Objectively, we will not accommodate you. The changes that come and go will happen one after the other.

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Not long ago, Wen Wen (pseudonym), a successful visitor, and we reported our recent status.

A few years ago, after consulting, Wenwen successfully transformed into an education and training industry as a lecturer. However, at this year’s annual meeting, the company’s leaders released a message that the company will give the lecturer the performance of the past year Perform statistics and assessments, including: students ‘persuasion by the lecturer to transfer or renew the performance of the class, the lecturer’s direct introduction of the students’ performance to the class, etc.

If the lecturer who can’t finish 20w before the end of the year, the year-end award is 0!

This news completely ravages Wenwen.

You know, in the past few years, the company leaders have not conducted any assessment of the performance of the lecturers. All the lecturers are paid for their lessons. Seeing that they are about to “reward merit” by the end of the year, It is expected that the company will come to such a trick!

Wenwen secretly calculated that the transfer students who had worked in the past year accumulated less than 100,000 achievements. If you want to achieve the so-called 200,000 results, it means that you must complete more than 100,000 years ago. Achievements-there are only a few days before the New Year, how can we achieve these more than 100,000 achievements? !!

In fact, this is the method commonly used by enterprises at the end of the year. Some people call it “warm-water boiled frogs.”


The so-called “boiled frog in warm water” refers to the principle of “quantitative change to qualitative change”. When it is placed in an enterprise, once the company has a downturn, it has to find a way to reduce costs. Often, the common practice of many companies is to use employees to make article.

In this process, many employees are like frogs in warm water. They are challenged by the company again and again, and eventually they are forced to leave by depression.

As a visitor, let me summarize how the company is challenging the bottom line of employees.

1. Precursor: Pay close attention to attendance, the content of formalism has increased sharply;

Once the performance of the company is not good, and if nothing unexpected happens, the first operation is to strictly pay attention to the attendance and various systems. Frequently require employees to write a summary and report, use meetings after work, and it will take several hours. No effect at all, and everyone is required to go back and write the meeting summary and experience;

—— To put it bluntly, you will find that the contents of various formalist tasks have increased, and you have to do these tasks again.

At this time, you should start to pay attention. If it is not unexpected, the next step is to increase the assessment and requirements, making you feel that it is increasingly difficult to make money.

For example, optimizing the assessment plan, increasing the proportion of performance pay, reducing the basic salary level, and then raising the performance standard, which means that you will only get more and more difficult to get the same salary as before!

Later, you write reports and summaries at various overtime meetings. I wish you “a small report every day and a big report in three days.” You scratch your head and don’t know how to write it, and every day when you think about it, it becomes a big deal!

I wonder if you have the following experiences or experiences?

  • When the company’s benefits are good, you are required to go to work every morning at 9 o’clock, and now the requirements have not changed, but let you all kinds of “fancy punch”: not only on the punch card, but also on your daily basis Make a pose to upload photos to the work group, which is called “Prevent others from punching cards”;

  • When the company’s benefits are good, you can get the full salary as long as you live according to the regulations. Now the salary structure has changed, and some have become floating wages. This part of the floating wages may be related to performance. , May also be subject to various assessment indicators: anyway, you will have the most direct feeling, that is, the salary seems to be getting harder and harder to earn, and to get the same salary as before, you have to pay a few more than before Double effort is impossible;

  • When the company benefits well, you only need to write the weekly summary and the monthly summary as required. The big plus the quarterly summary and the annual summary are all within your ability. Now it ’s okay. Submit the summary of the day, write down the work plan for tomorrow, organize a meeting to discuss at work, and discuss for several hours without any results. You also need to go back and write the meeting experience …

    Are you annoying?

    Troublesome, right.

    2. Routine: pay reduction, shift holiday;

    In fact, when the precursors appear, you should evaluate your situation and estimate whether you are in the “optimized” camp.

    In general, the following two categories of people are the first choice for companies to “optimize.”

    1), a newcomer who has just entered the company;

    For newcomers, unfortunately, I can only say that you did not happen by chance.

    You haven’t been to the company for a long time, let alone the core business involved, and you may not even understand the basic business. You are the one who “speaks lightly” and “optimizes” that you will not affect the business of the company. The cost is also the lowest. Even if compensation is required, the compensation amount is basically negligible because of short working age.

    2) Employees in departments whose wages are too high and cannot create value;

    What is “inflated wages”?

    To put it bluntly, this salary level is quite normal when the enterprise benefits are good; once the benefits are not good, this salary level makes the boss feel distressed.

    • You know, when the enterprise is in crisis, some of the tasks that may have been valued before (such as management) seem to be less important now. Business “. Therefore, those departments and personnel who have no substantial technical content and can not bring performance to the enterprise, which are” icing on the cake “in the mind of the boss, are undoubtedly the focus of the company’s” optimization “.

      So, why do n’t companies just be quick and simply fire employees?

      If the company voluntarily dismisses you, it will pay compensation in accordance with the labor law, and the longer the working age, the more compensation.

      About the compensation standards are as follows:

      • Generally speaking, after signing a formal contract, less than half a year, based on the average salary of half a month;

      • A half-year period is less than one year, which is calculated based on the average monthly salary;

      • A full year is calculated based on the average monthly salary.

        So, when the benefits are not good, companies generally do n’t take the initiative to dismiss you, but use various methods to kill you, until you really ca n’t take the initiative to leave, so the nature has changed, and it does n’t have to pay compensation Already.

        So, after the warning, if the company finds that it is really necessary to “optimize” some departments and employees, the common practice is to reduce pay and rotation.

        In terms of salary reduction, you can rest assured that the company will definitely negotiate with employees in advance, because if the company does not obtain the employee’s consent, it is illegal to reduce wages without permission.

        At this time, the company will talk to the employees, expressing their current difficulties to the employees, and at the same time, they will tell them that once the crisis passes, the salary will still rise back, and they will even increase their salary.

        • At this time, many employees will have more or less dependence on the company. First, I feel like I have been here for a long time, and I am familiar with all aspects of the environment. Second, I feel that the environment is not good, I don’t have much confidence in myself, and I’m not sure if I can find a better job when I go out;

          —— Based on these two considerations, many employees usually accept the “moderate pay reduction” proposed by the enterprise.

          After the salary reduction, if the crisis has not resolved, the company will give employees leave, such as letting everyone take a rest, and the rest is a month long.

          The shift is basically a strong signal that companies are facing a downturn.

          At this time, some employees will takeDuring the vacation, you can find a job by yourself, and you will naturally quit when you find it. You will not return to work. The company does not have to pay employees a penny of compensation; After all, I can’t stand it and leave.

          • This is the “trick” of the enterprise: that is, to consume with you, see who has consumed who, who will consume until you take the initiative to leave.

            In general, how can employees stand up to such a wasteful consumption?

            Everyone has to feed and support his family, I ca n’t afford it!

            You ca n’t afford it, right.


            To sum up, after such a series of processes and routes, the company has achieved its goal, saved costs, and allowed employees to leave their jobs without paying compensation. However, I couldn’t get any compensation when I was approached.

            • According to central bank data, the average life expectancy of Chinese SMEs is only 2.5 years, the average life expectancy of group companies is only 7-8 years, and about 100 companies fail each year. Wanjia. Not only are companies with short life cycles, but few are able to grow stronger.

              As a workplace person, you must be aware of the unpredictable market environment. From the moment we choose a company, we must have sufficient mental preparation and career planning awareness, and plan ahead to take precautions.

              1. Review your past professional experience to see if there is a mismatch;

              It is important to know that, regardless of the company’s “optimized personnel”, core backbone personnel will try their best to preserve them, unless it is really difficult for the company to protect itself, but even so, core personnel with core competitiveness will still be in the market Able to find work quickly.

              • The question comes, if in your past experience, the one that was “optimized” quickly, does it mean that you have not formed the core Competitiveness?

                At this time, you must check your past professional experience to see if there is a mismatch, so as to avoid stepping on the pit in the future!

                2. The system evaluates its strengths and weaknesses;

                In this place, you can not only comb through past experience, but also show your thinking and behavior characteristics through the performance of each job and related clues.

                • And these traits are not formed at one time, which means that it has some stability. If the traits can be identified, combined with past experience, then It is not difficult to find out the long and short boards and the formation reasons, and provide important reference and reference for future development.

                  3. If possible, it is best to seek the help of professionals;

                  You have to know that professionals “read countless people”, and consultants with practical experience have the ability to grasp your characteristics through your statement. This ability is what consultants have in the past. What has accumulated in countless cases has also undergone a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

                  So, seeking professional help for some material cost can actually save you a lot of unnecessary exploration and detours.

                  At this point, I think of a paragraph to encourage you:

                  “The objective will not accommodate you. The changes that come and go will happen one by one like boots. The subjectivity of people is a more important part. You need to know what others need right now. You can provide What can we stand on. “


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