On January 15, Xiaohongshu officially launched “Creator Center” and upgraded the brand cooperation platform.

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In order to consolidate the content community, Xiaohongshu relaxed the threshold for individual creators to make money.

On January 15, Xiaohongshu officially launched “Creator Center” and upgraded the brand cooperation platform. The former is mainly for platform creators to analyze background data, while the latter supports individual creators who have not signed an MCN to work directly with brand owners. The above two tools are for creators who have more than 5,000 followers, have published 10 or more natural readings of more than 2,000 in the past 6 months, and have no violations.

More systematic data analysis tools and lower-threshold commercial monetization solutions are good for the content creator group; for Xiaohongshu, it can also ensure that the creators are not lost, so that they can continue to stably The platform contributes content and traffic.

Xiaohongshu is positioned as a “lifestyle community”. The moat of community products is that creators continuously interact with fans through content to form a certain community atmosphere based on content and relationships. Similar to

Editor’s comment: The creators benefit from the rules of Xiaohongshu, and the content ecology of the platform is …

WeChat pays for public account content, practitioners are both optimistic and worried

On January 15th, WeChat announced that it was testing the subscription graphics function for subscription numbers in grayscale. Eligible operators can go to the public platform to activate the payment function. Its “Tech Planet” discussed the impact of WeChat open paid reading on content creators and the knowledge payment market with four industry players. The core points are as follows:

WeChat is suitable for payment, and now only introduces the payment function. The pace is too slow. Media products naturally conflict with payment patterns. Emotional and tool articles should be more suitable for payment. If the payment function means that WeChat will have more actions in commercialization, the platform will also consider the payment ratio and the distinction between public accounts. (He Yang, founder of WeChat public account “Reread”)

Knowledge payment follows the publishing logic, that is, the content must be vertical and professional enough, and now the content of many public accounts follows some hot spots. If such public accounts require payment to read articles, it is not easy to do Because

Editor’s comment: WeChat account is actually a huge content community. One of the biggest value is to gather traffic, and paying to commercialize content, doing business is to make the entire platform Sex “issues. Compared to …

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In-depth information | In order to strengthen the content community, Xiaohongshu has relaxed  The threshold for personal creators to make money

In-depth information | To strengthen the content community, Little Red Book  Relaxed the threshold for personal creators to make money