After completing this round of $ 2 billion in financing, Tesla’s cash position will reach about $ 8 billion, the highest in the company’s history.

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Musk claims to still be short of money, Tesla raised $ 2 billion to support global expansion

February 14th, according to foreign media reports, during the recent fourth quarter 2019 earnings conference call held by Tesla, its CEO Elon Musk also vowed to say, The company will not conduct fundraising activities in the near future. Just a few days later, the electric car maker Tesla announced a $ 2 billion financing round. This may surprise many people, but this funding raises the direction of Tesla’s future growth. After this round of financing, Tesla will have more cash than ever before, which will allow the company to implement the upcoming high-profile growth plan at full speed.

A record cash reserve

Tesla’s financing is less than a year after the last financing. However, a lot has happened to the company since its financing in May 2019. Although it can be argued that Tesla chose to raise funds when the company was in the doldrums last year to boost investor confidence, but this financing seems to intend to impact a stronger position. In addition to Musk’s defense of a new round of financing, there are several compelling reasons to support Tesla’s $ 2 billion financing initiative. After completing this round of financing, Tesla’s cash position will reach the company’s highest in the history of about 8 billion US dollars. This opens up more possibilities and may help Tesla launch several high-profile projects.

Tesla ’s action on a new round of financing is very low-key, and the company has only said that additional funds will be used to “strengthen” its balance sheet. Tesla also noted that the funds will be used for “general corporate purposes.” These statements provide a fairly open explanation of the purpose of the fundraising and explain what additional funds can be used for. Analysts said the money will allow Tesla to accelerate its entry into the huge market for small SUVs and pickups and ensure battery supply.

After all, this electric car maker has several high-profile projects underway. It is reported that Tesla’s Shanghai plant is under construction in the second phase, and the facility is currently preparing for the final production of the crossover Model Y. Groundbreaking of the Berlin plant will start soon, and the first phase is expected to soon