Another 500 million people will teach Zhang Xiaolong to make the product

The short content finally unveiled the mystery.

On January 21st, the WeChat video number began internal testing. The official definition of WeChat video number is that A platform where everyone can record and create, it is also a window to understand others and the world.

The entrance of the video number is under the discovery page-circle of friends. From the entry position, we can see the importance of WeChat to short content. Previously, there was speculation that short content might appear in the original subscription number, with pictures and videos coexisting. WeChat added a short content entry directly under the circle of friends on the discovery page .

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“WeChat’s new capability under internal testing is a new short-content creation platform.” WeChat said that we welcome institutions and individuals who have the creative and expressing willingness to join the video number With less than 1 minute of video, or less than 9 pictures, create creativity anytime, anywhere, and share life and the world with more people.

Video number is open to organizations and individuals. The video can be sent for up to 1 minute, and you can bring text and public number. Users can follow the video owner who is interested, like, comment and interact, or forward to friends, WeChat group and WeChat friends to share what they see here. It seems that there is no limit to the number of pictures and video content that each person can post per day.

In terms of presentation, it is different from Douyin full-screen playback and fast hand dual-column information flow. The WeChat video number is a single-column information flow. The single-column information flow presents the content of the concerned video number in chronological order. 0 attention status will display the unconcerned video No content.

Frontline | WeChat

The video number is still under beta and is not fully open. It is only open to users in some cities. Internal test conditions not only provide identity information by mail, Also need to provide proof of influence, according to creative ability to confirm whether to obtain qualification for internal testing.

The video number makes up for the lack of short content mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong due to the “two mistakes” of the public account. From this perspective, the video number is the WeChat content ecology, especially the further improvement of short content.

But as the introduction of a new content form, no matter in the entrance position or content form, it will cause a certain impact on the original ecology. Especially when the short content platform is not yet mature, video content will inevitably grab the attention of a part of the graphic content, which will worsen the public account ecology that is not optimistic about the opening rate. And In the long run, when the short content system is gradually taking shape, the WeChat video number may help Tencent to regain the length of the user who was snatched by the headline department.

In the design of the video number, it is not complete short video content, but can carry text and public number, and the public number fan and video number fan are not connected, and add a distribution for the public number content channel. But on the other hand, creators who do not have or are not good at short video production cannot easily enjoy this channel bonus-to a certain extent, the ability to launch short video will become the basis for content creators ability.

Douyin, Kuaishou, and B Station have cultivated a group of mature content creators, and WeChat video numbers are open to institutions and individuals from the beginning. This makes ordinary people, or just beginning to learn short videos, think of them as Text creators are difficult to stand out in the video number. From the beginning, it was an environment that fully competed with head creators.

This involves the algorithm recommendation mechanism that WeChat has not yet announced. Zhang Xiaolong mentioned the concept of traffic distribution in the WeChat public class, attaching importance to long tail traffic, and reflecting more fairness in traffic distribution. “The large head has collected the most views, but the long tail trumpet also has its own living space.”

But on the point of “ordinary people-friendly”, quick hands are even more extreme. On the one hand, most of the traffic of the fast hand is inclined to ordinary people rather than the large head; on the other hand, it is not until mid-2019 that the fast hand will gradually open to MCN institutions. The fast hand traffic is tilted towards ordinary people to establish the basis of its social relationship chain, but the difference is that WeChat has stood on the existing advantages of the relationship chain.

As soon as the video number came out, about 500 million people would teach Zhang Xiaolong to make products. “Will WeChat run out?” Is the most direct concern for an instant messaging tool. As for the continuous release of short content capabilities, we have already seen the video number and its entry position. The next focus of is whether it will join the live broadcast form in the future, whether it is recommended by algorithms, whether the recommendation is tilted to ordinary people, and with the public. Whether the synergy effect of account number, circle of friends, and WeChat group will be enlarged.