Pinduoduo has stirred up the storm in the world of e-commerce. With the rise of Pinduoduo and Taobao’s attack and defense, the history of e-commerce has “fallen” at the same time Chuchu Street, and other related companies, the text said, it is they constitute a sufficient and necessary conditions for the rise of more than 2017. Now, some former Chuchu Street people have explained to the author of this article what happened to the 2016 Chuchu Street “Rescue Rescue” event, and it may be possible to glimpse the ups and downs of the e-commerce field at that time.

This article is transferred from the public account “ Zhu Siji Ji (ID: zhusimaji88) “, author: Ann fox.

The eagle has broken wings and the hero is lonely.

On December 19, 2019, after Alibaba gathered the power of the entire group to hunt down Pinduoduo for more than 700 days, Pinduoduo GMV still maintained 10 times the growth rate of its rivals in 2019. I chose to continue to raise-in addition to announcing that it is cost-effective to restart and make a lot of gestures from the front, Jiang Fan, who has previously served as the president of Tmall and Taobao, took charge of Ali’s mother on behalf of the group, becoming a historical The first Ali president who is also in charge of the core business line and concurrently serves as the core traffic & revenue department.

However, While Huang Ye and Jiang Fan achieved each other in the flames of war and opened the door to history for each other, the reality also pushed other people out of history before the Spring Festival of 2020.

According to Zhu Simaji, we are the only fifth largest e-commerce platform in China with three rounds of investment from SoftBank and Tencent: Chuchu Street still cannot maintain the normal operation of the platform after layoffs in March-April 2019, or It will be fully dissolved from August 16, 2019. At present, its core business only retains social e-commerce projects-Chu Chutui.

On the other hand, the former largest e-commerce shopping guide in China, which was once preparing for an IPO in 2017 and was listed on A, a wholly-owned merger and acquisition case that had been in close consultation with Alibaba Group for several months, has been officially closed. It is reported that after many rounds of personnel and business adjustments within the Huili network since 2019, its current number of employees has rapidly dropped from nearly 1,000 in its peak period to more than 500 today.

Folding wings of Chuchu Street and the throbbing of, described above are the two companies ’actual experiences today and the sinking markets, special sales models, and Cost Per Sales (CPS) traffic around their respective businesses. Closely related. These three are intricately and inseparably linked to Pinduoduo and Alibaba. From the perspective of the results, they just constituted Pinduoduo’s rise in 2017. Necessary and sufficient conditions.

As the originator of 9 packs and 9 free shipping, what intriguing experiences and lessons has Chu Chu Street from its origin to the end? What kind of interest disputes exist between, Taoke and Ali’s mother?

Which industry change and learning and thinking process did Huang Huan go through from smashing the goods to smashing the goods? Under what circumstances, what background did he seize, and under what opportunities did he finally reach the top of the power of the Chinese e-commerce industry?

Do you have more imagination in 2020? Can Jiang Fan, who is in charge of Ali’s mother, take back a game for Ali?

People thought he was like a dog chasing a car and biting and barking, even if he really caught up, he couldn’t take the car. Unexpectedly, when he really rushed into the car, it was no longer news for dogs to bite people.

It doesn’t matter who his surname is. What’s important is what he does today.

Schematic diagram of the relationship between the companies involved in this article and the track


Summer 2016, Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital.

A friend from Chuchu Street told Zhu Simaji that after the end of the wide-point bonus period, Chuchu Street, which has begun to penetrate the sinking market, began to show aggressive aggressiveness in mid-2014. They At that time, the first competitor was China’s No. 1 female shopping guide e-commerce platform-Chen Qi’s Mushroom Street and Xu Yirong’s Beauty said.

From today’s perspective, before the merger, Mushroom Street and Meili said that the two platforms focused on low-age female users and women’s clothing categories. This obviously constitutes a direct threat to Ali, which is based on the large apparel industry, especially women’s clothing. Fang also cut off its cooperation links with Taobao and Alipay around the 2013 Mushroom Street Investment Case. After 2014, Mushroom Street, which received Tencent’s investment, and Mei Li said that while seeking to build their own e-commerce platform to compete with Taobao, they are also eager to defeat each other and win as the top name of Tencent’s e-commerce.

Because of the uniqueness of Ali e-commerce, the e-commerce industry and the capital market in China have produced a strange perception that “e-commerce is female in nature” for a long time, which makes this period except for Jingdong. Almost all of the e-commerce platforms are centered on female users: Vipshop, Jumeiyoupin, Mushroom Street, Meishuo, Netease Koala,, and Cuipi. Based on the above basic conditions and cognition, Lu Jinjie’s team also began to post the 90s from the brand perspective in 2014, and the label of female e-commerce, including inviting Jing Bairan as its spokesperson, and through the main clothing, beauty, department store small items The adjustment form of the product adjusts the ratio of male and female users to 3: 7.

But the result of this is that Chuchu Street was involved in the original competition between Mushroom Street and Meishuo. The “horse race” among Tencent’s three major e-commerce platforms for the first place broke out in 2015. It was precisely the decisive victory achieved in this battle that made Chu Chu Street famous in the first battle and successfully attracted the attention of Softbank.

A former executive from Chuchu Street said frankly, Chuchu Street has been firmly on the road to selling goods from the beginning. The beauty theory with differentiation and shopping guide as the core, the difference between the mushroom street platform, and strategically There is nothing wrong with this. But the problem is that before its own CPS system has not been established, it terminated its cooperation with Taoke prematurely and turned to its own e-commerce business. At that time, the core traffic supply of the Chuchu Street platform only relied on the launch of GuangDianTong and the short-term dividends brought by TV ads, but they competed with Ali,, and Vipshop and bid for external traffic. Not any cheaper-today Chu Chu Street is basically a traditional e-commerce platform that has eaten the dividends of the mobile Internet era. The common problem of traditional e-commerce platforms including Taobao is that the growth of natural traffic is very weak. Once the flow of external procurement is cut off or weakened, many of the “irreplaceable features” that once served as platform barriers will no longer exist today as payment and purchase scenarios are gradually diversified.

However, the above two misjudgments are not fatal. The reason that Chu Chu Street ultimately lost his life is that as a Tencent-based e-commerce platform, it lacks sufficient understanding of WeChat e-commerce. Between 2014 and 2017, WeChat has undergone dramatic changes. In particular, the advent of WeChat payment and small programs has had a profound and revolutionary impact on the Chinese e-commerce industry. In the past 3 years, there are many entrepreneurs who have made various WeChat e-commerce products in different forms, but from today’s perspective-except for a lot of fights, this track has almost fallen to a point where it is impossible.

Why is this?

After the mini program went online, we quickly got the information-Mushroom Street established a team near the Guangzhou WeChat headquarters. We also responded accordingly and developed a mini program. After WeChat payment went online, we connected. For a time, we also took the transaction ratio paid by WeChat as a reference in the industry ranking. But our knowledge of WeChat from the beginning to the end, at least I admit, is not enough. At that time, all platforms could not find a bigger and better source of traffic. WeChat has traffic, but no one knows how to use it or even