If it sells well, maybe domestic users will have a chance to try something new in the future.

The most expensive iPhone X in history, now has an official refurbished machine, although the price is not close to the people, it is a lot cheaper than the new one: $ 699 for 64G, $ 899 for 256G, and refurbished iPhone XS MAX It’s also about $ 200 cheaper. There are many colors to choose from, including silver, space gray and gold.

If you want to save money, you can also choose iPhone X, starting at $ 599, which is cheaper than the original price by more than $ 300.

Apple has always been rigorous in doing things. After recycling, these phones have undergone strict inspection, testing and cleaning. They will also give users a new battery and a mobile phone case.

Only, the official machine may not be so easy to sell. The iPhone 11 has just been on the market for almost half a year, starting at $ 699. At the same price, many users will naturally choose the latest products instead of buying a refurbished machine two years ago.

The iPhone XS series has been performing poorly. According to a 2019 report from consumer research institute CIRP, the top-selling iPhone in the United States is the iPhone XR, which accounts for nearly 40% of total sales, and the iPhone XS series combined account for just over 25%. The XS series is also referred to by KeyBanc Capital Markets as the second worst-selling mobile phone in Apple history after the iPhone 6S. Excessive prices are the reason why users are less likely to catch a cold.

Now, Apple has taken the initiative to put down the shelf to make refurbished machines, obviously to spare no effort to rush sales. Beginning in 2019, Apple’s actions have become “grounded.” In addition to paying more attention to domestic e-commerce platforms, the price of the iPhone 11 has also dropped a lot, letting it breathe in the Chinese market.

Of course, in addition to selling goods, iPhone parallel imports and refurbished machines have been circulating around the world, and the channels are very chaotic. Now that Apple has gone into battle, it can be regarded as an acquisition. Unfortunately, now the refurbished machine can only be purchased on the US official website, but if it is sold hot, maybe domestic users will have a chance to try something new in the future.