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Please check the Venture Capital Daily on January 17. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~


Project report:

  • The main feature of “anti-fall”, “Shu Ti La anti-fall suitcase” hopes to be a domestic brand of high-end luggage.

    In order to meet the characteristics of “anti-fall”, “Shu Ti La” products have been optimized for each component of traditional suitcases. Take the wheel as an example: The “Shu Ti La anti-fall suitcase” uses a sealed 3 bearing steel universal wheel. This wheel is mainly composed of 2 radial bearings and 1 plane thrust bearing. The radial bearing is responsible for bearing the diameter Directional force ensures that the suitcase is pushed and pulled smoothly forward and backward, while the plane thrust bearing mainly bears the axial force to ensure that the suitcase’s 360-degree steering is not hindered … (click here for more)

  • Zhihejia: Tuba rabbit in the field of smart home

    The Zhihejia website is a traffic website that connects smart home brands, channel dealers and consumers. It is similar to Tubatu in the smart home field. The website has been online for a month. The target markets mainly include first-tier cities in the north, south, and northeast of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and first- and second-tier cities with provincial capitals. According to founder Zhao Yang, these cities have about 10,000 smart home brands and service providers.

    Zhao Yang said that the company also has a smart home B2B website, Zhijia.com. In 2019, GMV reached 5-6 million yuan, and the revenue was mainly derived from the entry fee. The renewal rate reached 60% -70%. Through the Zhijia network, Zhihejia has 200-300 smart home brand and channel dealer resources, which facilitates the cold start of Zhihejia.

    In terms of revenue sources, Zhihejia plans to earn mainly through occupancy fees and marketing value-added service fees, and is preparing to build a content team to serve as a platform by distributing smart home content such as short videos on various social media. Customer diversion.
    At present, the team is mainly composed of technology and market, with a size of about 10 people. Zhao Yang himself is a serial entrepreneur. He previously worked in smart home manufacturers from 2013 to 2017, and founded Zhijia.com in 2017. (Author: Jamie)

    Financing Disclosure:

    • Beauty pupil market breaks out, “4iNLOOK” tired within one yearNearly 200 million yuan in financing

      4iNLOOK 美目 美 佳 was established in 2008 and currently has more than 300 color contact lens monopoly chains across the country. Mainly located in shopping malls in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, women’s consumers aged 18-30 offer more than 200 different designs of colored contact lenses. Recently, the company announced that it has completed two rounds of financing in the past year, with a cumulative financing amount of nearly 200 million yuan. Investors include Hutong Fund, Xingtuo Capital and Honghui Capital. > (click here for more)

    • Aiming at the global dairy and ready-to-drink coffee industry of more than $ 1 trillion? “Califia Farms” Raises $ 225 Million in Series D Financing

      Califia Farms is an independent plant-based food and beverage company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, founded by Greg Steltenpohl. The company is committed to discovering more uses of plants to help people improve their health and reduce energy pollution. Recently, the company completed a $ 225 million Series D financing led by the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). Singapore’s investment company Temasek, Canada’s Claridge, Hong Kong’s Green Monday Ventures, and a family member in Latin America that specializes in coffee and consumer products. Cast … (for more, please click here)


      Project report:

      • The founder of Raven Technology relaunched, “rct studio” uses AI engine for immersive full interactive entertainment

        Recently contacted a new creative entertainment studio—— rct studio . The company was established in 2018 and is committed to research and development through artificial intelligence The next generation of immersive interactive entertainment experience. The company has been selected as the largest entrepreneurial incubator in the United States, Y combinator, and the first batch of students from YC China. (for more, please click here)

        Business Services

        Project report:

        • Using AI camera + Face ID to get people’s yard data, “Powering All Things” will use data to drive the growth of physical retail

          Recently contacted the edge smart data service provider “Ling Yin Wan Wu”, a startup company that hopes to use Face ID + edge smart terminals to open up new people’s yard data. Leading all things to incubate from the smart hardware developer Xiaoyi Technology. In 2019, it officially became an independent company from its internal business department … (click here for more)

        • Targeting the B- and C-end markets, “BOOM” launches cloud video conferencing products

          Recently, I came into contact with a cloud video conferencing product “BOOM”. The first version of BOOM was officially launched in October 2019. The company is currently a two-end strategy, one is the big B-end of the party, government, military, and large enterprises; one is the C-end including small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users … (click here for more)


          Project Report:

          • Hornbill Education: Public Exam Brands

            Hornbill Education is a public examination brand. It takes college students as the entrance, focuses on various campus examinations, provides public examinations, postgraduate entrance examinations, teacher qualification certificates, CPA and other training programs, and redefines teaching through in-depth collaboration online and offline. Scenario, in the form of “offline teaching + online after-school tutoring + strong supervision” product form, to provide all categories of vocational examination training services. The business model is to acquire customers offline-gamification retention-high stickiness-differentiated services-repurchase with services. Recently, Hornbill Education announced the completion of a 10-million pre-A round of financing, and investors are guaranteeing distance education for listed companies in the US stock market.

            Team: Founder and CEO Ding Ya is the former co-founder and vice president of operations of Huatu Education, and successively served as Anhui branchSchool general manager, general manager of teacher examination department, director of market operation, general manager of book company, etc. He has completed the annual increase of 800% in branch schools, and has trained more than 15 students in branch schools. He is good at the design and operation of Internet products, and the rapid growth of branch school chain operations. Hu Shiyu, the director of operations, is the former person in charge of the JD Book Mini Program project, and the former senior product operation manager of Xunfei of HKUST. He is responsible for the overall operation of the storytelling parenting app, formulating an APP operation promotion plan, and responsible for user growth, retention, and promotion. Zhang Kun, the director of teaching and research, is the original Huatu 7-year test teacher. In 2011, Huatu was the only A + teacher in the country. He is currently the head of the Hornbill public examination teaching and research, and a master of management from a double-ranked university. At the same time, Shi Zhiguo, the former CTO of the future and the founder of Xiaohe Technology, is the technical consultant responsible for the overall architecture design of hornbill online products. (Author: Jing Ting)

            Financing Report:

            • Financial education brand “Real Insight” completes a ten-million-yuan A round of financing, All in “financial education”

              The Real Insight App is a financial education product. Industry experts, professors, and entrepreneurs give lectures on financial theory and practice. They provide users with systematic financial knowledge in the form of video and audio to help member users achieve. Fragmented time studies finance and understands the needs of finance. Its APP was launched on the App Store in August 2018, with a total of more than one million downloads and registered users on the C-side and a cumulative service of more than 100 enterprise-level customers and strategic partners. The financial education APP has formally announced the completion of a round of tens of millions of yuan in financing. This round of financing is led by Taiyou Fund, and Dayou Fund follows. …… (click here for more)

              Venture Capital Watch

              • Is there a way out for apparel companies under the trend of dataization, intelligence, and multi-link?

                Which links do a garment go through from raw materials to consumers? Where is Zara, Handu Yishe, and Metersbonwe’s transition anxiety and breaking points? What is the ideal future factory for industrial robots “walking around”? What are the opportunities in the apparel industry chain? Chenhui Venture Capital and Huaying Capital jointly released the apparel supply chain industry report … (click here for more)

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