With old shoes and old roads, will the ending be new?

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In 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the technology industry. Even the MWC, the world’s largest event at this moment in the world, announced an unprecedented shutdown.

But it doesn’t seem to change one thing: Xiaomi is pursuing the high-end market.

On February 13th, Lei Jun released a new generation of flagship Mi 10 in an online format. Facing the starting price of 3,999 yuan, Lei Jun admitted that Xiaomi Mi 10 would launch an attack on the high-end market.

However, friends who have long-term memory in the mobile phone industry must be no strangers to the issue of “high-end Xiaomi”. Over the years, we have seen Xiaomi hit the high-end market many times. From self-developed chips to ceramic bodies, these figures that have gone away in the market are filled with the “high-end” blue waves that Xiaomi loves.

Xiaomi Mi 10 expedition: pile up these old shoes, the old way of high end

Even if you search for the keywords “Xiaomi” and “High-end” together in the recent period of time, you will find that Xiaomi cc9 and Xiaomi Mix 4 used the high-end market as a selling point when they were launched. And Xiaomi Mi 10 has become the “first high-end”.

Why did Xiaomi repeatedly fire the starting gun to the high-end market, and then repeatedly returned to the starting line and re-shot? After the gunshot this time, can Xiaomi Mi 10 fulfill the dream of this idea as expected?

Of course, this topic will eventually be proved to the industry by the sales of Xiaomi 10. However, at this node, we seem to be able to examine the problems of Xiaomi 10’s core and Xiaomi’s high-end strategy from the perspective of industrial logic.

The key to this question is how to accept a new product, which is becoming more mature and closed in the high-end mobile phone market?

Drum-type innovation: market logic of high-end mobile phones

If you want to analyze the problem of high-end Xiaomi, you must return to a background starting point, which is exactly what the high-end mobile phone market looks like today. What kind of rules are used in the market that has been labeled as “business”, “local tyrant”, “selling kidney”?

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