Independent plant-based food and beverage company.

According to foreign media PR Newswire reports, Califia Farms < / a> Completed $ 225 million in Series D financing, led by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), Singapore-based investment company Temasek, Canada’s Claridge, Hong Kong’s Green Monday Ventures, and a Latin American family engaged in coffee and consumer products. .

Califia Farms is an independent plant-based food and beverage company , founded in 2010, headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, and founded by Greg Steltenpohl. The company is committed to discovering more uses of plants to help people improve their health and reduce energy pollution.

Califia’s premium plant milk beverages reduce greenhouse gases by 60% to 80% compared to traditional milk. The company is known for providing plant-based beverages in curved bottles, and its existing products include natural refrigerated plant milk, non-dairy creamer and ready-to-drink coffee. Recently, the company has just launched a breakthrough line of oat milk, milk-free probiotic yogurt drinks, and nitrogen-filled cold-brewed coffee.

Aiming at the global dairy and ready-to-drink coffee industry with a scale of more than $ 1 trillion?

Califia Farms products

Global demand for plant-based beverages continues to grow as consumers seek healthier and delicious alternatives to dairy products. The funding round will be used by Califia Farms to continue its oat milk success and launch more product lines. The company can further invest in increasing production capacity, strengthen research and development, penetrate the US market, and continue to expand its global business.

Greg Steltenpohl states that Califia Farms strives to produce products that are nutritious and beneficial to the planet and animals with minimal processing.

Under the influence of global health, plant protein beverages have been growing. According to Mintel data, coconut milk and oat milk are growing faster in plant protein beverages in the European market. Swedish brand Oatly introduces oat milk, a plant-based dairy product, as an alternative to milk. Oat milk is known as “one of the best environmentally friendly health foods” because it requires less water and reduces carbon emissions by 80% compared to milk. At the same time, Mengniu, Coca-Cola, Danone, Starbucks and other large companies have already been in the plant milk beverage market.

Related data show that by 2020, the market size of plant protein beverages will reach 258.3 billion yuan, the market share will rise to 24.2%, and the average annual growth rate will be 20.7%.