This article is from: Interface News (ID: wowjiemian) , Reporter: An Jing

From January 20th to 22nd, 109 employees from all over the world gathered at the Grand Hyatt Singapore to participate in the British gas analysis instrument company Servomex ( Servomex) .

During the period, an eight-person lion dance troupe went to the venue to perform and performed for about 5 minutes.

More than a week after the end of this regular meeting, a Malaysian employee participating in the meeting was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The man’s sister and mother-in-law were also infected.

Subsequently, two Korean employees who had a meal with the man were diagnosed with the infection; four Singapore employees also developed symptoms, three of whom were confirmed.

At present, the most well-known case of infection is Walsh, a British employee attending the meeting. (Steve Walsh) . Walsh left Singapore for the French ski resort and then flew back to the UK from Geneva. After returning to the UK, she attended yoga classes in the local community and went to a bar.

Finally, Walsh was diagnosed and infected 11 people from Britain, France and Spain.

The Lianhe Zaobao and Reuters reported on February 13 that the Singapore government and the World Health Organization are investigating this meeting of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. But as of now, there is still a key issue that remains unresolved: who is the “patient zero” who caused the international infection.

Investigators say it is important to identify “patient zero” because the chain of infection can only be determined by finding the source of the infection.