Is Google a golden phoenix or a black swan?

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If you want to find a white moonlight and cinnabar mole for the competitors in the field of enterprise service, salesforce is well deserved.

This 20-year-old company has provided cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) services to enterprises, surpassing Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft, and has become the most popular presence in the industry. International giants like P & G and Amazon.

Since the listing, Salesforce’s stock price has surpassed 20 times and has maintained an annual growth rate of 20%. This “famous identity” has made it a target for countless entrepreneurs to follow and eager to surpass. It has also rumoured that Google plans to acquire it, which instantly attracted global attention.

A 70% premium valuation, a $ 250 billion “astronomical engagement gift”, and possible changes to the cloud service market after a strong and powerful marriage make the public full of speculation and imagination about Google’s move.

Google Cloud + salesforce, can you really attack Microsoft + Amazon?

Before you read the Cloud Change Bureau, It ’s best to understand Google ’s tom dream

Description of Google ’s acquisition of salesforce is not excessive.

The $ 250 billion in foreign media explosion has already doubled Google’s parent Alphabet’s 2018 revenue, which means that Google must borrow to complete the acquisition.

Before spending a lot of money to marry the “mother-in-law”, Google also successively acquired the data analysis company Looker, cloud storage service Elastifile, and even its former partner CloudSimple.

Tie Daoxin’s marriage with various cloud computing fields is related to Google’s ambition to continuously increase cloud computing in 2018. In fact, since Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian came to power in February 2019, he has been stepping up the expansion of acquisitions. Google Cloud + salesf
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