The announcement from Eggshell Apartments, “A Letter to Tenant of Eggshell Apartments,” shows that tenants in different regions will enjoy different rent subsidy policies depending on the degree of impact of the epidemic.

The impact of the new Coronavirus epidemic on population movement restrictions and delayed construction has greatly affected the domestic housing rental industry. Different from the “one-bedroom hard-to-find” scenario in the rental season after the Spring Festival in previous years, the industry is now facing a large number of vacant homes, a sharp decline in leased population, and aggravating defaults. Many companies are facing “survival problems”. On the other hand, due to the vacancy of houses due to the extended holidays, many tenants hope that housing leasing companies can give certain rent reductions and reduce their own rental pressure.

The latest news shows that today, Eggshell Apartment, a leading domestic long-term rental apartment brand, issued an official announcement on its official app, announcing the subsidy policy for all tenants during the epidemic. According to inquiries, this is currently the first formal public development among domestic decentralized long-term rental apartment companies to provide rent subsidies to outbreak tenants.

The announcement from Eggshell Apartment, “A Letter to Tenant of Eggshell Apartment,” shows that tenants in different regions will enjoy different rent subsidy policies according to the impact of the epidemic. Taking the worst-affected Wuhan area as an example, for the tenants who could not return due to the epidemic, a one-month rent is tentatively returned and will be returned to the wallet of the Eggshell Apartment App Personal Center after March 2. If the epidemic situation changes, Eggshell Apartments will also launch further policies based on the actual situation. In addition, tenants outside Wuhan can enjoy free extended stay or rent refund for the same number of days as the postponed rework days announced by the local government.

The reporter learned from the eggshell apartment that in the face of this sudden epidemic, in order to tide over the difficulties together, under the initiative to respond to the government, industry and other multi-stakeholder initiatives, the company has started to contact the landlord during the Spring Festival to seek some relief. Lease period, and received the support of some landlords. With its own platform advantage, Eggshell Apartment uses these loving support from the landlord to help as many tenants as possible to get through. In addition to the rent refund policy for tenants mentioned above, Eggshell Apartments also offers preferential activities such as zero-yuan and 50% off for the first month for newly signed tenants. While bearing the huge vacancy and rent-off pressure caused by the epidemic, Eggshell Apartment also started to provide exclusive housing placement and rest for doctors in Wuhan who are on the front line of epidemic prevention for free on the first day of the new year, helping them to better participate Fighting the epidemic.

The eggshell apartment clearly stated that regardless of the loving support from the landlord or the corresponding support provided by the eggshell apartment to the tenants, it was completed under the transparent supervision and guidance of the government and the competent department. Some misinformation are rumors and malicious slander. During the epidemic, the dissemination of these remarks had a very bad impact on social stability and caused great harm to the people, industries and businesses. Statements such as “routine landlord” and “broken capital chain” have not only damaged the brand reputation of eggshell apartments, but also hurt the feelings of eggshell employees who insist on working for medical staff and tenants during the Spring Festival. Apartment will be firmResolutely resort to legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.