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Here, like everyone else, I am just a witness. My life has become part of this event. I live here, with everything. ——S.A.Alexievich


When the new pneumonia spreads quietly, the vast majority of unsuspecting ordinary people are immersed in the joy of welcoming another new year. Unexpectedly, the panic caused by the virus a few days later made the annual Spring Festival reunion a luxury.

As soon as I opened my eyes on the morning of December 31, 2019, the topic of “unknown pneumonia” appeared in a series of pop-up messages on my phone. I stumbled in and hurriedly glanced. I didn’t pay much attention and closed the webpage.

At eight thirty in the evening, the aunt sent a screenshot of the news in the family group, with a somewhat scary title: “Suspected SARS outbreak in Wuhan, at least 27 people were infected with 7 critically ill.” She said, “Have you ever heard of it? You should pay attention to hygiene. If you go to Wuhan to wear a mask, it is a very easily transmitted virus.”

Daddy ’s heart is big: “Did you just come out? I haven’t noticed yet.”

The elders chattered for a while.

My aunt told me, “Liu Yi should be careful when going to Wuhan and be prepared for protection. Really, this disease is too scary.”

I watched their chat, doubtful: Aunt and dad had a big problem, how could it be so scary? ——No news has reported how serious it is.

In the evening, classmates and friends in the circle of friends are resigning to welcome the new. Something from “new pneumonia”Uneasy, with the end of 2019, immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the holiday together.


On January 3rd, I returned to Wuhan for the first time. Thinking of my aunt’s orders, I put on a mask. But during the eight days of intermittent stay in Wuhan, I noticed that this news report said that in the cities where “new pneumonia” is popular, there are only a few pedestrians wearing masks. Thinking of saying in the news that “there are no clear human-to-human transmissions” and “preventable and controllable”, I muttered that it is not human-transmitted anyway, as long as it is not near the seafood market, there should be no problem. In this way, I carried the mask back into the small bag until January 14 when I returned to Xiantao’s hometown to accompany my grandparents to celebrate the New Year, and never took it out again.

Cotton masks to wear when returning to Wuhan

Xiantao is very close to Wuhan, 101 kilometers apart, and it takes about 40 minutes by car to travel. Xiantao’s three streets and 15 towns have a total population of 1.56 million, most of whom work and live in Wuhan.

At 10:58 on the 14th, the train from Wuhan to Xiantao departed on time from Hankou Railway Station. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the carriages. Some people were arranging new year’s purchases in the shop and some people were telling the family when the train would arrive. But no one discussed the unpleasant topic of “unknown pneumonia”. Listening to the familiar accent, I felt a little relieved.

At 11:33, the train stops at Tianmen South Station. There are no personnel and facilities to take temperature at the station, and there is no horn broadcast to remind people to wear masks. Xiantao is a well-known mask supply base in China, but I can hardly see anyone wearing a mask in the urban area.

From the 18th and the 19th, there are more and more news about “new pneumonia” on the circle of friends and on Weibo, but I still don’t fully realize its seriousness. I just thought that wearing a mask when going out was enough. At noon on January 20, I learned that my aunt and uncle did n’t wear masks in the morning. I was a bit angry: “You must wear masks when you go shopping. There are so many people outside, youThey don’t always wear it. “

I don’t take it seriously: “So many people outside, I haven’t seen which one to wear.” At this time, I realized that my aunt had told me to wear a mask in Wuhan because she felt Wuhan was unsafe and Xiantao was safe of.

Grandpa heard me a little excited, but also a little bit angry: “You’re scary, how can it be so serious!”

At this time, there are only a few disposable masks in the house. I knew the elders couldn’t make sense and turned to their cousins ​​for support. I touched my cousin’s arm and asked him, “Do you buy a mask?”


“Then we buy 100.”

100 ordinary disposable masks cost a total of 80.6 yuan. The next second after completing the order, when my cousin returned to the page to look at it, the mask was already off the shelf. In another shop, five N95 masks cost 299 yuan, so I had to give up the idea of ​​buying a few more N95 masks.


On the evening of the 20th, Academician Zhong Nanshan accepted an interview with Bai Yansong. Overnight, the direction of public opinion on the Internet and reality changed. Knowing the possibility of human-to-human transmission of new pneumonia, I kept refreshing the news of Douban Group and WeChat Group:

“New coronaviruses are included in Class B infectious diseases, and Class A management is adopted.”

“Fifteen medical staff in Wuhan are infected with the new coronavirus.”

Bad news is like a tide, never ending. What scared me most was Academician Zhong Nanshan said that as of the 20th, 95% of all cases were related to Wuhan. Thinking of starting from the winter vacation, I have already made three trips back and forth between Hankou Railway Station and Wuhan Railway Station. The last time, I just returned to Xiantao from Hankou Railway Station, which is only a few hundred meters away from the South China Seafood Market. Xiantao, but I may bring risks to my grandparents who are nearly 70 years old at home.

Thinking about it, I solemnly told grandma: “I’ll eat in my room! Don’t talk to me when you give me food! Don’t touch my hand! Pass the bowl to me I will wash my hands immediately afterwards! Be sure to wash! “

Grandma is very obedient. At noon, she passed me the meal without saying a word. I closed the door and urged her loudly: “Go and wash your hands! Wash with hand sanitizer.” Grandma promised me as she walked to the bathroom: “Well, go wash immediately.” I carefully “monitored” on this side of the door until the bathroom I was relieved to hear the sound of running water.

I tell you