In recent years, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala has become a battleground for Internet giants.

In 2015, the first time Try a red envelope WeChat was selected as the partner for the interactive Spring Festival Gala. In just a few hours of the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast, the total number of WeChat “shake a cash red envelope” interactions exceeded 11 billion times. Peak interaction reached 810 million times per minute, becoming WeChat Rewrite China mobile payment A broken piece of the layout . In the following years, I saw Ali in the Spring Festival Evening Traffic Dividend and Baidu < span class = "ql-author-21117352">, Cooperation with Spring Festival Gala , < / span> Start interactive red envelope marketing .

Through the Spring Festival Red Envelope, the three BATs harvested pots and bowls : Heavy traffic , even once let Alipay and Taobao two” national-level apps “ in The red envelope on the New Year’s Eve was once downtime, Baidu Department A < span class = "ql-author-10286620"> pp and therefore one night occupied span> At that time 5 of the top 6 in the App Store leaderboard.

As a “modern folk custom”, watching Spring Festival Gala has become a habit of the Chinese New Year. Even if young people may prefer mobile phones to screens, they will still turn on the TV-there is no Spring Festival show as the background sound, and it always feels a little younger. Therefore, as a super traffic pool reaching over 1 billion viewers and covering different social strata and life circles, the Spring Festival Gala is extremely attractive for Internet companies plunged into anxiety of renewal and sinking.

So, fast hands Stand out from many internet giants , News of becoming the “Exclusive Interactive Partner” of CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year , points The amount is even heavier, after all, This is the first time that the “red envelope interaction right” has dropped out of BAT since CCTV Spring Festival Gala started Internet cooperative marketing.

But think about it, it actually makes sense. After all, short video platforms such as fast hands, In recent years, it has grown into a non-negligible < / span> National-level applications The CCTV Spring Festival Gala also wants to continue to improve the sense of technology, surpassing the previous SMS voting Old-fashioned forms such as graphic and text likes can further enrich the possibility of interaction through short videos. Therefore, Peng Jianming, deputy chief editor of CCTV, commented on this cooperation:

“This is not just a commercial cooperation, it is a cultural cooperation, a high degree of cooperation, a combination of mainstream and general public opinion.”

The new power of red envelopes came out, what did the quick hand prepare for the Spring Festival Gala?

In the public perception, has 8 years A fast hand in history, The past always seems Slightly understated After launching “Battle Mode” last June, Quickly turned on his acceleration , This includes this exclusive interaction with the Spring Festival Gala .

At the end of December At a joint press conference with CCTV , Kuaishou announced this time The theme of the red envelope is “Like China Year” , has prepared more than 1 billion yuan for it Red envelope and many innovative gameplay. Beginning January 10th, users can participate in the episodes from the Quick Entry A pp homepage entry During the pre-warm-up event of “Cards are divided into 100 million yuan”, during the event period, 8 cards of “Funny Hand, Like China” will be collected, and you will be able to spend 100 million yuan in cash during the draw.

and in New Year’s Eve The Spring Festival Gala The highlight of the day will be At 20 o’clock, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program was broadcast simultaneously and five rounds of red envelope interactions were started, directly sending the highest cash red envelope in history to 1 billion yuan.

Considering that the Spring Festival Evening is aimed at a wide range of users of different ages and strata, the evening ’s Grab a red envelope Activity The fast hand has not been scheduled. span> Too complicated: Just download the latest version of the fast hand or fast hand fast version of the app, according to the Spring Festival Gala host 5 round mouth broadcast red envelope instructions, click the home entrance to enter the event page to watch or like The video is red enveloped, and simple interaction ensures the widest participation.

Of course, like it and Does n’t mean boring-Quick hands combined with the rich content of the short video community, carefully prepared 34 hometown videos and 1 national video, the content covers the local customs and human beings. The Spring Festival Gala video became a window for everyone to understand each other and connect their hearts. Humane and caring content forms make simple interactions also produce rich emotional experiences.

I had a chance to have a surprise at the event that night: If I get a “Red envelope”, I can share it with a friend to invite Participate together. Whenever a friend grabs a red envelope through sharing, the sharer gets an extra red envelope. In addition, each round of participants may be hit by 2.21 million koi red packets randomly distributed, with a maximum amount of up to 2020 yuan. All the red envelopes grabbed can be started on the first day of the Chinese New Year. You can apply for cash withdrawal through the “Chinese New Year Red Packet Withdrawal” entrance on the left hand menu.

In addition to its own client, Kuaishou also prepared a special ten million cash red envelope for WeChat users, and searched for keywords on WeChat “Red envelope”, “quick hand red envelope”, “Spring Festival red envelope”, you can feel multiple surprises.

As for the more “technical” gameplay, quickly leave them to online users who are more passionate about new things. For example, the Chinese New Year magic expressions combining AI gesture recognition and mixed reality technology will be continuously unlocked during the Spring Festival Gala, allowing people to make more fun videos. On New Year’s Eve, Kuaishou will also check in hometown landmarks at 6 city landmarks to welcome the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala.

Behind the winner is the gorgeous transformation and continuous evolution of fast hands

Winning the status of Spring Festival Gala exclusive interactive partner is by no means just because the fast hand outperformed its competitors in bidding. In the past few years, the recognition and influence of fast hands take < span class = "ql-author-21117352"> has made great progress, and eventually grows enough to stand alone , Received mainstream discourse To the extent .

The Spring Festival Gala, which has 1.2 billion viewers at home and abroad, should be cautious when choosing partners. An industry insider said in an interview with “China Business News”: “Of course, CCTV knows its influence clearly, and it depends on who it is willing to use this influence. Therefore, CCTV’s recognition of your platform itself Is very important. “

Back in 2011, that iPhone 4 s < / span> In the era of not launching yet, and Nokia and Symbian systems have not yet exited the mainstream stage, fast hands already exist. At that time, it was also called “GIF Quick Hand”, it was just a tool-type application that simply converted videos into GIF pictures in order to share the fun in that era of bad internet speed. At that time, few people could have imagined that this gadget would transform into a short video community and be a great success later.

In 2013, realize video socialization may be potential < / span> After the opportunity, the fast hand start to push forward to Record and share live live video social products span> Transformation . It turns out they made the right bet.

Quick Hand CEO Su Hua insists that Quick Hand should record the lives of ordinary people, so it did n’t cost much resources at the beginning stage. Marketing and endorsements, but instead focus on improving the recommendation algorithm so that users can see videos they are really interested in. After several years of low-key development, Kuaishou finally accumulated enough capital and gradually entered the mainstream vision.

Acquired in troubled AcFun in June 2018, and announced investment a year later, from two yuan to professional In the field of graphics, Kuaishou let more people know its existence by expanding the user circle.

In addition , Quick Hands also took measures to attract more Users join. At the beginning of last year, Kuaishou became the first short video platform to win the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Live Broadcasting rights, and tasted the sweetness of the Spring Festival Gala traffic. In August, “News Network” officially entered Kuaishou and the first short video released was as high as 120 million; By October, the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade, Kuaishou has developed a “1 + 6 multi-link live broadcast room” for broadcasting parade signals, and the parade ceremony has seen 513 million people.

Through market trends and users experience continue attention, Quick hands not only successful transformation , Recently selected as a” year degree trend app “ span> App Store 「2 0 19 degree selection “list. The comment from Apple to Kushou is: On Kushou , You can share what you see at any time , You will also see more elements from other people ’s videos. World .

Use short videos to listen to the voice of the public

“Seeing a diverse world” is a proper evaluation for a fast hand.

In the beginning, China Internet To some extent represents an “elite” urban culture, according to the “24th China Internet Development “Statistics Report”, in 2009, the number of Chinese netizens was in the early 300s, and the penetration rate was only 25.5%. Netizens are an out-of-the-box “minority.” Ten years later, the 44th report released last year showed that the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 854 million, with a penetration rate of 61.2%.

Who is the extra 500 million people? The majority of those who have not been able to enjoy Internet dividends in the past are restricted by conditions Middle-aged and elderly people who have learned to access the Internet, who live in rural or urban corners, now have the first opportunity to express themselves through the Internet. The quick hand is the window for their expression.

Now with QuickhandWindow, their moments and whimsy of life can be recorded, displayed and respected. Contrary to the “fill-in-duck” of many applications, Faster leaves more than 70% of the traffic to ordinary users, weakening the Matthew effect of content competition and giving everyone a chance to be watched.

Last year, over 280 billion times of spontaneous user-like interactions occurred among fast-handed users. Every day, more than 200 million people open Quick Hand to browse interactions or upload videos, of which more than 16 million people earn money on Quick Hand.

Whether it’s a hand-made product made of “useless good”, Because The popular “troll warlord” with the word “Orly” , Still the “Master of the Shadow Stream” who made people come up with weird dancing postures. In the collision with the mainstream culture, some “fast hands old iron” showed them Talent and imagination, accepted by mainstream culture, becomeVideo bloggers sought after by young people, or hanged as stalks.

When participating in the World Internet Conference 2018, Suhua CEO Su Hua made an analogy: “Attention as a resource, a This kind of energy, I want it to be sprinkled on more people like sunlight, and I do n’t want it to be focused on only a few people like a spotlight.

Fast technology inclusiveness not only extends to individual spiritual life, but also spills over to create huge social benefits.

For example, a considerable part Poverty-stricken areas People turn to Office the public attention outside , and poverty is never just a lack of material, but also a lack of cognitive resources. Lack of sufficient information will make the poor unable to reasonably arrange and optimize their lives. The fast and fair algorithm actively connects the countryside and the outside world, which not only allows the outside world to recognize “different China”, but also allows users in poor areas to take the opportunity to learn more and open up opportunities for personal growth. More possibilities.

In rural areas, quick hands have become a “new agricultural tool” to escape poverty. With the help of content recommendation algorithms constructed by big data, artificial intelligence, and multimedia content understanding, Kuaishou cooperated with professional public welfare organizations, the government’s people’s livelihood department, and colleges and universities to launch poverty alleviation programs such as the “Fu Miao Project”, “Happy Village Leader Program”, and “Kuaishou Education”. Plan to help thousands of families get out of poverty through social e-commerce, entrepreneurship guidance and professional skills education.

At the same time, the development of economy and education has also nurtured culture. According to the data provided by Kuaishou, 2.52 million in the past year alone A user released content related to intangible cultural heritage on the fast hand, which helped the inheritance and development of traditional culture.

In Quick and Spring Festival Evening < span class = "ql-author-10286620"> At the exclusive interactive cooperation conference, the director of the Spring Festival Gala Yang Dongsheng praised the quick hand “a great advantage is very grounded.” The preparation of Quick Hands for the Spring Festival Gala confirms this. Chen Sinuo, vice president of Kuaishou, revealed that Kuaishou dispatched technicians to the mountainous area to test and debug the data as soon as he was informed of the winning bid.According to data, ensure that every household can participate in the Spring Festival Gala interaction.

For the Chinese, the Spring Festival is a highly emotional festival. No other time can make a person aware of China’s vastness and diversity like the Spring Festival: from the frozen North Country to the warm South, from the rugged mountains to the flat farmland, from the high-rise cities to the mountainous countryside … … But behind this diversity is the common desire of all people for reunion and tenderness.

After “seeing every kind of life”, I still keep my love for life. This is the spirit of the fast hand. From this perspective, Kuaishou may indeed be the most suitable Internet company for the Spring Festival Gala.

In the context of technological change, the huge traffic of the Spring Festival Gala is both an opportunity and a challenge for fast hands . It can be imagined that the convergence trend of size screens is The fast hand is next whether in brand or business Level, or both brought a broader value space.