Year ago, Tiger Sniff Young Group was preparing a new column for Young Love in 2020, hoping to record the forgotten and remembered young people in this era. love. Today is Valentine’s Day, and Tiger Sniff happened to see the comics drawn by the Founder’s Library, recording the beautiful moments of love during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and was very moved.

The opening of Young Love, for everyone Founder Font Library (WeChat ID: foundertype) Comic tweets, this Valentine’s Day, we spend with love.

Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day.

In such an annual festival of chanting love and expressing love, due to the impact of an epidemic, civil affairs bureaus in many places across the country canceled marriage registration, countless couples were forced to separate the two places, and many families could not help it. Reunion. The special period of fighting the epidemic not only tested the love of men and women in the world, but also made everyone deeply aware of the preciousness of the impermanence of the world.

At the same time, there are such a group of people. They always adhere to the sacrifice spirit of “shaking home and taking care of everyone”. Facing the sudden epidemic, they resolutely canceled the marriage contract, postponed the wedding, isolated the lover, Ambitious to overcome difficulties and obstacles, to guard the happiness of millions with the perseverance of love.