vol. 91: Guests: Yue Xiang, Lou Ying; Anchors: Liu Jiu, Fang Fei; Editing, design, text finishing: Liu Jiu.

Apart from the film “Paras” this Oscar, the most discussed domestic movie industry is the Korean film industry.

In the 92nd edition of this year ’s Oscars, Korean film director Bong Junho ’s “The Parasite” won the best film, best director, international film and original script in one fell swoop. The 4 awards of “The Parasite” are undoubtedly the original The biggest winner of the Oscars not only created the history of Korean films, but also the history of Asian films.

Everyone knows that he will be the winner, but he did not expect to be the biggest winner.

After the awards ceremony, we remotely connected with two film practitioners and enthusiasts, producer Yue Xiang and producer Lou Ying. In 2016, Yue Xiang participated in the production of the movie “Get Off!” “Oncology King”, has represented China in the 88th Oscar for Best Foreign Language (now International Film) Award. At the same time, as a member of the American Film Production Association, he has his own thinking behind this year’s Oscar film awards.

In this issue of audio, we talked about the gap between the Korean film industry and the Chinese film industry, Netflix’s change to the traditional film industry, domestic filmmakers’ neglect of production preparation time, why Korean films can quickly rise, and our How far away is Oscar and so on.

The sudden outbreak has disrupted the revenue expectations of many theaters, and some theaters expect box office losses to exceed 20% of annual revenue. The upstream film and television companies are already in the cold winter, and the domestic film industry is not optimistic. But in the show Yue Xiang replied that Chinese filmmakers are actively linking with the international film and television industry.

“We may have only produced an LCD panel before, but only produced a lens, and we are now directly exporting Huawei phones. China has fully integrated into the global telecommunications product supply chain; Chinese movies may now be just‘ martial arts directorExporting country ’, but we have been so proactively connected with the global film supply chain, I believe it is only a matter of time. “

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The following is a selection of the text of the audio content of this radio station:

“Parade” represents a new force in Asia

Which is your favorite movie this year? How are you doing?

Lou Ying: “Parasite” is a movie I like very much, but I think I can talk about “Parasite” later.

I actually like “Little Woman” and “Jojo’s Whimsical World”, this time “Little Woman” only won the best costume design award, and then “Jojo’s Whimsical World” won The best screenplay award, the results are not the brightest. But I think these two films are my favorite other than “The Parasite”.

Yue Xiang: This year’s Parasite won the award, I think it’s pretty good