If you are a “League of Legends” player, you may remember that the fist company drew seven big cakes in one breath at the 10th anniversary celebration of the League of Legends last October-including “League of Legends” and “Genting Game” “” Mobile game version, e-sports simulation management game, “League of Legends” card game and the new shooting game IP “Project A”, etc., have great ambitions to create a gaming universe.

Although the word “A” in “Project A” has not been abolished, the derivative card game “Legends of Runeterra” comes as expected. It opened the international service beta on last 24th. If you are interested and have the right network conditions, you can download and play now. As far as my personal trial experience is concerned, Runeland Legends is even more surprising than expected.


If you want to be good, you must first play the game. The first step is of course to go to “Runeland Legends” official website , register a fist account, then download the launcher to install the game, the current version The game size is about 300MB.

Although the current public beta only supports PC games, Fist promises that the official version will be available on Windows, iOS and Android at the same time.roid platform, and supports cross-platform real-time battle. The mobile version has so far been silent, but has already attracted more than 300,000 people on TapTap. With the huge fan base accumulated by LOL, the popularity of the game after its official launch is worth looking forward to.

▲ The end of registering with Chinese IP

In addition, there is bad news to tell you: The so-called “international service” refers to the European, American, Japanese, and Korean servers. If you want to use the Chinese IP to log in to the test server, you will be ruthlessly turned away. To this end, we must use a North American IP to register an account, otherwise an infinite error on the login interface will be a bad day.

After getting rid of all difficulties, you will find that … it is an English interface. Because there are too many proper nouns in the game, even if you pass the English level, you may not be able to play smoothly. Fortunately, February 6The patch updated daily includes Chinese language packs. Exit after playing a game, go to the game installation directory and search for LocalizedText_zh_cn.bin. Rename it to LocalizedText_en_us.bin. Override the default language pack. After restarting the game, it will become Chinese.

Basic gameplay