Fans’ feelings are always money

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Negative IP

In the Chinese film and television project, “Love Apartment 5” can be regarded as the only copy. An IP with obvious controversy is still exerting appeal.

After being plagued by plagiarism for many years, the movie was ridiculed as a “love cemetery” because of “hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat”. After a large-scale powdered word of mouth, the fifth season was still put into production, and investment was successfully launched.

The first time this season failed to premiere on TV; core character, former producer and screenwriter Wang Yuan no longer appears on the list; director Wei Zheng has repeatedly assured that this is the “final season”.

This has not stopped the pace of IP layout of “Love Apartment 5”, iQiyi launched related interactive, vertical screen, VR content, opened carnival activities in Shanghai and Hangzhou shopping malls, and released derivatives such as themed T-shirts and building blocks.

Negative IP

Different from the word of mouth of “Love Apartment 5” in the media, the public opinion is obviously two-level, and a large number of strong fans shouted for it. Regardless of your plagiarism for the dark history of fan powder, I think it is fragrant. .

Negative IP doesn’t matter. Someone pays.

After all, fandom is always money.

“Ai 5” investment invitation: the amount of brands has shrunk, but Suning is deeply bound

First look at the investment situation of “Love Apartment 5”.

In September last year, Oriental TV announced that it would broadcast “Love Apartment 5” exclusively, and set a golden stall from January to February 2020, possibly during the Spring Festival.

A PPT China Merchants PPT shows that the exclusive title fee for 36 episodes of “Love Apartment 5” is 18 million yuan, and the special drama fee is 10 million yuan.

Negative IP

Three years ago, the special fee of “Three Lives, Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” broadcasted by Shuangxing TV on Oriental TV was 15 million, a total of 58 episodes. From this point of view, the pricing level of “Love Apartment 5” is basically on the same level as “The Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”, which is a line of well-known IPs plus Yang Mi and Zhao Youting. Negative public sentiment shrank.

But in 2020, the TV series for the Spring Festival of Oriental TV became “New World”, and the news that “Love Apartment 5” was only broadcasted exclusively on iQIYI before the end of the year, this is “Love Apartment” The first premiere of the episode failed to star.

After the hit, “Love Apartment” has always been the leader in satellite TV. “Love 3” premiered on Anhui Satellite TV, Shaanxi Satellite TV, and Hubei Satellite TV. It was first broadcasted on Oriental Satellite TV at noon the next day; “Love 4” on First broadcast on Anhui Satellite TV, Heilongjiang Satellite TV, Hubei Satellite TV and Oriental Satellite TV.

After “Love Apartment 5” became an exclusive iQIYI webcast, we counted the number of partners and sponsored brands listed at the end of the show.

A total of 1 chief partner (Suning), two exclusive partners, 10 strategic partners, and 4 business thanks. Compared with the third quarter, there were more than 20 brands, and in the fourth quarter, there were nearly 40 brands, not too many.

“Love 5” has a significantly reduced investment volume compared to the peak period, but it is deeply tied to Suning Tesco.

When the show starts, it is “Suning Tesco invites you to watch”, and it enters the feature film after 10 seconds of broadcasting. In the play, Lv Ziqiao rides on the Suning brand as the Suning brand. As the Suning live broadcast, the manager of Suning’s store, Ajie, runs a routine from time to time, delivering courier services to households, repairing appliances, and having emotional drama with new characters.

Negative IP

Apart from the drama, iQiyi and Suning Tesco launched a joint member. The Suning APP has a special page on “Love Apartment” shopping, and the actor is the new year’s official. Offline, Suning Tesco has created “Love” in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing. 5 “theme shop, the shop is full of cartoon characters and characters in the play.

The popularity of advertising placement and brand authorization is not small, but the total investment of “Love Apartment 5” is not transparent