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Tomorrow will be the finals of the sixth season of “The Legend of Strange”, and BB King will be announced soon. Presumably, many of my friends already know it.

The 6-year-old

Since Season 6 has aired, every issue of The Strange Story has been hotly debated. Yesterday, shortly after the latest issue of Strange Story, the related topic became a hot search.

The 6-year-old

The speeches of the debaters on the field are logical, funny, or tearful; the audience is laughing, or they are crying and crying.

The 6-year-old

Although there are always people who say, The Story of Strange is not as good as it used to be. But there are always some people who will follow me for a period, such as me. The 6-year-old My reason for watching “The Legend of Qi Bi” is very simple. I want to learn some writing skills from the expressions of the debaters..

Last year, when Qi Wei said that the fifth season was broadcast, we summarized some writing skills from it. , after reading it, many small partners have benefited a lot.

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This year, we upgraded from last year’s version and summarized 9 writing (expression) skills. I hope that my friends will have new inspiration after reading it.

1 Thinking in other places to avoid being hilarious, using metaphors is easy to understand

There is a premise for writing an article: Avoid being hilarious, easy to understand. If this basic premise is not done well, it will be difficult for users to finish reading your article.

What should I do?

First, how to avoid being hilarious. When writing an article, imagine someone in front of you, and you are sharing your opinions and experiences with him. After writing it, try to think differently, and read through it and think about “Can you understand if others share this content with you?”

Ran Gaoming, a popular player in The Story of Qi Bi, is particularly good at thinking from the perspective of users.

For example, there is an issue of #I like to go out in hot pants but my boyfriend stops me. Do I want to change? # This is a special spectator match. There are 50 girls and 50 boys in the audience. It is relatively firm, almost all girls choose not to change, while boys overwhelmingly think that it is necessary to change.

How did Ran Gaoming act as an opponent (don’t change it)?

He first stood in the girl ’s perspective, uttered the girl ’s heart, and meticulously described the girl ’s efforts to keep her body in hot pants:

All winter, my mother does n’t eat rice noodles, and I ’m hungry. In the spring, my mother runs fitness, Carrying tired …

Then he talked with his target user, the boys group, to express the difficulty of girls, and pointed out that many boys do not know girls.

In addition to

He does n’t understand why you like wearing hot pants so much. He does n’t understand why girls covered their dark circles before makeup. After painting, the circles are dark again …

In addition to

The 6-year-old

His remarks not only expressed the voices of the girls, but also popularized some of the “confusing” behaviors of the girls, and his expression of “friends of women” immediately impressed both the male and female audiences. Sure enough, 48 votes were drawn after he finished speaking.

More on how to make the content more accessible. The answer is to use metaphors, and to use them wisely.

Professor Xue Zhaofeng has done this very well. When discussing the argument of # 生 二 胎 must be approved by the boss #, he mentioned 3 economic terms-zero sum game, negative sum game He Zhenghe games.

The 6-year-old

For users who do n’t understand economics, hearing these 3 concepts will be a bit daunting. How did Professor Xue explain it? He made a simple analogy to make science popular in a language that everyone can understand:

If a brother gave a basketball to his brother, he would n’t have to play. The brother ’s gain is exactly equal to his brother ’s loss. This is called a zero-sum game;

The younger brother and the older brother competed for this ball and they broke their blood. The ball did not increase and they bleed. This is called a negative sum game;

My younger brother and older brother played ball together and had a great time. They all felt happier than playing alone. This is called Zhenghe Game.

The concept that originally left the layman scratching his head was explained by him as very lifelike. No wonder Professor Xue was praised by Luo Zhenyu as “the few economists who can really tell the truth.”

In addition to the

Going back to ourselves, how do we express when writing to make it easier for users to understand?

For example, when we explain “arms race”, in order to let the reader better understand this theory, we explain it like this:

The “arms race” refers to preventing the other party from taking measures. If they fail to take measures and cause losses, they will also take measures, and often lead to excessive competition. For example, the audience stood up in order to see more clearly at the concert, and the final result was that everyone stood up …

So when we explain professional terms or concepts, you can use some everyday cases and metaphors to explain it. Only then can users understand what you are saying.

Next time you write an article, try to imagine someone in front of the screen, and you are using plain text to communicate with him.

2 Use data to explain concepts and use data to demonstrate opinions

Conversion thinking and easy to understand are the prerequisites for writing a good article. How to make users understand and convince youRong, I think what you said makes sense, at this time we need to help users understand and find evidence to prove your point.

Help users understand that data can be used flexibly for example. At the same time, authoritative data is strong evidence to prove your point.

Take a simple example, for example, Chen Ming participated in that issue. #After graduation, I had a hard time. My parents were willing to let me ‘啃 老’, the ‘啃’ 吗 # ‘discussion was to explain what the data first It is a constraint, the purpose is to help users quickly perceive the concept of “struggle”.

The 6-year-old

He said this:

The average monthly income of college graduates in 2018 is 4624 yuan, while the average rent in Beijing is 3300 yuan, 2800 in Shenzhen, and more than 2,700 in Shanghai. Suppose that when a graduated student chooses to work in Beijing, we take the average measure. His monthly living expenses are 1,300 yuan, and 1,300 yuan to live in Beijing, which is a constraint.

The average cost of living for college students after 00 is 2,049 yuan. After graduation, you only have 1,300. However, if you want to maintain a living standard of 2000 in college, you owe 700. The rest of us didn’t count. Renting a house, eating and drinking, and daily expenses were simply not enough.

See no, full screen data. Chen Ming first used these data to explain to users what is called “struggle”, and then concluded that constraints are the norm at this stage of graduation, and that there are usually two ways to face constraints, one is to find help from parents, and the other is online loans. .

In order to demonstrate the more reliable view of “looking for help from parents,” Chen Ming enumerates a set of data describing the post-90s Internet loan disorder:

After the 90s, 47.2% of the loan population has overdue, and the number of people who have overdue more than ten times has reached 4%. After 90s, 64% of people have loans on 4 platforms, which means dismantling the east wall to fill the west wall.

The 6-year-old

These data make Chen Ming’s point more convincing. After he finished speaking, he raised 8 votes (I am also using the data to prove my point).

So when demonstrating opinions, we can use data to make our opinions valid. We can also use this method when writing articles. How to use it?

For example, when we wrote the top ten online celebrities of the year, we described this as a popular Li Zihuan overseas:

She has more than 8 million followers on YouTube (now still skyrocketing), and her number of followers once exceeded well-known media such as BBC and CNN.

Speaking that she ca n’t perceive users in the circle, you have to say that she has more fans on foreign platforms than foreign head media fans, so users will think that Li Zi is awesome.

Using data flexibly can make your point more valid. This data can be in the authoritative industry analysis report, or it can be Baidu index or WeChat index.

Popular film and television looking for materials, quoted evidence to support the point of view

In addition to citing data, it is also a good choice to support the point of view by telling classic plots in popular movies. The debaters in The Story of The Wonderland like this method very much.

For example, when Xiao Xiao was discussing the question #Will a couple who is determined to divorce stick to the end of the child’s college entrance examination #, he first showed his view “We should not accept the sacrifices made by our parents with peace of mind.” / p>

Then he mentioned the story of the heroine ’s mother running away from home in “The Great Lady of Messel”. When the heroine took her father to Paris to find her, she said “Mom I miss you so much” Say “I miss myself too”.

This meaningful line shows that parents should not treat their children as everything in life, they should have ego and cleverly demonstrate his point.

Another example is when Chen Lingyue discussed the argument #Why would you choose to freeze yourself and send it to 100 years after death #? On the contrary, he thinks that if you freeze yourself, you may not be able to adapt to the society at the time of awakening. He then quoted the very classic film “Redemption of Shawshank”.

He mentioned the 70-year-old man in the movie who became a saleswoman after he was released from prison, but what he did was incompatible with the world around him because he had been separated from this world for too long.

This is still the case in 70 years, not to mention what 100 years means to a person. This classic movie plot is a good complement to his point.

So when we write an article, we can also look for the topic from the film and television works or use it as a source of argument. For example, we are writing In the article, I mentioned the Northeast Internet celebrity’s morale and bold character by referring to the film and television drama “Break Through the East”.

How do I collect footage? For example, when we usually watch a drama or a movie, we can record the classics in it as a material library for future writing.

4 Real cases impress users, no need to modify reasonable assists

Some real-life cases in real society sometimes appear more convincing than film and television works. If there are only opinions and no examples, it is difficult to impress users, so when expressing, you can also give some real examples to illustrate your opinions.

For example, when Zhan Qingyun was discussing Debates #Should send red envelopes to people who do good deeds #, she first threw out the idea that red envelopes should not be issued: people have a pursuit beyond material, and a good person really gets Happiness is different from happiness taking money.

Then she gave the example of “Moving Chinese Character” Bai Fangli. The 92-year-old man pedaled a tricycle for 19 years, saved 350,000 yuan, and funded 300 poor students.

In addition to

This old man’s example fully illustrates that some people do n’t care about doing good deeds. They regard helping others as a heroic dream in ordinary life. The practice of giving them a red envelope is too secular, and it is well demonstrated. Her previous point.

Another example is when Cheng Lu was discussing the argument # 对 事 不对 人 真 OK 吗 #, he gave a very vivid example-when Google was designing an unmanned car, it had a design, that is, When two people must be hit, it chooses the person wearing the helmet to hit, because that person may be less likely to be injured.

The 6-year-old

The person wearing the helmet clearly wanted to be safer, but was hit instead. This design is not right, but is it really OK? Humans are not machines after allPeople should not only be rational. This example by Cheng Lu justified his point.

Accurate and specific examples can make articles more vivid. Remember, an idea is accompanied by at least one suitable case.

For example, we are writing crazy yet! “when asked To make new media companies have to upgrade and iterative thinking, in order to allow users to better understand this point, we use Dr. Lilac’s vibrato for example.

Dr. Clove experienced a lot of failed attempts from 0 to tens of thousands of videos, such as sewing trotters, knotting, how to use a band-aid, and how to drink yogurt without licking the yogurt cover.

After repeated failures and experimentsIn the end, Dr. Lilac finally found a replicable model: doing a health science in the form of a talk show, plus iconic movements.

5 Tell more stories to attract users, tell the truth vividly

Case can increase persuasiveness, but people often prefer to listen to stories (especially stories that the author has personally experienced) than to listen to cases, and it is easier to help users focus.

When debating or writing, if you can tell a story well, you can often get very good results.

For example, when discussing whether graduation difficulties are about to grow old, Ran Gaoming mentioned that he once thought that economic independence was important and that he depended on himself rather than his parents, but he later found himself wrong.

He then told his story: in order to make money, he spit fire in Chaoyang Park when he was in college, earned 80 once, and earned 4,000 a summer vacation.

The 6-year-old

He also tamed the beast in the zoo, and kissed the sea lions in the presence of the public. When his mother went to see him perform, he cried with tears because of his distressed son. The reason why he didn’t go to the TV station for internship like the journalism classmates was because the trainee reporter had no money.

After telling lightly about his experience of spitting fire and taming animals, he lamented that he had bitten his head for the so-called self-esteem. Time and energy, without meaningful growth.

The 6-year-old

Although he was calm and humorous when he told this story, it caused many people’s tears, which made him feel sad and funny.

In addition to telling your own story, you can also tell the story of others.

For example, when xirui arguing #lover died, whether to give his memory to AI #, as a square, he believes that the purpose of technology is to make us not need to be so strong, and talked about his uncle’s story.

Uncle keeps a parrot. That parrot is very clever. He learned a lot of conversations between him and his wife.. Later, after his wife died, he talked to the parrot every day. But then one day the parrot was gone, and his uncle cried out loud.

The 6-year-old

People can’t understand why he is sadder than when his wife died, but in fact it is because his uncle pinned his miss on his wife on that parrot, and he talked to the parrot every day to pin his grief.

After telling the story, he pointed out that memories are difficult to keep because the parrot will die and the photos will turn yellow. Then he mentioned that he hopes that an AI can leave the memory of his uncle and wife so that he does n’t have to. sad. This story justifies his previous point.

Story is often more attractive. Good stories make it easier for listeners or readers to focus on and receive your message. It’s as if you haven’t felt the famous sayings that have persuaded you to work hard after reading countless sentences, but you might be motivated after reading a motivational story.

Many truths need to be expressed through stories. To be a good expressor, you need to tell a story. This story can be your own story, the story of the people around you, or the story heard.

6 Ingeniously create figurative scenes, immerse yourself in the scenes

In addition to telling stories, creating concrete scenes is also a wonderful way to resonate with everyone. People who write well and have good debates are usually very good at creating a concrete scene that makes users feel like they are there.

For example, when Zhan Qingyun discussed the debate #Partner found a good job in a big city, should I let go of everything and TA #, I talked about her partner who was separated because she went abroad to study.

The 6-year-old

She said with emotion first:

When did I feel very sorry, why didn’t we compromise with each other and work harder together?

She then mentioned three scenes of her life while studying in the United States:

Not when I was under a lot of pressure to study in the United States, but did n’t have time to cry;

I do n’t want to learn to fix toilets and decorate furniture by myself;

It was n’t terrified to be robbed in the street, but when you took a record with the police, you were desperately thinking about how to ask the boss for leave.

The portrayal of these scenes makes it easy for the audience to think in her mind that she is strong and independent abroad, which makes people feel distressed. Even more tearful is another scene she described next:

But one day, I bought something from the supermarket and carried a plastic bag …

The 6-year-old

No deliberate sensation, but simply describing a very life-like scene can make Teacher Kang Yong cry so much that he ca n’t help himself, and also makes the audience very moved, as if thinking of the lover he had missed, as if he The plastic bag in the supermarket, walking on the autumn street, and looking at the fallen leaves is himself.

The scene creation method is helpful for users to create a sense of screen and enhance perception. For example, Li Jiaqi often said that when bringing goods, such as “suitable for marriage and walk on the red carpet”, “painting can get a new life when broken love” and other scenes.

When writing an article, you can also perform some scene-shaping to mobilize the user’s senses-sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, to form a picture in the user’s mind.

For example, when we wrote the copy of the orange, we described it as a lot of juice:

You just need to put the orange in the palm of your hand and knead it, dig a small mouth on it, and insert the straw into it, you can drink directly, you can also dig directly to eat, just like eating jelly .

Is it very visual after reading this passage? Yes, this is the power of the scene.

7 Try to find unique angles, find a different path unexpectedly

Whether speaking or writing, unique perspectives are refreshing and impressive. No one likes the same content, and you won’t feel fresh when you hear the rotten stalk.

Because the information you provided is already within the audience’s cognitive range, or he has already learned about it elsewhere, it has caused aesthetic fatigue.

On the stage of “The Legend of Qi Bi”, some demonstrators have also made outstanding speeches.Unintended effects, such as Yan Rujing.

When Jingjing Bao discussed the argument # 读 心术 Capsule, 你 要吃 吗 #, instead of confining whether to eat or not, he put forward a different approach: Do not eat, but sell it.

In addition to

After talking about this funny argument, she also solemnly put forward two reasons: on the one hand, it is too low to eat on her own, and selling to the people who need it not only can maximize the value, but she can also become rich.

On the other hand: Reading the mind is not really meaningful, because you satisfy the mind of the person. At this time, what the person really wants is something he cannot think of. For example, the arguments that audiences most want to hear are those they did not expect. The ending of your favorite movie is an unexpected ending.

The 6-year-old

So when speaking, if there is something unexpected, it will be very impressive and clap your hands.

The same is true for writing articles. If the article is not to be ignored or everyone is embarrassed, you need to find a special perspective, especially when you are pursuing hot spots, you must chase “differentiation”.

For example, during the hit of “It’s All Good” before, we did not focus on the plot, but changed our thinking and inventory and summarized the entry points of the public hot spots in beauty, real estate and other fields. There was a