No matter what way IQOO adopts, Xiaomi will usher in a strong opponent.

The Indian market is probably the most attractive enclave left by Huawei to domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

By counting, there are already 4 major domestic mobile phone brands in India, including Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and realme.

Now, vivo’s online sub-brand IQOO will enter the Indian market again. According to 91mobiles report, in March this year, iQOO will land in India as a company independent of vivo, and it is not known what products will be released. In the past, IQOO was only a sub-brand of vivo. After its release in India, IQOO will be separated from vivo in the international market.

The background of IQOO’s move is that Xiaomi has just dug out the long-lost POCO and announced that it will soon make a big move in India. Visionary people can see that IQOO was directed at Xiaomi when it was born. The first generation of mobile phones was released in 2019. The configuration is similar to Xiaomi 9, and it is 1 yuan cheaper. Obviously, the two opponents will return to India to start.

In fact, vivo is already ranked third in India and is still growing at a rate of more than 50%. Similar to domestic, vivo in India still focuses on offline. There are nearly 10,000 stores and shopping guides all over the world, but online is not available. Vivo urgently needs a product that can compete with the Xiaomi flagship on the market. Only IQOO in the product line can play such a role.

IQOO doesn’t seem to be vivo at all. It goes high with low-cost hard core winds. It is mainly online, but the scattered key channels offline will also be available. IQOO also does not have the warmth of vivo. It was born less than a year ago. It has launched 3 products, and it is not soft to smash advertising spots. It also won the first hat among the four major brands to release a 5G mobile phone-although it is only a plug-in single-mode.

In 2020, it is very difficult for the domestic market to reverse fundamentally. Huawei will also pursue the victory, and OV and Xiaomi will be squeezed to the wall. However, Huawei has been frustrated in overseas markets, and India is even absent, leaving a certain space. It can be expected that India’s mid-to-high-end model battle in 2020 will become particularly fierce. However, India’s consumption power is low, and there will be no substantial improvement in the short term. It is likely that manufacturers are playing lively, but the products have no market value.

Of course, IQOO after independence will be more free, it will probably let go to do cost-effective first, as the realme founded by former OPPO executives, go ahead and improve the product matrix. No matter what way IQOO adopts, Xiaomi will usher in a strong opponent.

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