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(“Sword and Expedition” is the only real new mobile game this spring festival)

Other games: “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” is hard, “Bailout 3” is long

Except for Tencent, Netease, and Lilith, from the perspective of running water, most other game companies are “accompaniers” of this Spring Festival. However, even if it is “accompaniment”, you can make a lot of money-we estimate that the market flow of the entire Spring Festival stall is likely to increase by 30-50%, or even 70% year-on-year. All mainstream manufacturers are all beneficiaries. Now let’s talk about some products that make the head of this strange thief feel interesting or have bright eyes.

Alibaba’s “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” once again returned to the top five bestsellers during the Spring Festival. Although this cannot be separated from continuous purchases and product advertising, it also proves that the product is not bad. Now, the SLG that can enter the top of the best-selling list is basically the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” and Netease “Border of the Land”. The two products are actually the same core gameplay. This product is also the first real long-term explosion in the history of Ali Games, with significant meaning. It’s a pity that if this explosive product comes about a year ago-now, Tencent’s monopoly on head mobile games products has further strengthened, and Ali Games can only be committed to making a mid-level game Publisher.

Mi Ha You’s “Breakdown 3”, as a very senior hard-core 2D product, once again returned to the top five of the best-selling list. We estimate that the hard-core 2D game with the highest total number of Spring Festival files is “Crash 3” (Note: “Yin Yang Shi” is a pan 2D), which is significantly higher than “Tomorrow’s Ark” “FGO”. This does not necessarily mean that the product quality and IP popularity of the former are significantly stronger, and it may also be the relationship between product iteration and operational strategy. In any case, 2020 will be a super year for Miha Tour, “Original God” will soon be online, and “Breakdown 3” is still old.

(“Crash” 3 has almost the same operating history in China as “FGO”)

Most of the main products of other game companies listed on A shares and Hong Kong stocks failed to enter the top 10 or even top 20 of the best-selling list in the Spring Festival. Again: it does not necessarily mean that they cannot share this feast. This year’s Spring Festival stalls in the entire mobile game market has a very significant increase in the flow plate, even if the ranking of the best-selling list is relatively lower, it is likely to have a rapid increase in flow. In any case, for game development / distribution companies, the biggest winner of this Spring Festival is still Tencent, followed by NetEase, Lilith, Miha You, and Ali Games.

This strange group will pay close attention to the progress of the Spring Festival game industry and all Internet segments, and update it in due course.