The article is from the public number: New List (ID: newrankcn) , author: Eva sauce Yeah, the original title: “The number of public pay-made articles will be out powder ? Someone tripled the powder, 4 articles earning 250,000 “ .

Will you pay $ 1 to see a photorejuvenation experience report for a middle-aged man?

Picture source: WeChat public account “drpei”

8779 individuals choose to pay for their curiosity.

On January 15th, the WeChat public account payment function that new media people are expecting to start grayscale testing. The first batch of grayscale tests has priority for personal numbers. The application conditions are not high. One point depends on strength and nine points depends on luck.

In the early days of the grayscale test, we had many questions about the public account payment function: some head new media people made it clear that they would not use the payment function. Yes People are not optimistic about the payment function, and think that the user’s payment mentality is difficult to establish.

A month has passed. How did the first batch of public accounts that were lucky enough to be selected for the grayscale test do? Is the paid feature really not that satisfactory? We not only counted the use of payment functions in the accounts in the sample list of the new list, but also talked to several public account creators who tried the payment function. I hope to give you some reference.

01 The average paid income for a single public account is 6885 yuan

We counted the use of paid accounts in the new list sample database from January 15th to February 5th, as detailed in the January 2020 monthly report of China ’s top 500 WeChat companies. Considering that some friends may not have seen it before, I briefly summarize the 7 observations mentioned therein:

1. The public accounts that use the payment function are mostly middle and head accounts. Their January new list index is concentrated between 700-800.

2. The content of paid articles can be basically divided into 5 categories: early adopters, financial interpretation, novel serials, data collection, poetry prose and other essay creation.

3. The author can set the trial reading ratio by himself. More than half of the paid reading trials are concentrated in 10% -30%.

4. WeChat backstage provides 35 paid stalls between 1-208 yuan for operators to choose, and more than half of the paid articles set a minimum stall of 1 yuan. There are 6 paid articles with an amount set above 100 yuan.

5. Paid articles may have a certain effect on the performance of content data. The average number of paid articles read was 11564, which was lower than the average number of full content reads of the corresponding account at the same time, 23.2, an average of 191, and 62% lower.

6. The paid reading ratio of 75.8% of articles is below 10%, and the average paid reading ratio of a single article is 8%. (not considering more than 100,000 Readings, actual results may vary) .

7. The average paid reading income of a single public account is 6885 yuan. (not taking into account the 30% discount on iOS WeChat Apple ), the average single article The paid reading income of the article is 3,064 yuan.

Based on the monthly report data, we found that 62.16% of these 111 public accounts published only one paid article, and a large proportion of them tried new water. 29.73% of the public accounts published 1-4 articles, and 4.50% of the public accounts published 5-9 articles. There are four public accounts that have published more than 10 articles, all of which are public accounts related to literature. The paid articles are basically poems and prose.

A total of 8 paid articles with a reading volume of 100,000+ within 3 days were published. The proportion of trial readings ranged from 13% to 95%. 51,416 of the paid articles paid 1 yuan. But it’s not that the higher the number, the more people pay. The “Photon Rejuvenation Experience Report for Middle-Aged Men” published by “drpei” has only 265 views and is the lowest of 8 articles, but the number of payers reaches 8020.

02 3 magical uses of paid features

After reading 248 paid articles, we found that the payment function of WeChat public account is not only used to unlock paid content, but also the creators have taken a different approach and opened up the wonderful use of 3 paid functions.

1. Reprinting is prohibited

“Caoz’s Nightmare” published an article titled “Sorry, I am not firm” on January 19. The author clearly stated in the foreword not to pay, but to use the paid function to prohibit reprinting. At the same time, the author also stated at the end of the article that “Payment is not allowed in this article.” Even so, there are still eight users who choose to pay 208 yuan. We are boldly guessing that these eight users may use the payment function as a compliment.

2. Threshold to enter the group

On January 29th, the academic vertical field name “Shengxin Skill Tree” released “General Analysis of Methylation Chips”Process”. At the end of the article, the author explained the purpose of the payment function of this article-the group entry fee.

Previously, their paid group chats were “relying on one’s assistant to join one by one, very hard.” Now with the help of the paid function, readers can pay 18.8 yuan to get the QR code. At the same time, the author also reminds readers to see the number and time of payment. If more than 200 people pay or see this tweet is February 5, don’t pay.

It is also the “three men and one house” that also considers the payment function as a threshold. After paying readers 30 yuan, you can get the QR code to join the Yizhai Dating Group.

3. Receive a red envelope

The “Three Men and One House” was published on New Year’s Eve. In the foreword, you can read the full text without paying. The paid function is only used for “a friend who wants to give Jack a red envelope.” The reading volume of this article was 9,544, and finally 392 people paid 3 yuan for a total amount of 1,176 yuan.