Suddenly Big Boss asks what you think of a certain data. What can we do if the answers are not answered?

Editor’s note: This article comes from Everyone is a product manager , author Stella.

Suddenly encountered a sudden question? Master the key 2 points to respond perfectly

We will find that only about 10% of the speeches in a day can be prepared in advance, such as formal departmental meetings, work reports, etc., and the remaining 90% are random, and need to be flexible. This is also a headache for many people.

The triggering of this kind of temporary speech often starts with a problem from the other party. For example:

  • You are introducing new product information, and the customer suddenly asked “Why is your product 30% more expensive than company xx?”

  • Reporting to the superior, but was questioned “Isn’t this incident passed last time? Why hasn’t it been modified?”

  • Dine with the boss and he suddenly asks you “what do you think of the activity plan for next month?”

    According to my observation, many people are facing such sudden questions, often they are indifferent or say something that is not logical and incomprehensible. After the incident, I regretted the answer and thought I could have spoken better.

    So it’s important to learn how to answer every question calmly.

    Most people have a cognitive habit: when they hear a question, they need to answer it immediately, and being able to blurt out without thinking is a powerful performance. Actually, this is not the case.

    Actually, there is a “key 5 seconds” between hearing the question and actually answering it, and you need to hold it firmly.

    What do you want to do in this “critical 5 seconds”? You can do two things:

    • Acknowledge the other’s question;

    • Clarify each other’s issues

      There are several benefits to doing this:

      • The other party feels respect, which makes it easier for the atmosphere camp to create dialogue instead of confrontation;

      • Understand what the person asking the question wants to know, and make sure you are talking about the same thing with the other person.

      • Give yourself time to organize ideas and improve the quality of your answers