One trend is that the first floor of the department store and shopping mall was once dominated by women’s shoes and care brands such as Watsons, but nowadays, brand stores and collection stores that are almost all beauty make up, and women’s shoes have almost disappeared on the first floor. Watsons was also squeezed into the corner.

Make-up collection shops that can attract users to come and try their makeup and stay for a long time are especially good. Before the rise of local beauty collection stores, already had a wave of department stores setting up beauty collection stores. High-end is Shanghai K11 Shopping Art Center, which opened K11 Beauty, the first self-operated cosmetics collection shop in the Mainland. Parkson Group also opened Parkson Beauty, a beauty collection store in Changsha IFC, which integrates multiple forms of beauty products, professional beauty, hair care, and home life. Foreign brands such as Lotte Department Store in Korea and Macy’s beauty brand stores in the United States have made similar attempts. Affordable, such as Watsons also cooperated with some beauty KOLs to open new collection stores to increase the proportion of beauty products.

Some offline brands hope to use the beauty category to drive overall store sales growth. It actually worked. In June 2019, MINISO has previously introduced the popular Guochao beauty orange blossom, and its SKU share of less than 4% has created a 40% monthly sales of the entire offline store.

From the data obtained, the performance of THE COLORIST and WOW COLOR is also very impressive. THE COLORIST’s two stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen averaged 14,000 daily visitors during the weekend, and the total turnover of the two stores reached 5.85 million yuan over 20 days of opening, with an average daily sales of nearly 150,000 yuan and a unit price of 100 yuan. -200 yuan. THE COLORIST also stated in its announcement on the partner program that it is expected that over 30 new brands signed in the coming year will generate over 6 billion yuan in turnover. WOW COLOUR also had more than 15,000 people on the day of its opening and a turnover of 200,000 yuan on the first day. Although the unit price of the product is low, the customer unit price is between 200 yuan and 300 yuan.

When the beauty collection store opened in full swing, the perfect diary of Xinguo ’s beauty brand, which has attracted the most attention in the past two years, has taken a different path offline and opened a single-brand offline physical store. Opened 600 stores in 100Multiple cities.

However, with the exception of the best diaries such as Perfect Diary, which has opened up a gap with other brands in a short period of time, it is difficult for other new Guochao beauty brands in the budding period to stand alone Fight. On the one hand, their development time is very short. Although there have been explosions on single products, the overall SKU quantity and sales are still small, which is difficult to support independent stores. Therefore, the role of the collective store is similar to the incubator, aggregating various national beauty brands, and providing them with the soil for offline development can also have an aggregation effect.

On the other hand, after the establishment of the original single store model, offline store business needs to be supported by the supply chain and operating system when it expands, that is, rapid replenishment and replenishment, inventory processing, store staff training, location selection, etc. None of this can happen quickly. Even the perfect diary bears a lot of pressure for offline expansion.

Domestic beauty has indeed risen, but currently there is only one “perfect diary-style” lucky person, and 99.9% of Guochao’s small brands are difficult to attract large investments in a short period of time, but collective stores can. WOW COLOUR received a 1 billion yuan financing from Sele Group through the form of a collection store, and then started an aggressive offline expansion plan. The enclosure was also very fast. It was opened in the core business districts of five core cities a day Out of 5 stores. The same is true of THE COLORIST. In October 2019, its parent company, KK Group, announced the completion of the US $ 100 million Series D financing before it officially launched its offline expansion plan. Prior to this, the group had successfully operated the KKV store and the coverage KK Pavilion, a full-scale physical store, has extensive offline physical experience.

Currently, More branch plans have been launched: WOW COLOUR is expected to open 100 in March, 300 in 2020, 1,000 in 2021, and plans to expand overseas Next year, it plans to launch the first overseas market in Singapore. In order to accelerate the expansion, WOW COLOUR will also open some stores to join in the future.

For the new national beauty brand, opening a store alone also requires deep internal skills. They have just become popular, and they choose a more conservative and money-saving offline expansion method-entering the beauty collection store is the current best choice.

Head picture from WOW COLOUR