A carnival caused by boredom, how long can the “cloud economy” still be good?

Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” < / a> (ID: tech618), author: Li Xiaolei, authorized reprint.

Beginning on January 9, 5 hours a day, after three consecutive days of “Bundy Di” live broadcast, Beijing’s well-known nightclub ONE THIRD earned 3.332 million rewards in Douyin, more than 1 million yuan a day, the first day of the live broadcast The number has broken through a million.

The concept of “Bundle Di” is on fire, and it is also injecting new catalysts into the market. Suddenly, including the B station, fast hand, vibrato, sing it, Taobao live broadcast, pepper pepper live, etc. Di “activities.

Under the epidemic, boring people are looking for all kinds of “time machines” to pass time. The blogger “Who’s Round Three” also unexpectedly set off a carnival on the Internet, which led to the trend of live streaming of sleeping. On the most popular night, 18.5 million users watched him sleep.

Whose Round Three tells Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) that the cause of all this is simply because of boredom, and he wondered if he would snore when he slept.

Like “Bundle of the Clouds”, “Sleep in the Clouds” became popular overnight, and even bloggers started a live broadcast of cats sleeping. In less than three hours, 2.35 million people watched and cats were bloggers. Earned a reward worth 10,000 yuan.

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An industry insider bluntly said that “Yunbundi” just found a safe haven for entertainment business establishments. It is a self-help behavior of businesses, but it may not be a life-saving straw. The “cloud sleep” trend will also face the danger of banning as the platform rules improve.

“Bundle Di”, “Cloud Sleep”, “Cloud Watch Building”, “Cloud K Song”, under the new crown pneumonia, the emerging “cloud economy” is stimulating market vitality, but with these small outlets Dissipate the heat, how will this carnival caused by boredom and self-help continue?

Where does Yunbundi start?

Diu Yin live broadcast hours from 21:00 to 2:00 in the last few daysOf the top ten on the list, “Yunbundi” related live broadcasts usually occupy 3 to 5. The first batch of crab clubs, bars and DJs made a small profit from the first wave of bonuses.

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The earliest batch of TAXX SHANGHAI live broadcast on Douyin live broadcast had the highest number of online users on the first day of 71,000, rewarded a total income of 7.285 million Yinlang (728.5 thousand yuan), live broadcast for 4 hours, 4 hours continued to dominate the vibrato Live Hour Rankings.

On social platforms, there are also “cloud bundi” people who turn on the night light, mobile phone flash, and even the gas stove to create an atmosphere. In the past, bars and nightclubs relied on alcohol and beverages. After moving the channel to online, customers’ payment methods became gifts.

In fact, as early as February 6, StreetVioce StreetVioce held 3 live LIVEs at Station B. The editor of StreetSound Content Center Ning Xiaoxiao told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: Tech618), before starting the live broadcast, The street sound has only 200 followers at station B. The fan base is basically from 0, because the audience feedback is satisfactory, and the live broadcast time gradually increases. The first day is only 1 hour, and the time is drawn by the third day. It grows to 2 hours. Data show that at the peak of the three live broadcasts, the number of online viewers reached 200,000, and there were more than 50,000 barrage.

Data on station B also shows that people have a huge demand for relieving mental stress and driving boring content. From January 23rd to February 5th, the number of videos played with the “boring” label at station B exploded, with bi-weekly increases of 306.%; videos describing “indoor” events rose by 90%; and At the same time, videos with “boring” and “funny” rose by 905%.

That ’s why, from February 4th to 8th, Station B and Modern Sky moved the Strawberry Music Festival online, launching a live project “House Strawberry Is Not a Music Festival”. New Pants Band, Zeng Yike, Mr. Turtle, Penicillin, More than 70 bands and singers including Heisa and Huang Xu participated. On Valentine’s Day, Station B also successively joined School, Beautiful Records, VFine and other labels and their bands to bring a number of “cloud live” performances.

There are musicians in the music circle, and head clubs and labels have begun to play discs online. “Cloud Bundy” quickly became popular, and the platform also smelled the change of this content form.

Diu Yin quickly introduced related content. From February 8th, Yun Bundi really started to explode in Douyin. Participate in “SOLO Mode”The number of clubs in Yunbundi has increased from the earliest 5 to 17, and the number of well-known DJs has also increased to 12. The head Club is often a million viewers.

Fasthand also invited multiple head clubs and labels from first- and second-tier cities to settle in. Among them, Mr. Shisan SIR TEE, you will start broadcasting for 26 minutes, 300,000 fans, and more than 100,000 online users. 2.31 million. In terms of content form, the fast hand has increased the game of Lianmai PK.

Even the Taobao livestreams that don’t seem to fit the “Bundle Di”, on the evening of February 14th, they invited 22 musicians including Adu, Wei Ya, Gems GEM, Xu Fei, Face Band, etc. A “Meet-to-Meet Concert” was held.

The platform also secretly robbed the resources of head musicians, nightclubs, and labels. In the short video uploaded by the users of the social platform, someone even turned on the gas stove and created a “cloud bundi” atmosphere with blue flames. But the question left for the market is, is “Yunbundi” a sustainable online business?

“Cloud Sleep” is a flash in the pan

It seems that the content model that seems to be prosperous, such as “Bundle Di” and “Sleep in the Clouds”, may only be fleeting.

At half past two in the morning, on the screen, a boy hugged his doll and slept in front of the camera. The bottom left corner kept flashing. It was a reminder to swipe gifts. The prompt flashed quickly, and it was often difficult to see the video barrage. the comment of.

“Who’s Wonsan” fell asleep after starting the live broadcast and found, “I’m on fire.” From 1 am to 4 am on February 10, 540,000 strangers watched him. The next day, one minute after Yuan San opened the live broadcast, his popularity reached 100,000 in an instant.

Since 5pm, Yuan San has been asked by netizens to go to bed. On the same day, the number of people watching “Cloud Sleep” rose to 18.575 million, and the gift income was 768,000 Yinlang (Douying virtual gift, 10 Yinlang is 1 yuan).

In three days, the fans of Yuansan skyrocketed from 37,000 to 870,000, a 23.5 times increase. He set off a wave of Douyin ’s live broadcast, with countless imitators. “Someone in private messages keep asking: How can I make money while lying down?”

On the third day of the blast, Yuan San decided to ignore the comments in the comment area to urge the live broadcast and no longer do sleep live broadcast. He realized that this was not a good demonstration, and he wanted to really keep fans by short videos and paragraphs, rather than lying there as everyone would just sleep.

After sending a short video, he said that he would lose 20,000 fans immediately after he stopped streaming live to sleep in the future. Yuan San began to constantly check the number of fans. Yuan San told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) that he lost another 2,000 fans. On the vibrato, the number of people who follow the round three to sleep live broadcast is still increasing. In the lonely economy and most people are bored, this live broadcast content that has attracted attention at the earliest stage of live broadcast development has once again become popular on the platform.