Position active defense.

According to BusinessWire , “Sixgill” was raised by US $ 15 million, led by Sonae IM and REV Venture Partners, followed by Our Crowd, old shareholders Elron and Terra Venture Partners.

This is Sixgill’s second round of financing. This financing will be used to expand global business on a large scale and strengthen core product development. According to Crunchbase data, the company has so far raised $ 21 million in financing.

The height of the road is one foot, the height of the magic is one foot. With the continuous development of the Internet, the methods of using the Internet to do evil are becoming more and more diverse. The dark web is a typical example of this. Cyber ​​attacks are costing businesses a loss.

Criminal acts are also intensifying. According to Sixgill’s latest report, in the second half of 2019, more than 76.23 million stolen credit cards were sold on the dark web market, a 200% increase compared to 23 million in the first half.

Sixgill, established in 2014, is a network security SaaS platform that provides real-time threat intelligence for enterprises, positioning proactive defense. The platform automatically monitors potential threats in the dark web and the market. The platform can detect cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks from the dark web, eliminate them before dangers occur, and provide customers with information through real-time alerts.

In addition, through real-time large-scale monitoring of closed, open, and hybrid dark web forums, Sixgill will mine and analyze big data and establish a database of suspicious molecules to help identify it accurately. For potential criminals and terrorists, Sixgill predicts its behavior patterns and potential threat activities based on its credit, current status, and past activity history. In addition, Sixgill will decode illegal information by decoding communication fragments between dark web users.

Currently, Sixgill’s customer base mainly includes large enterprises, law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, as well as other security vendors. As for the deployment method, Sixgill provides SaaS deployment, and users can also choose to deploy locally.

After this round of financing is completed, Sixgill will increase product research and development efforts and launch more new features, such as a dynamic CVE rating patent that is being applied for. In addition, Sixgill alsoPlans to expand operations in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.

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In terms of team, Sixgill is headquartered in Israel. CEO Sharon Wagner founded Cloudyn, a private cloud service provider, and was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. Co-founder and CTO Elad Lavi has worked at SAP with more than 15 years of IT service experience. The founder Avi Kasztan has many years of technical team management experience.