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Please check the Venture Capital Daily on February 14. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~

Business Services

Finance disclosure:

  • Focus on cyber threat intelligence, and network security SaaS service provider “Sixgill” has raised 15 million US dollars financing

    Sixgill, established in 2014, is a network security SaaS platform that provides real-time threat intelligence for enterprises, positioning proactive defense. The platform automatically monitors potential threats in the dark web and the market. The platform can detect cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks from the dark web, eliminate them before dangers occur, and provide customers with information through real-time alerts … ( For more, click here )

    • The online design cloud platform “Love Design” was awarded a multi-million-dollar angel round financing to enter the remote office industry

      It is learned that the online design tool platform “Love Design” has completed the angel round financing of several million yuan, and the investor is Xinyuan Capital. This round of financing will be used for copyright investment, improvement of picture material supply chain and improvement of user experience.

      Founded in 2018, “Love Design” is aimed at ordinary individuals, designers and enterprises, and provides copyright-protected creative materials and intelligent design tools. At the same time, the company is committed to becoming a digital creative asset management platform to help users improve the efficiency of creative production and management … ( Click here for more )

      • Ad serving is more reasonable? Image inline advertising company “GumGum” raises $ 22 million in financing

        According to Foreign media reported that recently, the image embedded advertising company” GumGum “was completed The $ 22 million financing was invested by existing investors Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, NewView Capital and Upfront Ventures.

        In 2007, “GumGum” was founded in the United States and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. It is a digital advertising service provider. The team of “GumGum” developed computer vision technology that can identify image content and Place an appropriate ad next to the image to add a corresponding hovering ad message. For example, for a pizza picture, “GumGum” will analyze the content of the pizza, and will display the advertisement of Cola … ( Click here for more )


        Finance disclosure:

        • “Guanghui Laser (GW)” has completed a B-round financing of nearly 100 million yuan and will mass-produce high-power high-brightness lasers

          It is learned that Guanghui (Shanghai) Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GW”) completed nearly 100 million yuan in financing before the Spring Festival. This round of financing was led by Qi Gao Capital, which was founded by former Qiming Venture Partners partners Zhang Yong and Yin Ming, and Pegasus Capital. This round of financing will be used to expand and improve the 10,000-watt laser product line based on the 976nm technology route.

          According to the introduction, GW’s core competitiveness lies in its bi-directional 976nm single-cavity high-power pumping technology, high-brightness single-module laser technology, mature 10,000-watt fiber laser technology, and more than 40% of high photoelectric conversion The efficient 976nm technology has a clear competitive advantage on 10,000-watt products … ( For more, please click here )


          Project report:

          • ” Wen Yuan Zhi Xing “released a report on the trial operation of its autonomous taxi Robo-Taxi, and completed 8396 travel orders in December last year

            Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide and Wenyuan Yuexing jointly released the first trial report of the Robo-Taxi L4 self-driving taxi. Wenyuan Yuexing is a joint venture established by Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide, Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group Co., Ltd. and Science City (Guangzhou) Investment Group Co., Ltd.

            The report states that the first month of trial operation of Wenyuan Yuexing, that is, December 01 to 31, 2019, completed a total of 8396 travel orders (accounting for 62% of the total number of orders placed by the citizen’s WeRide Go APP), with zero security incidents. The average daily travel service is 270.8 times. There are a maximum of 438 orders in a single day. The total mileage of service orders reaches 41140 kilometers. It serves a total of 4683 users. 36kr.com/p/5292244 “target =” _ blank “> Click here for more )


            Project report:

            • Aiming at the men’s handmade shoe market, “Leewind Island” wants to build a cost-effective shoe shopping platform for men

              In China, the production and demand of men’s shoes are at the forefront of the world. According to the China Report Hall forecast, the sales scale of China’s men’s shoes market will reach 184.181 billion yuan this year, and it will maintain a 7% growth rate in the future.

              “Leewind Island” is a men’s handmade shoe brand. Its target customers are young middle-aged men aged 25-55 years old who have high incomes. The founder Andy explained that these men usually play an important role in society and the family, and their careers have developed to a certain extent, such as high-end business people, urban white-collar workers, etc., which have higher requirements for the quality of life; shoes are one This type just needs … ( For more information, please click here )

              • Qingting Culture: Animation IP Operation

                Qingting Culture is an animation company whose business includes comic production and distribution, animation derivatives development and games. The company’s first web article changed the work “from today”Downtown” was launched in January 2019, and has accumulated 2.5 billion popularity. The comic projects to be launched include the time-shift hunter 2 game overhaul and the original comics of Qiankunjie. The company will also develop derivatives based on anime IP and sell them through its own WeChat public account and Taobao stores. In terms of games, the company mainly develops animation-based casual mobile games, and has already developed “City Masters”. Team aspect, CEO Guo bucket served as Director of Strategic Investment entertainment Austrian flying, there are more than 10 years operating experience in the animation Cultural Industry Investment (Author: Dream Wyatt).

                Finance disclosure:

                • Indonesia startup “Greenly” completes seed round financing, combining new retail and O2O to provide healthy eating

                  foreign media News , Indonesian restaurant retail startup Greenly has recently received a seed round of financing, the amount of which has not been announced. The leading investor is East Ventures. Several angel investors have also participated in the investment. It is reported that the company plans to use the new funds for product innovation, technology development, and expand its network locally and in other cities.

                  Greenly is a health food chain based in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city. Greenly’s stores offer a variety of salads, cereal bowls, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, nut milk and other healthy products made from natural and fresh ingredients … ( For more, click here )

                  • The furniture leasing market continues to grow, and Indian furniture leasing e-commerce company “Furlenco” receives new financing of USD 2.2 million < / li>

                    Foreign media news < span>, Furlenco, an Indian furniture rental e-commerce company, recently received 2$ 200,000 in new funding from Chowdry Associates, the Dabur family’s asset management company. According to reports, Chowdry Associates has purchased 653871 convertible preferred shares of Furlenco. So far, approximately $ 560,000 has been paid to Furlenco and the remaining $ 1.68 million has not been paid.

                    This is part of its Series C funding. In March 2019, Furlenco also raised $ 5.84 million in Series C funding. Earlier, Furlenco received financing from Lightbox Ventures, Axis Capital, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Pratithi Trust, Trifecta Capital and other companies in February 2018, for a total of $ 30.1 million … ( For more, click here )

                    • We are optimistic about the trillion-level wedding industry, and the high-end chain wedding hall brand “Galleria” won tens of millions of dollars A round of financing

                      Gloria was established in 2014. It has deployed more than 10 one-stop wedding halls in a combination of direct and joint venture models, serving a total of tens of thousands of newlyweds. Its business covers first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and Hangzhou and Suzhou. New first-tier cities and actively expand the layout of other major municipalities directly under the Central Government and provincial capitals.

                      The so-called “one-stop wedding hall” refers to a one-stop service for customizing marriage, including wedding banquets, wedding halls, dresses, photography, planning, and so on. Compared with traditional wedding services, new couples do not need to find different suppliers, so they can plan weddings more efficiently. In addition, newcomers can freely choose the theme of the wedding hall and add special elements to customize it. Gloria provides specific standardized procedures for different segments of the population to meet the personalized needs of customers while ensuring stable service quality … ( For more, please click here )

                      • Focused on the field of elderly companion robots, “Intuition Robotics” won 36 million U.S. dollars in round B financing

                        According to foreign media reports , smart robot company “Intuition Robotics “ recently completed a US $ 36 million Series B financing, led by SPARX Group and OurCrowd, Toyota AI Fund, Sompo Holdings, iRobot, Union Tech Ventures and other institutions followed suit, and the company’s total financing amount is currently 58 million US dollars. The financing will focus on enhancing product features and improving the user experience.

                        Israeli startup “Intuition Robotics”, founded in 2015, is committed to using artificial intelligence technology to build digital assistants and strengthen the emotional connection between people and machines. Its representative product is the elderly companion robot-ElliQ, a home intelligent terminal with functions such as video calls, cognitive games, music videos, photo sharing, news reminders, etc. ( For more, click here )

                        • To provide women with biodegradable tampons, the American organic tampon brand “TOP” raised $ 1.6 million in seed round financing

                          TOP is an organic tampon product brand based in Massachusetts, USA, founded by Denielle Finkelstein and Thyme Sullivan to provide women with biodegradable tampons.

                          TOP estimates that approximately 20 billion sanitary napkins and tampons are thrown into landfills each year, which will take centuries to be fully biodegradable. Thyme Sullivan and her team hope to change this situation by providing plant-based tampons … ( For more, please click Here )


                          Financing disclosure:

                          • ” Xia Jiaer “completed the B round of tens of millions of yuan financing, which will promote the development of the art education OMO model

                            It is learned that Xia Jiaer, an art training institution for young children, has completed the B-round investment of several tens of millions of yuan invested by Huiyang Capital. This round of financing will be used for the exploration and development of the OMO model.

                            Xia Jiaer was founded in 2009, mainly focusing on art education and training for children aged 3-16. A total of five rounds of investment have been completed. Investors include A-share listed company Anli Education, Shanghai Wenguang Equity Fund, and Dunhong Assets. It currently has 750 campuses, with a total of more than 100,000 students. There are 28 directly-operated schools, and there are more than 180 full-time teachers in directly-operated schools. … ( For more information, please click here )

                            • Providing real-time and interactive courses, Indian online education company “Vedantu” has raised $ 24 million in financing < / li>

                              “Vedantu” was established in 2014 as a Bangalore-based startup dedicated to providing learning apps for students aged 12 to 18 (grades 6-12) in India, including online 1-to-1 and 1-to-1 To many tutoring courses.

                              Vedantu provides students with real-time and interactive lessons. Students who sign up for interactive lessons need to answer questions every few minutes by clicking on the smartphone screen or desktop, and they can also ask related questions after the course is over. … ( For more, please click here )


                              Finance disclosure:

                              • Can virtual reality technology also treat mental illness? “Oxford VR” completes $ 13 million in Series A financing

                                UK Oxford VR raised 11.9 million euros (approximately 13 million U.S. dollars) in Series A financing, led by Optum Ventures, Luminous Ventures and OxfordSciences Innovation, Oxford University Innovation, and GT Healthcare Capital Partners participated. The funding round will be used to expand the company’s virtual reality treatment solutions in the United States.

                                Oxford VR is a company that uses VR to treat mental illness. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Oxford, England, it was co-founded by Barnaby Perks and Daniel Freeman. The company aims to treat mental health problems such as fear of heights, social anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and mental illness through advanced VR technology. … ( Click here for more )

                                Venture Venture Watch

                                • The education industry that was suddenly fast forwarded, the dangers and opportunities under special times

                                  The epidemic has hit, and all walks of life have been greatly affected, including education: negative offline, and online short-term traffic skyrocketing. It will take about 3 years for users to be covered by online education in the future, and this month they will be quickly transferred online.

                                  How should the education industry respond to the sudden fast-forward model?

                                  Taking history as a mirror can tell success, and learning from a person can tell gains and losses. Mr. Zhu from Red Dot China and his industry partners analyzed the crisis and opportunities facing the education industry in the special period from the perspective of investors, hoping to spark more thinking from industry partners a href = “https://36kr.com/p/5292386” target = “_ blank”> For more, please click here )

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