The cold winter may reduce your happiness, how can you fight back?

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Editor’s note: We all seek happiness in our daily lives, but happiness actually comes from our choices. The author provides 10 habit of improving happiness in the text. When you feel that life has become unsatisfactory and happiness begins to be out of reach, you may try to develop such a habit to improve your emotions. This article is translated from medium, author Delaney Jaye, the original title is 10 Daily Habits to Boost Your Mood and Productivity.

10 daily habits to improve your mood and productivity

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My meditative theme this morning is happiness-to cultivate a sense of peace and contentment in daily life.

There are many factors that affect happiness, but I firmly believe that happiness is ultimately a choice.

I have been in a state of extreme fear for a month or two. It actually took me a long time to realize that I was in a state of fear. I completely lost myself and isolated myself.

I didn’t fall into such a state all of a sudden-those daily decisions, large and small, gradually accumulated over time, with the advent of winter, and then suddenly became unbearable in my life. weight.

I finally feel fed up.

I started consciously getting into the morning habit and kept telling myself: “I am actively choosing what kind of life I should lead every day.”

I have learned a lot through this experience. The most important lesson is that our lives are the result of our own choice. It can be a passive choice or an active choice, but it is a choice anyway.

Just like the clothes you choose to wear every day, you also choose your mood for the day. Actively choose what you carry with you throughout the day, and then resolutely leave everything else behind.

When life starts to be unsatisfactory and happiness becomes out of reach, I will adoptTake ten steps to regain control of your life.

1. Empty the brain

I don’t just clear my brain every day, but when negative thoughts and emotions overwhelm everything, this is my first choice. I would pick up my phone or pen and paper-anything convenient-and write down everything in my head as quickly as possible.

There is nothing to pay special attention to doing this, you can just keep writing until your brain is blank (for me, it only takes a few minutes).

When you’re done, take a quick look at what you wrote. I’m often surprised at what is bothering me. Many times, through this process, I realized something I didn’t even realize before, even though it had surfaced in my mind many times.

Don’t judge the quality of anything, but appreciate its quantity-how much brain space each item takes up.

Write important things on a new piece of paper and deal with them later. Leave the rest alone.

Once you are aware of everything, arrange it in order of importance or difficulty, write it on a piece of paper, and refer to it when you are ready, you will feel that everything is done In control.

Sometimes this is the only way I can turn a bad mood into a good one.

2. Always thankful

Changhuai’s gratitude may have been talked about a lot, but I still want to stress it.

Taking a moment each day to think about positive things–including those that already exist in your life–makes everything different.

The power of gratitude is that it allows you to see how good things happen in everyday places that you haven’t noticed, even if you choose to be surrounded by negative emotions.

The moment you choose to look for positive things, your life hasn’t changed at all. It has been there all the time. It’s just your attention that changes.

I admit that if I ’m really in a bad mood, and sometimes it ’s difficult to get rid of it, I will think about things that I am grateful for.

If you are struggling to find something to be grateful for, start with the simple things. The ordinary things we take for granted are often the most incredible and most worthy of our gratitude.

The roof on your head, the coffee in your cup, the food in your refrigerator, keep you warm electricity, a hot bath, turn on a lamp at night, a hot meal, clean water, Internet, Your health or safety, etc.

When you are upset or feel yourself surrounded by negative emotions, be patient with yourself and write down something you are grateful for. This is a daily habit that can bring lasting happiness.

3. Sports

Exercise at least a little time every day. You can do stretching exercise before getting up in the morningYou can also take a walk, go jogging in a nearby park or gym, or follow a sports video on YouTube.

Appreciate everything your body can do—if you are lucky enough to exercise, go exercise.

Sports first require self-control. Most people have no motivation to go to the gym or go jogging for a while after waking up. But really good people already regard sports as part of their lives.

Develop a good habit and make exercise a natural part of your life, because it is already your habit.

Believe it or not, you will soon feel happier.

4. Breathe fresh air

This habit is simple, but it’s especially important, especially if you work indoors.

Spend some time outdoors every day, it can be anything-walk around the block, sit quietly in a chair outside, or simply go out and go home.

Breathing fresh air every day will save you from worry. It brings a temporary sense of freedom-a feeling that starts to get everything back to normal in your head.

Trust me at this point. Go for a walk, you will never regret it.

5. Maintain a stable calorie intake

Plan your day according to your energy level.

Sustained energy is one of the biggest suggestions I can give you for efficiency, and one of the best ways to feel happy is to get a sense of accomplishment.

If you feel that most of your time is wasted at the end of the day, you can’t be satisfied with the situation of the day, you may feel frustrated, and even feel resentment or trouble.

Your energy determines your efficiency.

Of course, exploring how to maintain a sustained energy level is another topic. What I want to say is that the best source of energy is your calorie intake.

If you are a person who feels debilitated around 2-3 pm, I guess either your breakfast is not enough (or does not exist at all) or your lunch is too rich.

What food you eat and when you eat it can affect your energy. You can keep your blood sugar up and down (and your mood won’t go down) through continuous calorie intake.

6. Vitamin D

(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, I’m just explaining what works for me. As for what works for you, I suggest you go to your doctor.)

I used to live in Southern California, and I spent most of my time in the sun. I think vitamin D is the only vitamin we can basically get from the sun’s “photosynthesis” like a plant. When I lived in Southern California, I was able to get enough vitamin D from the sun.

I live in the Netherlands now. This is a cold, humid, cloudy place with limited direct sunlight. I don’t know how much it will affect me.

I want to say that vitamin D supplementation has a noticeable effect on my mood. If this is also a problem for you, talk to your doctor about vitamin supplementation, or simply go out and see the sun more often.

7. Meditation

Meditation is a meditation practice that does nothing but think. It is mainly used to learn how to understand and control your thoughts.

A good way I learned is to think of your ideas as cars on a highway. You can sit in the car and let it take you far away, or you can get out of the car and sit on the side of the road and watch the car pass by in front of you.

Meditation is an art that allows you to learn to separate yourself from your thoughts—observe them with interest, rather than attach yourself to them.

Over time, meditation will help you build up mental strength and cultivate happiness.

8. Change the surrounding environment

Another simple thing I did was to replace my phone and desktop background with something inspiring or awesome.

You watch your desktop or mobile screen several times a day (maybe several times an hour). When you look at it, what do you see? Did you notice?

Changing the background or screensaver to something positive or pleasing makes me cheer up, because every time I see it, it keeps reminding me what I want.

Try changing your phone screensaver or desktop to a place or person (or puppy) you like, and see if it can lift your mood throughout the day.

9. Clean up the room or office

If my home is messy, then my brain is messy. It’s that simple.

Spending a few minutes every morning in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and work space can make my mood move in the right direction. You may feel upset when you know that your home is in a mess or when you are trying to work in a mess, so you may want to get up a few minutes early to clean your room before you start your day.

10. Write everything down

We all tend to be overly dependent on the brain. But in fact our short-term memory is limited, and many people seriously overestimate it.

Don’t make yourself unhappy because you forgot what you bought at the grocery store, or what you need to do at your desk, or completely forget the commitments you made, you can consider writing things Come down.

You can take notepad with you, or use notepad on your phone. Either way, get into the habit of checking on important things, rather than relying on your memory.

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