Recently, Han Hong is very busy. Since January 25, she has reposted the Weibo of the Han Hong Love Charity Foundation every day. The project progress will be listed in detail, where the details of a ventilator, 48 packs of medical disinfection wipes went. Previously, Han Hong did not have the habit of more microblogging.

Under special circumstances, the outstanding performance of the Han Hong Charity Foundation is particularly outstanding, which has pushed the fund and Han Hong himself to the focus of public opinion.

According to public reports, as of January 31, the fundraising of the Han Hong Charity Foundation has exceeded 140 million. Due to the large amount of donations and limited execution ability, Han Hong Charity Foundation had to suspend accepting donations on February 1st, and Han Hong and her team also invested in the Foundation’s support of Wuhan immediately after the outbreak in.

Summary of the work of the foundation released by Han Hong on Weibo on February 11th

Han Hong is one of the most well-known celebrities in public welfare. For a long time, the public ’s understanding of celebrities in public welfare has mostly been limited to how much money they donated. Willing to learn more about the charity and charity behavior of celebrities.

According to the statistics of the Foundation’s central network, as of October 14, 2019, there are about 19 special funds established by stars independently or jointly in China.

In addition to the stars appearing in the picture above, Jackie Chan (Beijing Jackie Chan Charity Foundation), Jet Li (One Foundation), Gu Tianle (Gu Tianle Charity Fund), Zhang Jie (Beidou Starry Charity Fund), Andy Lau (Charity Foundation), Zhao Wei ( Zhao Wei Scholarship Fund, New Sunshine V Love Leukemia Special Fund), Su Youpeng (Su Youpeng Love Fund) and other stars have also established or co-sponsored funds.

In fact, the difficulty of doing charity and engaging in public welfare is not low. Affected by the level of system, environment, and organizational management capabilities, the public welfare of celebrities has often fallen into a crisis of trust in the past, and it is likely that they will face controversy after winning a good reputation.

It is difficult to do good things, but it is also difficult to do good things.

The threshold for foundations

In the legal definition, stars are also individuals. For individuals, the difficulty and threshold of doing public welfare and engaging in public welfare are quite different.

Usually, celebrities participate in public welfare in four ways: public endorsements, charitable donations, special funds, and foundations.

  • Public endorsement means celebrities act as charity image ambassadors and participate in charity charity performances;

  • Charitable donations are donations directly through individuals, companies or studios;

  • Special funds refer to funds with specific purposes established by the foundation;

  • Foundation refers to a non-profit legal person established in accordance with the relevant regulations for the purpose of engaging in public welfare undertakings using property donated by natural persons, legal persons or other organizations.

    As can be seen from the above definitions, the difficulty and professionalism of participation in these four methods are gradually increasing. The foundation with the highest threshold is a non-profit legal person. It is a non-profit company that requires a complete organizational structure and management team. It cannot be realized by relying on individual stars.

    Source: Foundation Center Network

    In addition to the need for team operations, before the promulgation of the “Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China” in 2016, the establishment of the foundation by the stars faced more difficulties.

    In China, foundations are divided into public and non-public offerings. It is legally feasible for civil organizations and individuals to establish public offering foundations in accordance with relevant regulations. However, only early cases can be approved. Must have an official background. In addition, according to regulations, foundations in the Mainland implement dual management of registration management agencies and business units. Generally speaking, even if a private organization or individual foundation is established, it must be linked to a government department or official organization. This undoubtedly sets up another threshold.

    Li Lianjie, who had been caught in the public opinion turmoil because of the One Foundation, once said, “I thought that as a public fundraising fund, as long as there is 8 million yuan of registered capital, it will not be a problem, but there are actually many other obstacles.” In order for his One Foundation to find a suitable unit to start up normally, he and Zhou Yiyan, then Executive Chairman of the One Foundation, looked around in the domestic public welfare and charity circles, and finally with the help of Guo Changjiang, then the vice chairman of the Chinese Red Cross, Formally signed a contract with the Chinese Red Cross, making One Foundation a fund program under it.

    After this, Jet Li spared no effort to seize every opportunity facing the public, and actively promoted the concept of One Foundation: do my best, everyone benefits. However, in the actual operation of the foundation, many public welfare activities still have problems. First of all, because One Fund did not have independent legal personality at that time, many enterprises wanted to cooperate with One Fund but could not do so. More importantly, the staff of the One Fund cannot directly access the raised funds, and the use of the funds must go through the Red Cross Society system of each province, city, and county.

    This makes the use of funds extremely cumbersome and inefficient. Zhou Weiyan said in an interview that during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, he originally wanted to take 4 million yuan from the donation of One Foundation for post-disaster treatment, but because it needs to be approved at various levels, the money was still not available after being transferred from Beijing to Sichuan. He was later returned to Beijing. In the end, the funds spent by One Foundation had to be paid in advance by the team. Obviously, if the public fundraising qualifications cannot be obtained, autonomy cannot be achieved at all, and even the rescue work will be affected.

    From a fund scheme under the Chinese Red Cross in 2007 to registration as a non-public fundraising foundation, and in 2010, with the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, it officially had legal qualifications to engage in public fundraising activities independently. One fund took 3 years. In time, it took 3 cities to complete the original idea. The history of One Foundation can also be seen as the epitome of the development of China’s public welfare and philanthropy.

    Out of the crisis of trust

    The public’s attention and supervision of public figures means that while the popularity and influence of celebrities help the foundation to quickly raise funds, once problems occur in information disclosure and organizational operations, the celebrities themselves and the foundation fall into a crisis of trust. in.

    In 2012, the online “Breakman” Zhou Xiaoyu asked the One Foundation four times, thinking that in 2010, the Red Cross One Foundation project transferred 20 million Wenchuan funds to the Beijing Normal University One Foundation Charity Research Institute, and this money was working The report was “deliberately concealed.” In 2014, due to the large difference between the funds raised and the funds disbursed by One Foundation in the Ya’an earthquake, some media once again questioned Jet Li’s corruption of 300 million yuan.