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There are less than three days left until the opening of the “Spring Festival stalls”, but at present all the Spring Festival stalls and major theaters are still living as if they were on thin ice.

The pre-sale cycle in less than a week, the “Wuhan pneumonia” epidemic is heating up, the three films have been promoted for 30 years, and there are no major movies in more than 400 theaters … These market phenomena have filled the overall market for the Spring Festival this year. Variables usher in the most severe “graduation exam.”

The pre-sale of the Spring Festival this year was extremely late, making the pre-sale data of previous years difficult to have reference value. At present, the pre-sale of “Chinatown Detective 3” is one of the best. The pre-sale of the first day is the sum of the remaining 6 movies, which is 50 million more, which has become a spectacle in recent years.

Three films of “Aunt”, “Winning the Championship” and “Bear Invasion · Wild Continent”, either due to the impact of the “epidemic” or “competitive needs”, or “to meet some early vacation enthusiasm”, as Xu Xu needs to expect “Audiences”, who have all mentioned the files in their thirties, will undoubtedly increase the “bet” to the maximum.

On January 20, Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission, confirmed in an interview with CCTV.He acknowledged that there was a phenomenon of “human-to-human transmission” in the “pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection”. After the news came out, the pre-sale results of the “Spring Festival stall” in the past two days have started to decline. Not only that, but many news channels reported today that theaters across the country are about to open “refund channels” to prevent the epidemic from spreading further.

For this reason, Yiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha) interviewed theaters in Hubei, Hebei and other places. At present, the theater has no obvious perception of the impact of the epidemic. But it is indisputable that the continuous rise of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has become the sword of Damocles hanging on the stalls of the Spring Festival.

Refund or open? The sinking market is not “panic”

The impact of the “pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection” on the ticket booths of the Spring Festival is heating up.

As of 17:00 on January 21, the number of confirmed cases in mainland China rose to 219, 15 were suspected, 25 were cured, and 6 died in Wuhan. There were 270 confirmed cases in Hubei, 14 in Guangdong, 5 in Beijing and 2 in Shanghai. There are as many as 14 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions with confirmed cases.

On January 20, Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission, confirmed in an interview with CCTV News: “The epidemic of new-type coronavirus pneumonia must be” human-to-human “. No doubt the audience’s views The desire of the shadow has been greatly cooled.

As of 21:00 on January 21, the cumulative pre-sale box office on New Year’s Day reached 342 million yuan, and today only 40 million yuan was added to the pre-sale box office, which is a slowdown from the previous few days.

Affected by the “epidemic”, many netizens have stated that they would rather sacrifice hundreds of yuan for movie tickets but also give up in the “closed, airless” theater to try their own lives.

21st Century Business Herald Weibo was launched against the backdrop of a rising epidemic, with 370,000 people participating in the “Will you go to the Spring Festival movie?” vote, “No, I have no mood to watch”Reached 170,000, the highest option. “Conditional” received 110,000 person-times. Is the second proportion. Still watching 82,000 people. In the face of “security” and “watching,” more netizens have chosen “security”.

As more viewers choose “safe”, the question of “whether movie tickets should be fully refunded” is also raised.

Many netizens complain that most of the movie tickets they have purchased are in a “non-refundable” state, and some of them have a refund fee, and only a small part of them are refundable.

Later, more news came out from the network. According to the requirements of the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television, all theaters have received notifications one after another, and “refund windows” will be opened in theaters everywhere.

“At present, all theaters are starting to open full refunds, which have already provided audiences in need.

In response to the question of whether there will be a full refund window for each theater in the future, One Entertainment Watch contacted industry insiders and got the response: “It is not yet certain that the Spring Festival stalls are a lot of life-saving straws for cinemas, especially cities below the third tier . Especially in the current market environment (it is not difficult to achieve a full refund).

At around 21 o’clock on January 21st, some netizens broke the news that the cinemas in Wuhan have already started to notify the audience that tickets can be refunded, and those who refuse can directly complain.

Yiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha) found at this time that in the online ticketing platform, the headline theaters in Wuhan have all appeared “refundable” options. Even the Wanda Cinema Line and Dadi Cinema Line in Wuhan have temporarily closed.

According to the analysis of the refund rate of Beacon Professional, the refund rate of the seven films on New Year’s Day is currently maintained at about 1.5%, which is a normal range.

People in the industry told Yiyu Watch that the “outbreak” is currently more serious in Wuhan, and that Wuhan is not currently affected by refunds, but that no one is buying tickets at all.

According to YienData, Wuhan, as a high incidence area of ​​”outbreak”, only 2.7 million yuan in the box office on the first day of the New Year. Compared with second-tier provincial capitals, Suzhou is 6.5 million yuan, Chengdu is 5.42 million yuan, and Shijiazhuang is 3.41 million yuan.

It is worth noting that the general “panic” mood on the Internet, Yiyu Observation found that the panic mood of the offline theater has not been extended too much.

Yiyu Observation contacted Wuhan Zhongyingxing Meiying City at 15:00 on January 21st to inquire about the pre-sale of Spring Festival film. The answer obtained is that the pre-sale results are currently normal, and there are refunds and re-signations, but these are normal phenomena, and there are no excessive abnormalities in the whole. In response to the “epidemic” fermentation, the theater strengthened the work of ventilation, disinfection, and soothing employees’ emotions. However, there are no other special arrangements.

During the communication process, the person in charge of the theater was in a stable mood without much tension and anxiety.

Yiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha) also visited a theater in a northern third-tier city. The result of the investigation is that the current pre-sale situation due to the “outbreak” is not obvious. In response to the fermentation of this “epidemic”, the theater did not have too many “special arrangements” and there were no abnormalities in refunds. The audience visited had an open attitude towards the “outbreak” mentality, and most of the followers of the “Spring Festival file” chose to “depend on the development of the subsequent situation”.

However, as the “Wuhan pneumonia epidemic” continues to heat up, the phenomenon of discord for the Spring Festival also occurs frequently. The audience is even more pessimistic about the prospects for the Spring Festival this year. In the face of increasing calls for refunds, theaters and ticketing platforms have won awards and opened refund windows in an all-round way. The epidemic situation that continues to ferment has become the biggest challenge of the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival stall is hard to find

According to the pre-sale data of Beacon Professional, as of 20:00 on January 21, the Spring Festival