The 2020 Chinese New Year is destined to be unforgettable.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Entertainment Hard Candy” (ID: yuleyingtang) , author Luo Dafei, editor Li Chunhui. Reprinted with permission.

In the face of the epidemic, the people of the whole country are united in their hearts, and the Spring Festival of Clouds, which is connected to everything at home, is celebrated. In the past, in the last days of the holiday, the circle of friends often spread various slogans of “recharge for the holidays”. No matter how you say it this time, not only has it been successfully charged, but it is also suspected of being overcharged. In general, everyone is the same, all kinds of makeup on all faces, all look like a month at home.

It is said that primary and middle school students have started to suspend school without stopping classes. Hard Candy Jun has also taken time to make up for lessons. Some new content forms that have been vigorously promoted and muffled to make a fortune—a series of vertical screen miniseries have been written. Don’t see it, the world is amazing.

Even a dozen vertical screen plays, I have something to say

Although there is no clear name, whether it is vertical screen drama, short drama, mini-drama, or exuberant fanfare, it is basically short for 5 minutes or less, with a continuous plot and main and secondary characters. A title for video content. In order to distinguish the traditional horizontal screen content from the long video platform, the long video platform took the lead in shouting the name of “vertical screen drama”, which sounds a bit more “proprietary”, so Hard Candy Jun temporarily uses this concept.

In addition to the regular army such as “Life is on my hands” represented by Aiyouteng, and “The Concubine Concubine”, there are also a large number of experimental experiments on short plays by vibrato and fast PUGC content producers.

Even a dozen vertical screen plays, I have something to say

For the evolution of short video content, is vertical screen play a direction, a vent, or a transitional product? For users, why do n’t you watch the top-quality dramas with hundreds of millions of investment and indulge in “underfunding” vertical screens?

Genetic inheritance and genetic limitations of the regular army

“Life has begun with me” can be considered as