On January 21st, the WeChat “Video Number” opened the internal test. The entrance is located on the discovery page, just below the circle of friends.

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“Video number” internal test, the latest attempt to complete the content ecology of WeChat

On January 21, WeChat’s “Video Number” opened the internal test, and the entrance was located on the discovery page, just below the circle of friends. “Video Number” locates short content creation platforms in the form of less than 9 pictures or short videos within 1 minute. Institutional creators and individual creators can create “video numbers”, users can follow the video number owner, like, comment, and share related content. At present, unlike the public account, there is no limit to the number of content that a video account can release in a single day, and the content that is published or viewed is operated on the mobile terminal.

Zhang Xiaolong mentioned in the WeChat public course video in 2020 that short content is the next step for WeChat. Because the existing content ecology of WeChat is mainly based on the public account, and the public account uses articles as the content carrier, the production and distribution of content depends on the PC, which results in the short video or other short content is not convenient to produce on WeChat and propagation. Therefore, “video number” is a supplement to WeChat content ecology, which not only meets the needs of content creators to produce short content, but also meets the needs of users to consume short content.

Internal test video number, not only must provide identity information by email, but also proof of account influence. In the author’s opinion, this means that the threshold for short content creation is high. Also

Editor’s comment: WeChat video numbers have only begun internal testing, not to mention direct competition with Douyin and Kuaishou. The next thing to watch for video numbers is whether to join the live broadcast mode, whether the algorithm recommendation is tilted to ordinary people, and how to collaborate with public accounts, circle of friends, and WeChat groups. If the short content system …

Beyond Meat is targeting the Chinese market, and solving the localization problem is the key

Beyond Meat, the “first man-made meat” in the United States, has recently joined the China Plant Food Industry Alliance. Xue Yan, secretary general of the China Plant Food Industry Alliance, revealed that Beyond Meat plans to land in the Chinese market in the first quarter of this year, and is currently undergoing relevant approval procedures. Online sales channels are expected to precede the Super League.

For Beyond Meat, 2019 is an extraordinary year. In the third quarter of 2019, Beyond Meat’s operating income was 92 million U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 250%, and it achieved profitability for the first time. Seth Goldman, chairman of Beyond Meat, said the company’s true goal is to succeed globally. As one of the world’s largest consumers of meat products, China is Beyond MeatThe market that must be achieved to achieve this goal.

However, the “Western” plant meat sold by Beyond Meat does not conform to Chinese dietary habits. On the one hand, for many Chinese consumers, “vegetarian meat” is just a way to supplement plant protein in addition to animal meat, and Beyond Meat wants consumers to replace animal meat with plant meat; on the other hand .. .

Editor’s comment: Beyond Meat’s landing in China will not only be tested by Chinese consumers, but also participate in competition with Chinese domestic plant meat companies. China’s plant meat market is growing …

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