In 2003, Huawei participated in the MWC conference for the first time, which started a 17-year history of cooperation between Chinese companies and MWC.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “The most cattle game” (ID: zngame), author veteran Dai Hui. Original title “MWC2020 is officially cancelled, reviewing 17 years of MWC-China friendship”

The sudden new crown epidemic has shaken the whole of China and the world. Everyone worked together to fight the epidemic. The world is also supporting China.

This is the 2020 Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona from February 24 to 27, 2020. Due to the new crown epidemic, the organizer GSMA decided to cancel. This is the first time in MWC history to cancel a meeting.

MWC2020 is officially cancelled, reviewing MWC's 17-year friendship with Huawei

Mobile World Congress (MWC for short) is an annual, most influential exhibition in the world of mobile communications. The sponsor is the Global Mobile Communications Systems Association (GSMA). The first meeting was held in Madrid, Spain, in 1995, after which the host had once moved to Cannes, France. Since 2007, he has returned to Barcelona, ​​Spain, and has never left.

Because of China ’s new crown epidemic, the global conference in Spain is actually impossible. This just shows that China Power has a great influence in the field of mobile communications such as 5G and has become a core support.

In early 2003, Chinese companies participated in the MWC conference for the first time. Since then, the SARS epidemic has erupted, but the economy has not been greatly affected.

For 17 years, the MWC conference has witnessed the entire process of China’s mobile communications industry from 0 to 1, and then from 1 to 100, and even today it has a great impact worldwide.

This article describes this history.

More than half a year ago, June 26-28, 2019, MWC ASIA was held in Shanghai.

While nominally this is the Asian Chapter of MWC, it is actually very large. Veteran Dai Hui turned around for two days, and finally managed to read through the exhibition halls of most manufacturers.

The relationship between MWC and MWC ASIA is like the relationship between CES and CES ASIA