On February 1st, a story about Xibei Noodle Village (hereinafter referred to as “Sibei”) Chairman Jia Guolong’s interview caused widespread concern. In that report, Jia Guolong said that “the company’s book cash flow can only be maintained for three months.”

On February 8th, another video about Shu Xiangxuan, the chairman of Laoxiangji, “hand tearing the employee’s name” was once again hotly debated. The video conveyed the message that although Laoxiangchi faced serious losses during the epidemic However, Shu Congxuan still chose to reject employees’ requests for unpaid work.

It is also a catering company. Sui Zhengjun, the founder of Wooden House Grill, chose to accept employees’ “half pay” requests from top to bottom, and said, “This time I choose to be a bear, not a hero.”

As the leader in the barbecue segment of the catering industry, the employees of Chalet Barbecue organized a salary reduction requesting “half pay” after Sui Zhengjun reposted a report on Xibei on February 1. Campaign, according to an anonymous questionnaire released by Wood House BBQ, 76% of employees volunteered to support the operation.

Sui Zhengjun said that the emergence of this epidemic was also a good thing for their team, because “the team has not experienced such a large crisis so far”, and the “life is worse” experience that cash flow almost broke in 2016 Sui Zhengjun deeply implanted a vigilance that always pays attention to the company’s cash flow.

“Cash flow is equivalent to a person’s blood, which is terrible. Blood usually does not seem to be important. If you bleed a little, you will feel it does n’t matter. You think the heart is more important than blood. With light, no matter how good the heart, liver and lungs are, you still have to die. “Sui Zhengjun said.

The epidemic is sudden, and the catering industry has entered a dark moment. Behind the different actions of entrepreneurs, there is actually only one simple purpose: “Do everything possible to make the company survive.”

The following is a self-report by Sui Zhengjun, founder of Wooden House BBQ:

A top-down pay reduction campaign

The boss doesn’t talk too much to employees when the company is not particularly stressed.

On February 1, I saw a lot of people reposting the article about the dilemma of Xibei Noodle Village, and my own circle of friends wrote, “We are insisting that one day is a million losses, and Xibei is thousands Tens of thousands of losses, several hundred million up to three months, but what is