This is part of GrabWheels’ Series A funding round.

Foreign media news , GrabWheels, the electric scooter division of Southeast Asian automotive service giant Grab, has recently announced that it has received a $ 30 million investment from Taiwan’s electric vehicle company KYMCO Is part of its A round of financing. It is said that the funds will be used to develop two-wheeled electric vehicle solutions and accelerate the application of electric vehicles in Southeast Asia.

In June 2019, Grab stated that it would finance separately for GrabWheels , I hope that strategic investors will help them operate the electric scooter business. Grab believes that its electric scooter business can provide last-mile service.

In July 2019, Grab and the University of Indonesia GrabWheels launched as a green mobility solution on the university campus in Depo, Indonesia. One month ago, GrabWheels held an event to provide unlimited free scooter rides for food delivery staff across the island, and deployed nearly 30 pick-up and drop-off points across the island.