Days are calculated based on the 1820 yuan / day guarantee fee. Excluding the 5460 yuan guarantee that was transferred to me at that time, OYO also needs to pay me 131040 yuan, but in fact, I only got 24863 yuan. During this period, I The hotel expense was 60,000 yuan, and OYO also required me to pay an additional prepayment of nearly 8,000 yuan for OYO. “Suo Jiangfeng was unhappy about this.

On January 15, a reporter from the “IT Times” contacted OYO Hotel Operations Manager, who was connected to Suo Jiangfeng, to verify the situation. The other party stated that he had resigned and declined to be interviewed.

Weak rights awareness makes it difficult to defend rights

The reporter from IT Times noticed that in a paper contract photo sent by Suo Jiangfeng, the wording of 52 yuan / guaranteed bottom income per room promised by OYO did not appear, and the contract was also very irregular. Not only are there no seals, but some important content is not filled in completely. Suo Jiangfeng said that he had previously signed an electronic contract with OYO, and he was not proficient in computers. He could not find the electronic contract. The paper contract was a sample of the electronic contract he filled at the time. In the end, he did not even have a formal paper contract with OYO.

Beijing Deheheng (Shanghai) Lawyer Sun Wansong said that the contract in writing was signed and sealed by both parties Previously, if one party had fulfilled the contract’s obligations, even if the other party did not sign and seal, the law considered the contract to be valid and effective. The oral promise cannot be determined, even if it differs from the content of the later written contract, from the legal point of view, the subsequent written contract shall prevail. In addition, if one party alters the contents of the contract without authorization, and the law determines that it is invalid, the two parties must reach consensus to take effect.

Sun Wansong believes that The weak legal awareness of franchise hotel owners has turned the dispute between them and OYO into a “headless public case” that is difficult to trace back.

In fact, looking at the whole country, Suo Jiangfeng’s situation is not unique. In other cities, many owners have similar experiences as Mr. Suo.

According to public reports in the media, hundreds of thousands of people have been gathered in several rights groups, and even the owners went to the Shanghai OYO headquarters to discuss their opinions.

When asked why the rights protection of OYO hotel owners broke out recently, OYO sources said that it has been online for more than 5 months.The 2.0 model has been rapidly promoted throughout the country. “During the operation process, we found that the guaranteed amount of some partner hotels does not match the local market conditions, and some owners have data fraud that affects the long-term development of hotels. For such hotels, we will work with The owner negotiates again on the basis of fairness and transparency. “

02, enduring layoffs

On January 15, 2020, according to Bloomberg, “Because of the poor performance, OYO has laid off 5% of its 12,000 employees in China and 12% of its 10,000 employees in India. Continue to lay off 1,200 people in India during the month. “

OYO: A performance-oriented company

On a social platform, a reporter from the IT Times noted that an OYO employee stated that “the sale (Sales) department will be temporarily retained At present, the company is trying to connect directly with travel agencies. Travel agencies place orders directly to the OYO system. After stabilization, they will optimize sales. “” Currently receiving HR information is that each hub (large area) one, TRH (training department, etc.) left. “More recently, the layoffs said , “The agreement has been signed and 2.5 times the compensation has been obtained.”

This is not the first time OYO has been pushed to the forefront of layoffs. In June 2019, the “IT Times” published “OYO employees were ruling for misreporting data? Reporters visited their Shanghai office.

In response to the latest layoffs, reporters from the “IT Times” conducted verifications with people from OYO. OYO official said, “OYO Hotel is a performance-oriented company that uses a strict system to evaluate the performance of every OYO hotel employee. Time. We are meritocratic, and we use this principle to evaluate, reward, and recognize the personal performance of employees and help them improve. “

After the net layoffs, on January 14, a reporter from the IT Times came to OYO’s Shanghai headquarters.

At about 10.30 am, at least 10 people will come in and out of the OYO office on the 4th and 5th floors of Hudong Financial Building in Yangpu District. The glass doors on the 4th and 5th floor offices look towards the interior of the office. Although there are spare spaces, the majority of employees work indoors. Regarding whether there have been any layoffs in the near future, an OYO employee told reporters that “Recruitment has indeed been carried out recently”, but the specific situation is not convenient to disclose.

Yang Beibei, an employee at OYO, (pseudonym) once told the “IT Times” reporter that the company’s assessment standards are very strict Demanding, sales are divided into three levels, each level corresponds to four levels of ABCD. If you enter the level of C and D for two consecutive months, you must perform a PIP assessment. (Performance Improvement Plan) , if the performance still fails the PIP assessment, it will be dismissed.

may be “optimized” at any time

The wolf performance appraisal KPI brought to the hotel’s “hot fried chicken” OYO a short-term data surge and rapid expansion, but inevitably a vicious cycle of data fraud.

“In OYO, The salesman’s education is uneven, and the quality is not good enough. Taking the East China area as an example, most of the salesmen in OYO rely on mutual introductions from friends, and human resources companies There is no requirement for academic qualifications, and there are salespeople from junior high school to tertiary level. “OYO’s former employee Mai En (pseudonym) told the IT Times reporter.

“OYO’s idea was good at first. It occupied the market by burning money in the early stage, and it could do a good job in the later stage by operating team, diversion, and secondary diversion. But why is it like this now? My department, from employees to leaders, must sign 1 order every month, or it will be optimized. “Mein believes that the huge pressure of KPI indicators has deformed the operation of the enterprise, and at the same time, he is exposed to new Employees lack systematic induction training and uniform technical support, and even business executives know very little about product and performance control.

Operation Manager changes 3 in 3 months

While signing a contract with the owner, forced by OYO’s performance-oriented policy, salespeople often raise the hotel’s guaranteed bottom income, which ultimately leads to the failure of the promised owner’s performance.

A person close to OYO said, “For example, a 30-room hotel, even at its peak, earns up to 1.5 million a year, but the salesperson will tell the owner when signing the order that the guaranteed price is 2 million / In the eyes of the owner, the guaranteed price was very attractive and they would agree to sign the contract, but in fact, after one month of cooperation, the company found that the hotel’s traffic could not reach 2 million at all, and then it would lower the guarantee. At that time, the salesman had already left his post, and the subsequent series of questions are naturally self-evident.

On OYO, Employee mobility is strong. An internal employee of OYO presented to the reporter the RGM (Regional General Manager) , the reporter saw that the person The entry date is September 2019.

Suo Jiangfeng told reporters that within 3 months, OYO docking operation manager of his hotel changed 3 wines. While working at OYO, Maien was engaged in sales work. “The hotel I contracted with changed 3 operation managers in a month. The hotel owner had a problem in the end, and I didn’t know who to look for.”

In the interview, Suo Jiangfeng also told reporters that he was operating in accordance with the content requested by OYO. However, some inexplicable deductions appeared on the bill, which made him confused.

In this regard, OYO internal staff explained, “OYO has a third-party audit company similar to outsourcing. Every month, they will come to the owner’s hotel for photos and inspections, but at the same time they will add some to the hotel. Fine items. Because the fines and income during the operation cannot be seen until the beginning of the following month, many hotel owners are not very clear about why they are fine.

Reporter’s note: “Bottom” said it would be gone?

At present, OYO hotel franchise mode has gone through 1.0 mode and 2.0 mode.

OYO’s 1.0 mode focuses on hotel infrastructure construction. Provides hotel recruitment and linen upgrades for hotels. At the same time as the basic transformation, OYO Hotel also arranges special personnel to manage the hotel and enhance the Customer acquisition channels to ensure the hotel’s management and profitability.

During the 2.0 mode, it has become a simple way to pay franchise fees before this, and it has become a way for brands to share risks and share profits with owners. Previously, Zhang Yaguang, deputy general manager of OYO Hotel Xi’an, told reporters in the “IT Times”, “OYO’s 2.0 business philosophy is to first attract individual customers with preferential prices on OTA websites and OYO clients, and then The front desk will then convert them into OYO members, forming a virtuous circle and then attracting more repeat customers. When the rental rate increases, the price will be adjusted, which will increase revenue. “

On January 15, OYO employees broke the news on the social platform, and OYO launched a win-win treasure product. “The so-called win-win situationPo, which is the 2.0 mode of commission, 0 guarantee, weekly settlement, that is, the newly introduced 3.0 mode. “Said the employee.

Now, the “zero guarantee” mentioned in Suo Jiangfeng’s mouth may be the prototype of 3.0 mode.

The “guarantee model” that once attracted a large number of hotels to join is said to be gone.

For OYO, upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 mode is faster than Sichuan Opera’s change of face. The “guarantee fee” says no. It seems that OYO has been holding on to the small pigtails of franchisees, while Suo Jiangfeng has fallen into the embarrassing situation of defending rights.

You say, OYO doesn’t count; OYO says, you are stupid.

This article comes from WeChat public account: IT Times (ID: vittimes) , author: Li Danqi