The grim situation has disrupted Li Qiang’s wedding plan because the gathering of personnel has become the focus of control by relevant departments.

Editor’s note: This article comes from Daily Economic News author: Chen Qing, editor: Tang Hui, authorized reprint.

Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province is a famous “hometown of longevity in the world”. It is located in central Hubei Province and is under the jurisdiction of Jingmen City. The distance from Wuhan to Zhongxiang is about 200 kilometers, and it takes about three hours by car.

Li Qiang (pseudonym) is 30 years old. As in previous years, he rushed back to Zhongxiang’s hometown to reunite with his family on the 29th year of the New Year. As the epidemic situation became more severe, Li Qiang returned to his hometown and found that this year’s small village was somewhat deserted.

Since the 30th year of the Chinese New Year, small villages have gradually closed roads and registered returnees in Wuhan. Unlike previous years of visiting families and visiting each other, the villagers basically stayed at home. “I’ve been to Wuhan recently, and I haven’t gone out since I went home, and I’m isolated.” Li Qiang said.

On the second day of the new year, Li Qiang, who has been quarantined for four days at home, began to worry about the future. If the epidemic lasts for a long time, he will not be able to work normally, and economic pressure will increase. “I just bought a house in Wuhan last year, and my mortgage is waiting to be repaid every month.”

New Year’s gift boxes are unsaleable

Li Qiang is from Chaihu Town, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province. In the past two years, the company has been assigned to work in Xiangyang and Jingshan. However, because the company is based in Wuhan, Li Qiang has also been to Wuhan in recent days. On the 29th year of the New Year, Li Qiang returned to his hometown Zhong Xiang to prepare for the New Year.

“At the time of the 29th year of the Chinese New Year, there was already some awareness of protection in the village, but it was not so strong.” Li Qiang said that the first day he returned to the village, the village had posted information on the prevention and control of new coronavirus infections. For pneumonia related announcements, some young people returning from other places have put on masks. However, some elderly people and long-awaited residents in the village still do not wear masks.

Zhongxiang Village, Hubei, under the shadow of the epidemic: Returning youths cancel their wedding banquet and worry about

Announcement posted in the village Image source: Photo courtesy of the respondent

From the 30th year of the New Year, the villagers’ awareness of protection has gradually increased. “In the past years, we would visit each other to visit relatives and friends, but this year everyone is at home.” Li Qiang introduced, “Listening to the family, these days the village has come to the bottom to return to WuhanRemember, and recommend isolation and daily temperature measurement. “

Since he is not in Wuhan for a long time, Li Qiang is not in the registration this time, but because he has been to Wuhan recently, Li Qiang is also basically isolated at home.

Li Qiang’s house has a small grocery store. Unlike in previous years, this year’s New Year’s gift boxes in the store are slow-selling, and drinks and toys such as guns for children can no longer be sold. “Everyone doesn’t go to the New Year and they don’t go out, these things are not used.” Li Qiang said, in comparison, at present, the food such as rice noodles, oil and vinegar is selling better.

Small villages have also strengthened management of population movements. Li Qiang said that village cadres are on duty on the main roads in the village, and other branches in the village have been blocked by trucks or closed in various ways.

Zhongxiang Village, Hubei, under the shadow of the epidemic: Returning youths cancel their wedding banquet and worry about

Truck blocked the inside of the village Bypass: Image courtesy of interviewees

Not only the village where Li Qiang is located, the entire Zhongxiang city is strengthening traffic management. Order No. 4 of the Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command of New Coronary Virus Infection issued by Zhongxiang City on January 24, 2020 requires that, from 00:00 on the same day, Zhongxiang city-wide passenger, custom-made passenger, chartered passenger and rural passenger and all Buses and all ferries are suspended, and taxis are not available for local urban areas.

As of January 27, Zhongxiang City’s control measures have been upgraded again. According to Order No. 9 of the Pneumococcal Diseases Prevention and Control Headquarters of New Coronavirus Infection in Zhongxiang City, according to the principle of “only in and out” throughout the city, starting at 8 am on January 26 at the entrance and exit of the Zhongxiang City Expressway, in Zhongxiang City Establish card inspections with neighboring counties (cities), districts (counties, provinces, and counties), town-to-town main passages, and village-to-village intersections to discourage outsiders from entering the country. Strictly check local people ’s temperature and register when entering the country. Seek on-site consultation and isolation for fever and other symptoms.

Wedding banquet cancellation

This year’s Spring Festival should have been a particularly festive Spring Festival for Li Qiang. “I was going to go home for the wedding banquet on the sixth day of the new year,” Li Qiang said.

However, the severe epidemic situation has also disrupted Li Qiang’s wedding plan, because the gathering of personnel has become the focus of control by relevant departments.

According to the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission, at 04:00 on January 26, 2020, Hubei Province reported 371 new confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, 24 new deaths, and 2 new discharges. 2 example. As of 24:00 on January 26, Hubei Province had reported a total of 1,423 confirmed cases of pneumonitis with new coronavirus infection, 221 severe cases, 69 critical cases, 76 death cases, and 44 discharged cases. Of the 1423 confirmed cases, 90 cases currently occur in Jingmen City, where Li Qiang is located.

In this context, Li Qiang and his family are quite entangled about whether the wedding banquet will be held as scheduled. A few days ago, the Li Qiang family still held a wait-and-see attitude. Li Qiang’s parents believed that all kinds of banquets in the rural areas were concentrated in the days before and after the New Year.

At the beginning, Li Qiang was ready to wait and see. However, he also speculated that the government may issue relevant notices, and if the government issues relevant notices on banning banquets, he will cancel the banquets. “Everyone does it. You don’t do it, you are a stranger, but if the government has notified, it just won’t do it.” Li Qiang said.

On January 24th, according to Order No. 4 of the Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command of New Coronavirus Infection in Zhongxiang City, the Class A tourist area was closed. Events such as weddings and birthday parties are forbidden in the city, and all hotels and restaurants (farms) temporarily suspend all large-scale events and banquets.

In this situation, the Li Qiang family finally decided to cancel the wedding banquet. “At present, family and friends are more understandable, after all, it is a special period.”

However, Li Qiang started a new worry. Li Qiang’s company has just issued a notice to employees recently, suggesting that employees cancel all tickets before the tenth day of the new year. As for when to go to work after the holiday, we will inform you separately.

Li Qiang said that because he was getting ready to get married, he just bought a house in Wuhan in the second half of 2019. After paying the down payment, the current mortgage payment will be 7 or 8 thousand yuan per month.

“What if the epidemic is long and everyone does not work or work?” Li Qiang was anxious. If I had to sit in the mountains for a long time, how would I pay the mortgage each month?