What other scenarios can the AI ​​tour be combined with?

It is learnt that Lucheng Technology, an AI navigation solution service provider, has completed a series A financing of tens of millions of yuan invested by Cheetah Mobile.

Yang Zhenxian, founder of Lucheng Technology, said: “This round of financing will be used in two areas: 1) product research and development and technological innovation, including the adaptation of AI navigation underlying technology to different industries, scenarios, and terminals, and different application forms Research and development, and explore new industries that can be implemented; 2) market expansion, in addition to increasing investment to increase market share in Beijing and the Yangtze River Delta, Lucheng Technology will also set up offices in Shenzhen and Chengdu.

Lucheng Technology was established in Beijing in 2016. The company mainly provides software and hardware integrated visual intelligent solutions “AI Guide” through various technologies such as AI, NLP, LBS, and big data. The products include intelligent explanation, Software for intelligent question answering, intelligent navigation robot hardware, and visual big data management analysis background. The company’s revenue structure includes two categories: direct software services and intelligent software and hardware integration solutions. In 2019, the company mainly relied on natural growth, but completed tens of millions of revenues, achieving more than 6 times growth.

The first to be launched by Lucheng Technology is the “AI Guide” service, This business has been reported in detail , in the same field The startup also reported “ Pocket Guides “, “ Gray Rabbit Smart “, “ Wordway ” and “Green Orange has no worries “and so on. In 2018, Lucheng Technology’s “AI shopping guide” business began to land, and the business grew rapidly, and it has now accounted for a large proportion of the total business volume.

Talking about the role of Lucheng Technology in the application of the AI ​​tour, Yang Zhenxian analyzed that in the future, smart solutions will be more ternary, that is, hardware manufacturers, end customers, and various verticals such as Lucheng Technology. Industry solution provider.

Hardware manufacturers and software systems pursue a high degree of versatility and standardization. It is difficult for a hardware company to produce all the hardware required for a certain practical scenario. Similarly, a software system cannot build all the software. However, in the field of intelligence, what Lucheng Technology does is different from traditional integrators, because compared to information technology, intelligence requires higher technology and requires companies to carry out technology and product development for specific scenarios. And Lucheng Technology is in the subdivision of AI navigation, providing standardized and modular software application layers, andAdapt to different hardware products and software systems.

In order to better adapt, Lucheng Technology spent two years to solve the problems of system interfaces, differences in robot capabilities, and hardware components. At present, it can quickly adapt to robots from 7 or 8 manufacturers. After obtaining the investment from Cheetah Mobile this time, it will also help Lucheng Technology to build products into Cheetah’s robotics products, deepen the coupling at the technical level, and obtain better upstream prices and services in the role of ecological enterprises.

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According to the team, Lucheng Technology has now reached cooperation with Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent, Cheetah, Wanda, Donkey Mom and other enterprises. It is a full member of Tencent AI Acceleration II, a member of Baidu AI Accelerator II, and the only one in the tourism field Samsung AI partner, Cheetah Mobile strategic partner, Microsoft smart travel standard supplier.

The founding teams of Lucheng Technology are all from Internet companies such as Microsoft and Baidu. They have rich experience in artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet. Currently, the team has about 40 people, half of whom are technical staff. The company team has won the “2017 Global Internet Conference” champion team, the second runner-up in the 2018 National MBA Entrepreneurship Contest, the 2019 Cheetah Mobile Robot Ecological Excellence Partner Award, Tsinghua MBA-Case Enterprise, Orion Xingkong AI Intelligent Service Robot Strategic Partner And many other honors.

With regard to the survival of enterprises in the capital winter, Yang Zhenxian, founder of Lucheng Technology, expressed several points: “1. Continuous cash flow is more important than the story; 2. Red Sea competition is more important than the discovery of the Blue Ocean; The ability to make money is more important than the ability to make money; 4. The resources behind investors are more important than money; 5. Reasonably manage the valuation of the enterprise and control greed. There is good financing space, and the round A investment of Cheetah Mobile was finalized in more than two months.