Has served more than 1,000 insurance companies and insurance brokers.

It is learnt that the third-party global insurance technology platform “Nanyan Insurance Technology” has completed a B2 billion round of financing. BOC International led the investment and several old shareholders followed. Qingtong Capital continues to act as exclusive financial advisor.

Previously, Nanyan won a US $ 15 million B + round of financing in November 2018, led by the insurance giant Shidai Group, followed by SIG and Lanchi Ventures; in December 2017, it won The tens of millions of U.S. dollars raised by Chi Ventures followed the Series B financing, and in 2016, they obtained the Series A financing of Lan Chi Ventures. Has repeatedly reported Nanyan Insurance Technology. Established in 2015, Nanyan Technology completes the tool level upgrade for insurance companies, reinsurers and intermediaries, provides SaaS comprehensive solutions from intermediaries-insurers-reinsurance, and optimizes the entire process of insurance business through big data + AI. Thereby optimizing cost structure and improving service efficiency.

On the completion of this round of financing, Nanyan Insurance Technology also officially announced the completion of the acquisition of the health insurance TPA service provider “Medilink-Global Intermediate Band”. Medilink is a professional independent service company specializing in third-party management of health insurance, headquartered in Malaysia. After the acquisition, Saren, founder of Medilink Global, continues to serve as senior consultant of Nanyan.

The increase in national health awareness and the migration of insurance purchasers have driven the rapid growth of insurance tracks, the most eye-catching of which is the health insurance track. According to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, from January to November 2019, the country ’s original insurance premium income was 279.9 billion yuan, of which health insurance premium income was 577.8 billion yuan. With the rapid development of health insurance, health insurance TPA (third-party service agencies) has also risen. The health insurance TPA usually cuts into the insurance claims link, that is, the insurance company is responsible for the previous sales, product research and development and insurance responsibilities, and the TPA is responsible for managing service-oriented tasks, such as providing services to insurance customers through its own medical network.

The completion of this round of financing and acquisition is of great significance to Nanyan. Gong Xun, the founder and CEO of Nanyan Insurance Technology, said that Medilink is a leading TPA service provider in the high-end medical field. Since its establishment 15 years ago, it has established a comprehensive medical system at home and abroad by establishing a core ECCS system + front-end direct payment solution Service Network. At present, Medilink has more than 1,700 domestic direct payment hospitals covering 24 provinces and 188 cities. The foreign direct payment network covers 1.36 million hospitals in 150 countries and regions. After the completion of the acquisition, Nanyan Insurance Technology upgraded to MGA + SaaS + TPA model, which opened up the link of claim settlement and truly achieved end-to-end service.

Speaking of Nanyan’s own business progress, Gong Xun said that Nanyan has maintained a 100% annual business growth rate in recent years. Currently, it has served more than 1,000 insurance companies and insurance brokers, and its customers are mainly located in first- and second-tier cities. 2