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As this special Valentine’s Day is approaching, we have invited a screenwriterCome and talk to us about love in drama.

Wen Fangyi, a drama researcher, screenwriter of the drama “The Face of Jiang Gong”, “Fanhua”

Hello everyone, my name is Wen Fangyi, I am a screenwriter and a drama researcher.

The topic of my speech today is: “Why are there so many‘ sleeping first ’in Chinese classical opera love?”

Wen Fangyi is making a speech

This eye-catching topic looks very headline and looks like the title of a Japanese light novel. But the reason this question arises is because I believe that many people may have similar experiences with me, that is, in the education we have received since childhood, we will see many famous books and bibliographic recommendations.

Whether it is a textbook or a masterpiece recommended in these books, the masterpiece will be wrapped in a sentence or two. For example, when they recommend works on classical love, we always see a sentence Words:

“The hero and heroine broke through the feudal shackles and pursued love and freedom.”

It seems that all Chinese classical love works can be summarized in this sentence. But in fact, when we really look at the text of those works, we often send