Daimler recalls nearly 300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars due to fire hazard

outbreak news

integrated reception Hubei Social donation funds of 10.8 billion yuan

On February 14, it was learned that according to Hubei’s announcement, as of 12:00 on February 13, 2020, Hubei Province had received a total of 10,80,938,300 yuan in social donation funds. Among them, the provincial level was 5,255,309,900 yuan, and Wuhan city was 4,195,456,500 yuan. As of 12:00 on February 13, 2020, the province has received a total of 56.818 million donated materials (sets, units, bottles). Among them, there are 552,900 sets of medical protective clothing, 1.079 million N95 masks, and 21,576,400 masks such as medical (surgical) masks.

From now on, after returning to Beijing, all returnees should stay at home or focus on observation for 14 days < / a>

On February 14, the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of New-type Coronavirus Pneumonia in Beijing issued a notice. From now on, after returning to Beijing, all returnees should stay at home or focus on observation for 14 days. Those who refuse to accept measures for prevention and control such as home observation and centralized observation shall be held accountable according to law. (Beijing Daily)

The third batch of Raytheon Hospital admitted to 35 patients

The yet to be completed Wuhan Thunder God Mountain Hospital adopts the method of treating patients while building and accelerating the construction of Thunder God MountainThe hospital opened for the third time on February 12th and treated 35 patients with new coronary pneumonia. The total number of patients admitted to the hospital reached 125. (Posted in Wuhan)

Internet companies in action

Pinduoduo has added a “feedback portal for agricultural products slow sales information”

On February 14th, it was learned that Pinduoduo announced the addition of “agricultural slow-selling information feedback entrance” in the “anti-epidemic agricultural support zone”, soliciting information on slow-selling agricultural products from the whole society, and assisting farmers in various places to meet the platform to connect with platform consumers. According to Pinduoduo, business commissioners have been set up to meet the demand for slow-moving agricultural products in various regions. After verification, Pinduoduo will be docked as soon as possible to assist local farmers to complete the on-line and sales of agricultural products, and provide traffic and exposure support.

5G medical vehicle launched at Vulcan Mountain Hospital for remote diagnosis by experts outside the province

On February 14th, China Mobile’s “5G telemedicine cart” was officially launched in Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital. Experts outside Hubei Province can diagnose patients in the Wuhan Quarantine Area through the telemedicine system, and the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment will be further improved. Promotion. (Tencent Technology)

Alipay: 600 million people have used epidemic information query, online consultation and other services

On February 14, it was learned that data released by Alipay showed that since the launch of the “Emergency Service Express” on January 27, so far, 600 million people have used Epidemic information query, online consultation, and purchase in Alipay. Food delivery, health declaration, rescheduled itinerary, donation for love, inquiries on the same itinerary, 48 services. According to preliminary statistics, the number of trips has been reduced by at least 90 million, and 4,000 steps per person per day have been eliminated.

Big company news

Damler due to fire hazard Recall of nearly 300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars

On February 14, Daimler confirmed that a fireSuffering, will recall nearly 300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars. According to a filing from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Traffic Authority, some E-Class and CLS diesel vehicles produced between 2015 and 2019 will be recalled to repair shops, fearing that water infiltration into the bus may cause a fire. Daimler spokesman Koert Groeneveld said in an emailed response on Friday that adjusting the bus and wiring of each car would take about an hour. Of the approximately 298,000 vehicles affected worldwide, approximately 105,000 are currently in use in Germany. (Sina Finance)

Apple Corps checks employee bags after work hours, court: payable

On February 13, local time, the California Supreme Court ruled that Apple employees must open their bags and personal electronic devices for inspection when they are off work, and Apple must pay for the waiting time they pay. According to reports, the ruling means that Apple will have to pay millions of dollars more in salary, giving hourly wages to more than 12,000 employees in California retail stores, all of whom are subject to mandatory package inspection policies. (China News Network)

The Indian court ordered a stay on Amazon And Wal-Mart’s antitrust investigations

On February 14, according to foreign media reports, three people familiar with the matter said that the Indian government’s antitrust investigation against Amazon and Wal-Mart’s Flipkart has been suspended by the court. According to a lawyer representing Amazon and two other legal advisers, Amazon challenged the investigation in a court in Bangalore this week, and the court has now granted a two-month suspension. Last month, the Indian antitrust agency, the Indian Competition Commission, announced that it had ordered an investigation into alleged violations of fair competition laws by Amazon and Wal-Mart’s e-commerce platform Flipkart. (Sina Technology)

91:00 1 氪 | After returning to Beijing, all returnees should stay at home or focus on observation for 14 days; Daimler recalled nearly 300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars due to fire hazards; Weilai announced that it was completed again  US $ 100 million convertible bond financing

Tesla applies for 2.65 million shares at a price of $ 767 per share < / a>

On February 14, Tesla applied for 2.65 million shares at a price of $ 767 per share. On February 13, Tesla announced that it would issue $ 2 billion in common stock. Musk himself will buy up to $ 10 million in stock, and Tesla’s board member Larry Ellison will also buy up to $ 1 million in stock. Tesla said it plans to use the proceeds of the offering to “further strengthen its balance sheet and for general corporate purposes.” (Sina Technology)

Huawei: Does not have any cooperation with companies such as Crypto AG under the control of the CIA

On February 14, we learned that Huawei announced on its official website that “Recently, Huawei has noticed that the external media (Washington Post, British Guardian) released reports on the CIA’s control of Crypto AG to monitor global communications equipment. Huawei According to reports from the Washington Post and the British Guardian, PSIRT checked all Huawei’s supplier cooperation data for the first time, and found no cooperation between Huawei and Crypto AG, CyOne Security AG, and Crypto International.

Zuckerberger supports global tax reform: Facebook needs to pay more taxes

On February 14, according to foreign media reports, according to a prepared speech, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “We acknowledge that reform may mean we must pay more taxes, And pay taxes in different places according to the new framework. I know that people are currently disappointed with the way companies pay taxes in Europe. We also want tax reforms, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is paying attention to this. Very happy. “(Sina Technology)

Investment and Financing News

Weilai announced the completion of another US $ 100 million convertible bond financing

On February 14th, we learned that Weilai Automobile announced that it would complete the US $ 100 million convertible bond financing project again. This time, the investors are two Asian investment funds, both of which are “non-related parties”, that is, pure Financial investor. As of today, Weilai announced in 2020 that it has completed a total of US $ 200 million in convertible bond financing. In addition, Weilai said, “Other financing projects are still ongoing and positive progress has been made. We will disclose the progress of financing projects according to disclosure requirements. At this stage, Weilai’s main focus is on improving business development and efficiency in China. Financing projects that bring strategic value. “

91:00 1 氪 | After returning to Beijing, all returnees should stay at home or focus on observation for 14 days; Daimler recalled nearly 300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars due to fire hazards; Weilai announced that it was completed again  US $ 100 million convertible bond financing

The intelligent robot company “Intuition Robotics” has received $ 36 million in Series B financing

It is learned that according to foreign media reports, the intelligent robotics company “Intuition Robotics” recently completed a $ 36 million Series B financing led by SPARX Group and OurCrowd. Toyota AI Fund, Sompo Holdings, iRobot, Union Tech Ventures and other institutions have followed Investment, the company’s total financing amount is 58 million US dollars. The financing will focus on enhancing product features and improving the user experience.

SF Holdings: It is proposed to set up a logistics fund to invest in logistics real estate projects < / p>

It is learned that SF Holdings announced that on February 14, 2020, Shenzhen SF Tyson Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed a “Memorandum of Cooperation” with CITIC Capital Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., and the two parties plan to jointly establish logistics. The fund invests in logistics real estate projects. The initial fund-raising scale of the first fund is initially set at US $ 300-400 million or equivalent RMB.

New product

Samsung Galaxy Book S notebook officially launched in the United States: Snapdragon 8cx

On February 14, Samsung officially launched in the United States Galaxy Book S Laptop. The Galaxy Book S can currently be ordered for $ 999 (approximately RMB 6,978), and its highlights include the Snapdragon 8cx processor, Gigabit LTE, 8GB of memory, and 256 GB of storage. (It’s home)

Samsung’s new folding screen phone Galaxy Z Flip is in 20,000 units expected to be shipped in South Korea in the first week of sale

On February 14, according to foreign media reports, Samsung’s new folding screen phone Galaxy Z Flip started shipping in South Korea. Operators estimate that the supply of Galaxy Z Flip will reach 20,000 in the first week, which is far better than the initial listing of Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Z Flip is folded up and down, the OLED screen is 6.7 inches after opening, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus, 8GB of running memory, and storage space is 256GB. (Techweb)

Similar MIX Alpha: Xiaomi’s new patent is exposed, and the screen ratio exceeds 100%

On February 14, foreign media 91Mobiles disclosed a new patent for Xiaomi. The patent shows a phone with a curved display that does not cover the entire back. The overall design is very similar to Xiaomi MIX Alpha. The patented prototype also uses a screen design that extends backwards, but the screen of the patented prototype extends only a small part backwards, and the rear camera is designed to be centered and vertically arranged. (It’s home)

91:00 1 氪 | After returning to Beijing, all returnees should stay at home or focus on observation for 14 days; Daimler recalled due to fire hazards300,000 Mercedes-Benz cars; Weilai announced that it has completed another USD 100 million convertible debt financing

Image from 91mobiles

Other important news

Hong Kong Tourism Board: In January this year, the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong dropped by more than 50% year-on-year

On February 14, the Hong Kong Tourism Board introduced that in January 2020, there were about 3.2 million visits to Hong Kong, a 53% year-on-year decrease. The latest data in February showed that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong in a single day fell below 3000. Data show that in January about 2.52 million mainland tourists visited Hong Kong, a year-on-year decrease of 54%. The number of non-Mainland visitors to Hong Kong was about 690,000, down 44% year-on-year. (Stock Picker)

Shanghai Stock Exchange: Strengthening regulatory oversight of companies involved in drug R & D, epidemic prevention, etc.

On February 14, I was informed that, according to the information released by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, recently, some listed companies involved in drug research and development, epidemic prevention materials, cloud office, online education and other businesses have undergone certain changes in stock trading. In this regard, the supervisory departments of the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the science and technology board company have strengthened the corresponding information disclosure supervision. For companies involved in drug development that are of great concern to all parties, after rumors in the market and changes in stock prices, they are specifically required to truthfully disclose the differences between drug development and production, and there are major issues such as uncertainty in the authorization of relevant patents to prevent misleading investors .