The entry is obvious and publishing is simple.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Knowledge Program ” (ID: zxcx0101 ), Author Jiang Hongchang.
The short WeChat video number

In the initial stage of WeChat, I said that we do apps based on mobile phones, not based on PCs. PCs are just auxiliary .If this is not the case, we have no way to popularize our products to everyone. Looking back, we had two small mistakes that year, one was the public platform. For a long time Only PC web version, which limits the scope of content creators … WeChat’s short content has always been our direction, if it goes well, we may meet you in the near future.

Zhang Xiaolong’s video in 2020 WeChat Open Class Pro “ WeChat short content ” mentioned in the speech is finally here.

On January 21st, on the 9th anniversary of WeChat, the app learned that WeChat’s “ Video ID ” has opened a beta. Applicants for internal testing need to submit identity information and proof of influence to WeChat ( Number of fans on public platforms or other platforms, reads, etc. ) In view of this requirement, WeChat hopes to integrate the public platform and other Influential third-party platforms were introduced.
The short WeChat video number Aware that the program has obtained the first batch of internal testing qualifications, the following is a detailed experience about the video number.

After passing the test email, we received a special QR code. WeChat reminder can scan the QR code below with a WeChat that needs to be activated. At the same time, a QR code can only be activated for one WeChat. If it is an enterprise or organization number, it is recommended to use a suitable WeChat signal to open it. After we use WeChat scan code, we received a confirmation invitation to “use the current WeChat to open the video number” to confirm the activation.After that, you can see the entrance of “Video ID” under “Friends” on the discovery page.

The short WeChat content Click to enter the video number. In the state of not following any account, the system will recommend some account videos, display form It is a single-column information stream, listed in reverse order of release time. After being tested by the known program, the video does not display a progress bar, and cannot be paused, fast-forwarded, or rewinded. At the same time, the video is only in the information stream. Page display, there is no video detail page that can be clicked on.

The short WeChat content

The video also contains comments, likes, and more “…” buttons. Users clicking this button will call out to share with friends, go to the circle of friends, and favorite functions. The comments under the video only show one author’s comment (the publisher of the video number). For more comments, click to expand. The content of the video number shared with friends, users who have not been internally tested can also directly open the link, and can perform operations such as liking and viewing comments. If it is a user who has been internally tested, you can use the button “ Go to video number ” to enter your video number homepage, and the current content can be shared again.

The short WeChat content

Click the camera button in the upper right corner to post content. It should be noted that before publishing, users need to upload the avatar and nickname, create a video number, and save it before publishing. Currently, Video ID supports publishing up to 9 pictures or up to 1 minute of video, and publishers can also bring text and public account article links .

The short WeChat content

On the profile page of the main video account, the content posted by the account, the video number of interest, and the interactive activity will be displayed. Video ID is a relatively independent platform. WeChat also provides a QR code business card for the video ID and supports authentication. At the current internal testing stage, only corporate and institutional authentication is supported.
The short WeChat video number In Zhang Xiaolong’s” 7 Thoughts on Information Interconnection “, he believes that there are two mistakes in the public account: One is to limit the content The scope of the creator; Second, the most suitable content carrier is an article, and pictures, videos and other forms are not well carried. The video number is WeChat ’s “mistake” Make up for. Of course, the current rapid growth of short video products in the number of users and the length of time users use it, and the lack of Tencent in this area, are also the background of the launch of video numbers.

Actually, since version 7.0, WeChat has been enhancing video features, including video updates, posting 30-second short videos in the circle of friends through WeChat, etc. At present, the video updates are satisfying some users to show to close friends. The needs of the current state, but it has not become a popular product; the 30-second short video in the circle of friends is not sufficiently different from the original 15-second short video.
The short WeChat video number

The video number is a new form, it is a platform that is related to the public number but relatively independent. Compared with the video dynamics , Its entrance is obvious enough, second only to the circle of friends, showing WeChat’s determination and confidence to make this product well; from the current internal beta, like the public account, the video number does not provide a “discovery”, “recommendation” ”And other centralized traffic (only when the user has zero attention, the system will recommend some videos that do not follow the account). Instead, it provides a platform that can conveniently send videos and rely on video publishers to find followers through their own power. .

Why did the public account succeed? Because WeChat users who have already exceeded 100 million at the time have more convenient readingThe demand of the article, meanwhile, the WeChat public account has a better user experience and a mechanism that is beneficial to the creator, so that the ecology of the WeChat public account has developed healthily.

The user’s demand for watching short videos has already been verified on the rapid growth of Douyin, Quick Hands, and Microvision. However, the question before WeChat is, can the video number grow into a healthy and prosperous ecology like a public number?

Video numbers are very different from Douyin and Quick Hands. The success of Douyin benefits from two mechanisms: Provide background music, video camera-oriented product mechanism , which significantly reduces the content production cost; centralized machine distribution algorithm strong> to ensure that the videos that users are interested in effectively stand out. Kuaishou has grown into a huge short video ecological platform by providing a useful short video publishing platform and long-term accumulation of users and content .
The short WeChat video number Whether it is a vibrato or a fast hand, the recommendation algorithm plays a very important role. The video number, like the public number, grows in a social environment, It does not provide centralized recommendation and distribution capabilities, but instead relies on the user’s relationship chain to spread good content, or appropriate content, to interested people.

What is the difference between it and the small circle of friends? The biggest difference is that the circle of friends is a closed community based on WeChat friendship, and Video ID is an open subscription-based video platform .

What kind of content will burst on the video number? This is a difficult question to answer, just like we have difficulty answering what type of content is the most popular content on the public account now, 1.1 billion active WeChat users have their own preferences. However, it is certain that if WeChat can continue to protect the originality of short videos and strive to provide real views and followers, consider this as a long-term strategy for the richness and quality of short video content. Improve to find a reasonable mechanism, the video number is likely to grow into a new ecology. This time, WeChat is serious about short videos.